Guilford College Women’s Tennis Final – Guilford 5, Lynchburg 3 (ODAC Tournament)

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Tennis Match Results / Lynchburg vs Guilford
Apr 26, 2008 at Lynchburg, Va.
ODAC Tournament Seventh-Place Match
Guilford 5, Lynchburg 3

Singles competition
1. Rachael Ferrara (LC) def. Nina Bollag (GC) 8-3
2. Krystal Parrish (GC) def. Elizabeth Eckert (LC) 8-1
3. Jessica Moore (LC) def. Caitlin Mayton (GC) 8-1
4. Lia Williams (GC) def. Krysten Bishop (LC) 8-3
5. Liz Killion (GC) def. Bridney Tune (LC) 8-5
6. Megan Fair (GC) def. Sascha Barrow (LC) 8-3

Doubles competition
1. Elizabeth Eckert/Krysten Bishop (LC) def. Krystal Parrish/Caitlin Mayton (GC) 8-4
2. Liz Killion/Nina Bollag (GC) vs. Rachael Ferrara/Jessica Moore (LC) unfinished
3. Jami Williams/Megan Fair (GC) def. Bridney Tune/Sascha Barrow (LC) 8-2

Match Notes: Lynchburg 3-17, Guilford 11-9. Seventh Place Match of the 2008 ODAC Tournament
The match was moved indoors due to rain.
T-2:30 A-25

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