Skip Caray passes away

Posted by Don Moore on August 4, 2008 at 8:30 am under Professional | 2 Comments to Read

Skip Caray, son of Harry Caray, passed away this past Saturday. Everybody knew Harry Caray because of the Cubs on WGN. Skip was the announcer for the Braves and while many thought he got the job because of his Dad, he was a great announcer in his own right. The Greensboro Connection is Skip’s son Chip, who is also a baseball announcer; but worked here as the weekend Sports Anchor at WFMY.

Chip Caray is remembered because WFMY’s Mike Hogwood would not give him a day off to attend his Grandfather’s induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Our thoughts go out to the Caray family.

  • Darnell Cooper said,

    Mike Hogwood is trash, plain and simple. Ol’ Two Ton Arse Hogwood will never be in Skip’s league when it comes to sports broadcasting. In fact, Mike, you aren’t even in Chip’s league, lard ass.

  • ryan perdue said,

    Definitely praying for Chip and family.
    I’m not a braves fan but, I loved Skip and how he called the game.
    When Chip Carray worked for WFMY, he made a few appearances on off the wall sports call.
    I was a kid just trying to figure out sports and he had loads of good advice and he was extremely nice to me.
    Unfortunately, Mike Hogwood has a completely different reputation around town.
    Which is too bad because this is a place whare there arn’t many sports journalists and he could have taken advantage of that.
    God bless Mike’s Ego anyway, lol!