Bracket Contest Standings (Top 10) Entering Tonight’s Final Game

Posted by Andy Durham on April 7, 2008 at 6:14 am under College, Uncategorized | 6 Comments to Read

The NCAA Bracket Contest is drawing to a close. With only the National Championship Game to be played, we have a pretty tight race at the top. Below are the Top Ten in the contest as they stand right now.

Rank Name Score Champion

1 Joel Berghoff 128 Memphis (150)
2 Doug Smith 113 Memphis (164)
3 Rob Seib 108 Kansas (135)
4 Tyler Schloss 105 North Carolina (146)
5 Eric Freeman 104 Kansas (149)
5 Steve Brown 104 UCLA (169)
7 Mary Via 103 41 Memphis (137)
8 Jeremy McDowell 97 Memphis (150)
8 ryan perdue 97 Kansas (154)
10 Beth Foote 93 Texas (136)
10 Don Moore 93 Memphis (85)

  • Jayhawk '96 said,

    Basically, it comes down to either Joel or Rob huh?

  • Doug Cockman said,

    That is correct. If Memphis wins, Joel edges out Doug. If Kansas wins, Rob will edge out Eric and Ryan. By your screenname, I am guessing that you will be pulling for Kansas?

  • Rob said,

    What happens if UNC wins?

  • Doug Cockman said,

    Pick up games in Chapel Hill don’t count in this contest friend.

  • Rob said,

    What!!!??? UNC lost?????? Damn, if I wasn’t relying on for all my info, I might have seen something about it.

  • Big C said,

    I think UNC Tarheels play Eastern Guilford Wildcats tonight. After watching saturdays game I will take Eastern winning by 5.