WFMY Channel 2 responds to no dice for Slice…..

Posted by Andy Durham on May 30, 2008 at 9:59 am under Professional | 12 Comments to Read

Channel 2 has responded to the blog article we ran yesterday about them refusing to show the Kimbo Slice fight this Saturday night. One of our readers forwarded the story to them and they have responded. CBS out of New York and the Charlotte Observer have also picked up this story from and the CO have reading the story from our site.)

Here’s the response from Channel 2 and we still don’t know for sure what movie they will be showing in the place of the SliceMan:

We have a concern for the content in CBS’s EliteXC. We have not been given the opportunity to see the type of production that will be presented on CBS. Once we have seen the actual program, we will make a decision to air or not air future episodes.

There is no truth to the rumor that Sandra has left. She has been ill and is on sick leave. She is getting better and we will see her return soon.


Program Director

WFMY News 2 and

1615 Phillips Avenue

Greensboro, NC 27405

P 336.379.5687

F 336.273.3444
*****You would think that one of the Briscoe brothers might want the local fight fans to see some in-ring action but it’s a “NO GO” from David Briscoe. Here’s his E-mail address too, so let’s get busy and let Mr. Briscoe know we mean business and that we want the fight and there’s still time for them to change their decision and DUMP THE MOVIE.*****

You make the mail:
WFMY News 2 and CBS Show Programming
Contact: David Briscoe
Phone: 336-379-5687

+++++I still say if Sandra Hughes was still there this never would have turned into a media disaster.+++++

+++++Interesting note passed along our way from Bruce Mitchell of
I talked to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer last night about this. WFMY is the only CBS affiliate in the entire country to pull the show.+++++

  • Phil said,

    I say we load up a van and go up to Roanoke and watch the fight.

    Are you kidding me, no one can show the fight locally because WFMY refuses to air the program?

    Channel 48 and PAX16 have carried these types of shows previously in this market, why not 2?

    David Briscoe has let all of us down and and WFMY will lose sports viewers because of this move.

  • Richard said,

    It’s a shame when you can’t watch a good fight when you want to.

  • NotJimMelvin said,

    Gee, I always thought my remote could make the decision as to what was appropriate viewing in my home.

    Now, thanks to WFMY, the decision can be made for me, and I don’t have to waste the battery power.

    Thanks NEWS2

  • Max said,

    Channel 2 is in the right here. This extreme fighting is trash and should not be broadcast anywhere. I, for one, am glad we have a local station that still cares about community and Christian values.

  • whoa now said,

    how exactly is MMA going against Christian values??? It is a sport. There are more serious injuries in football than MMA. There is also a new invention called the channel changer that helps block-out all the “anti-Christian” material such as MMA. That is a very judgmental view there Max, and offensive for those that are Christians and see MMA for what it really is….a sport.

  • Scotty Parker said,

    This is what is wrong with people today. Parent’s have stopped being parent’s to their own kids. We have groups like this that have to censor America so that parent’s can get lazier about raising children. Then when the kid does something wrong we can’t blame the parent for not doing their job of teaching the kid right from wrong… we blame the media and everyone else except the real places that the blame belongs. Let me make the choice of what my family and I watch, that’s my job and no one elses!

  • NW said,

    I am sick of these Bible Belt Broadcasters, the fights are coming on at 9:00 so if someone wants to send their kids to bed or change the channel they can. Why are you ruining the event for the rest of us?

  • Jason said,

    This is the most outrageous BS I’ve ever dreamed of. There you go America censureship at its worst. Now we have old people that consider themselves officials to decide what we are allowed to watch. I for one have planned a party and invited friends to come and watch history be made. Instead they want us to watch some made for tv movie that no one has heard of or wants to see. I am going to be sure to spread the word about this channel 2 crap. I hate you people that are afraid of the future, MMA is happening whether you are along for the ride or not. Shame on you,,, you communist farts!

  • Greg said,

    I just got off the phone with time warner cable and they assured me that even though it is not showing up on the guide it WILL be on…. Im not sure if this guy knows what he is talking about but he said it will definitely be on at 9 for those of you that have time warner cable. Anyone else call them?

  • Big T said,

    This is BS!!! CBS and WFMY ran the ads for this event and now it isn’t showing????? I will block WFMY permanently!!! Primetime WFMY – They could have atleast run marquee explaining their reasons. WFMY is the only affiliate in the COUNTRY!!!!!! to pull this fight…ridiculous.

  • deaninnc said,

    I am not big into the MMA but I wanted to watch it. I am pissed that the local CBS AFFILATE is now showing this. It comes on at 9 and it is not up to WFMY to decide what is Christian to watch. This is ludicrous.

    Complain to Time-Warner, your satelliete provide. WFMY, and CBS. I am sure there are other stations around that would be glad to a CBS affiliate and actually show the CBS programming.

    This is like a McDonalds owner saying is doesnt want to sell Big Macs.

  • Walker said,

    Hey Max…WFMY is extremely hypocritical and is simply waiting for the ratings to see if its worth selling this “immoral” programming. After all, they’re showing a CSI: on Monday where an 11-year-old kid gets gunned down. Not to mention tomorrow night’s prime time show which features a school full of kids being taken hostage. If you really need to see how two-faced and idiotic they are in representing Christian values, look at the movie they showed instead. A primary theme of it was infidelity! A movie about sleeping around on your wife is more Christian than a boxing match? I call shenanigans on THAT!

    WFMY will sell its Christian values if the program is popular enough. Dexter, three CSIs, NCIS, The Unit, Without a Trace, and Numbers all show violence far more extreme than what you deemed “extreme fighting.” I’ll be boycotting WFMY and I hope Christians will too. After all, they denigrate Christian values with their unabashed and hypocritical greed.