The Class of 2007 a Popularity Contest?

Posted by Andy Durham on May 24, 2007 at 12:06 pm under Amateur, College, High School, Professional | 10 Comments to Read

The Guilford County Sports Hall of Fame announced on Tuesday that 11 people will be inducted into the hall on September 17.  We want to know if you have ever heard of any of these upcoming inductees. 

Benny Phillips of the High Point Enterprise says nobody has heard of most of these people and that the hall is a Greensboro Hall of Fame.  Phillips says what about Ted Brown, Johnny Evans, and Tubby Smith all who came through High Point?

Here is The Class of 2007: Hal “Skinny” Brown, Vince Evans, George Foree, Bill Furcron, Page Marsh, Mac Morris, Michael Parker, Mike Raybon, Bob Sawyer, Emil “Emo” Showfety, and Debbie Yow.

Phillips says guys like Showfety and Parker don’t belong.  I’ve heard of all these people with the exception of Foree and Furcron.(never heard of them)  Have you ever heard of any of these Hall of Famers and do they belong?

  • falcon roy said,

    andy-i know the names of all of the above except for foree raybon and fucron

  • Don said,

    I want to know, what’s the rush to include so many people. At this rate, I’ll be inducted two or three years from now, just for putting up the “K”‘s at the Grasshoppers games.

  • Bruce said,

    Well, Hal Brown is in the Orioles Hall of Fame, so I’ve heard of him. Morris was the jackass that coached Page so I’ve heard of him. Evans went to Smith so I’ve heard of him.

    Never heard of the rest.

  • Jerry Louis said,

    I agree that Morris is a dip shit and I never liked Page, even when they had good teams. After Page, Morris worked with that prick Johnson at GDS. A real match made in heaven.

  • Bruce said,

    Yeah, thank goodness they’re not inducting Freddy into the Hall too. There isn’t a room big enough for those two egos to occupy at the same time.

  • Greg said,

    Showfety had some kind of clothing store on Market Street—or uniform shop.

  • Rob said,

    Despite Mac’s shortcomings (bad attitude, lack of compassion and being a complete ass), the man had a pretty fine career as a coach and educator. Plus, he took an all white starting five to the state chamionship game and won it. Not only did he win the state championship, his team went undefeated that year. Two state championships and multiple conference chamionship made for a stellar career.

    I know, I know, color shouldn’t matter. But it really does, dosen’t it?

  • JIM MODLIN said,


  • Doug said,

    I am glad to see that Jim is actively campaigning for his selection into next year’s class. I am willing to support Big Jim if he can make a strong enough argument that Jamestown should continue to be included as a part of Guilford County. As for Don, I have been told that Matt Brown will continue to veto Don’s inclusion until he promises not to say anything negative about the Coliseum for at least two weeks. I want to start a grassroots effort to get Andy elected into the broadcasters wing of this HOF. Andy, Charlie H., Jim P. and possibly Big Ed Ross all deserve consideration because of all they have done for local radio.

  • Andy said,

    Al Thomy of ESP, Greensboro News and Record, Atlanta Journal and Constitution, Houston Chronicle, NASCAR’S the Inside Track and other publications needs to be in the Hall. Al T. told me on Saturday morning that he helped Ed Hardin of the N&R select the first two classes and that Ed told Al that AT would be going in with the 3rd class and then Al for some reason never heard back from Ed. Al is in his early 80’s and it would be good to see him get in before he moves on to that great ballpark in the sky. Al was one of six pallbearers at Ty Cobb’s funeral and he conducted one of the few end of life interviews with the great boxer Rocky Marciano before the Rock bit the dust.

    Let’s send Al Thomy to the Guilford County and North Carolina Sports Hall of Fames.