Three game sectional girls basketball numbers

Posted by Andy Durham on March 3, 2008 at 1:15 pm under High School | Comments are off for this article

Here are the numbers from the girls sectionals for our local teams that ended up lasting the entire three-game series.

Miranda Jenkins Freshman Eastern Guilford 79 points/26.3 AVG/Best Game 33
Anna Freeman Junior East Davidson 67 points/22.3 AVG/Best Game 29
Lashonda Anderson Junior Eastern Guilford 63 points/21.0 AVG./Best Game 32
C. Ray Junior Thomasville 61 points/20.3 AVG./Best Game 28
Trumae Lucas Senior Grimsley 56 points/18.6 AVG./Best Game 23
Kristen Fields Senior Grimsely 52 points/17.3 AVG./Best Game 20
E. Thompson Junior Bishop Mc. 48 points/16.0 AVG./Best Game 18
Jazz Gibbs Senior SE Guilford 48 points/16.0 AVG./Best Game 24
Helen Terry Junior Dudley 47 points/15.6 AVG./Best Game 19
Amirah Jamison Junior Eastern Guilford 44 points/14.6 AVG./Best Game 23
Amy Beasley Junior SE Guilford 42 points/14.0 AVG./Best Game 23
C. Cole Thomasville 35 points/11.6 AVG./Best Game 18
Haley Hackett Senior SE Guilford 32 points/10.6 AVG./Best Game 14
E. Merrit Senior East Davidson 31 points/10.3 AVG./Best Game 12
Meghan Ingram Ragsdale 31 points/10.3 AVG./Best Game 12
W. Knight Fresh Bishop Mc. 31 points/10.3 AVG./Best Game 13
Courtney Arrington Junior Ragsdale 30 points/10.0 AVG./Best Game 15
T. Hall Thomasville 29 points/9.6 AVG./Best Game 19
B. Cox Bishop Mc. 29 points/9.6 AVG./Best Game 14
M. Ronan Bishop Mc. 27 points/9.0 AVG./Best Game 12
Paris Alston Junior SE Guilford 27 points/9.0 AVG./Best Game 11
C. Cater Thomasville 25 points/8.3 AVG./Best Game 10
Amber Cook Senior Grimsley 25 points/8.3 AVG./Best Game 13

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