Posted by Andy Durham on February 2, 2007 at 11:19 am under Professional | 16 Comments to Read

Everyone’s eligible, Big Jim M., Marshall Brown, Bobby Lashley, Bob, Andy, Paul, Doug, Bruce M., Bruce B., Roch Smith, Don Moore, Jane W., Greg Johnson, Tom, Chet, Etc. Etc.

Need the Winner and the Score, Picks need to be in by 6pm Sunday.  Jim Modlin says the Indianopolis Colts will win it 38-17 and Jim says to take the over of 48 and a half.  Andy will take the Colts 28-24 over the Bears.  Who’s next?  (winner will be contacted by e-mail)

Don’t forget the BIG wrestling show Saturday night in Seagrove down below Asheboro.  Tim Blaze has a real hot one planned with the Blaze Man, Bruce Mitchell, John Hitchcock, Ivan Koloff, Nikita Koloff, Harley Race, Tommy Young, Ricky Morton, Tim Daniels, Jack Daniels, Jack Tatum, George South, Joe South, Mouth of the South, Scotty Matthews, Chris Cruise, Chris Plano, Chris Weber, Chris Candido(sorry he passed away), and rumor has it that Ralph Havis of the Beef Burger on West Lee Street will be there flipping a few people off and flipping a few Beefs and Biffs with the Secret Sauce up into the crowd.

Have a great weekend and get those Super Bowl picks in and we will see you here Monday morning.

  • Bobby L. said,

    Count me in. Bears beat Colts 21-10

  • Daniel H. said,

    I’ll take Colts over Bears 19-16

  • Mary V. said,

    The Colts will win!… 27-17

  • chuckyd said,

    the colts will win 28-14

  • Marshall Brown said,

    Colts over Bears 38-14 , and Little Dug/JA Joey over any and all comers hundreds to very few…

  • Bruce said,

    Bears 38-17

  • Mike said,

    Bears 24-20

  • Doug said,

    Bears 28-17

  • Tom said,

    Da Bears 24-13

  • Bob said,

    Chicago Bears 35-20

  • Paul Lambeth said,

    Colts 30 Bears 19

  • April Brown said,

    Colts over Bears 21-17

  • Greg said,

    Colts over Bears 31-17

  • chan said,

    Bears 41-21

  • Nancy said,

    Colts 48-21