WFMY will air the next EliteXC on July 26th

Posted by Don Moore on June 16, 2008 at 8:04 pm under Professional | 3 Comments to Read

Lynn Bishop wrote asking about WFMY’s decision on the July 26th Show of EliteXC. I recommended that he write and ask – better that WFMY hear from the viewers and not the media.

Story right now is that WFMY will air the next EliteXC program on July 26th, featuring EliteXC Middleweight Championship Robbie Lawler vs Scott Smith II.

The power of the VIEWER!

  • Bruce Mitchell said,

    I’m curious if someone specifically at WFMY actually watched the first show to make sure it rose to the level of the station’s high standards, or did management just read the quarter hour ratings and schedule the second one?

  • Andy said,

    Thanks to Andy Durham and the POWER of the Army.

  • Steve said,

    I’m glad to see that WFMY will air the next Elite XC bout in July. I must say that I was stunned they didn’t air the first one back on May 31. From what I’ve heard, WFMY was one of very few stations across the country that did not air the fight. I understand that some people might not like or understand the sport, but to not air the event was puzzling, to say the least. I’m sure there were many people that were miffed at WFMY for not airing the event. I only heard small mention of it in the local media. I’m glad you had info about it on your web site. I hope sports fans will hold WFMY accountable and hopefully the station will carry the national event in the future. Thanks for giving local sports fans a platform to vent.