Proehlific Power headed to the World Series…..

Posted by Andy Durham on August 5, 2008 at 8:43 am under Amateur | 6 Comments to Read

The Proehlific Power jumped on top early and often on Monday as they won the Palomino East Zone tournament in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and now they will move on to play in the Palomino World Series in California beginning on Friday.

Joe Wagstaff from Louisburg College led the Power on Monday in their 14-5 win, (over Pine-Richlands PA), by going five innings on the mound and only giving up the five runs on six hits, with five strikeouts and just one walk. Coach Johnny Smith said Wagstaff was a big difference in the game as were the Power hitters who pounded the ball once again and nobody struck at the plate for the Power on Monday, everybody seemed to be putting the ball into play. Another key note on Wagstaff, 70% of his pitches were for strikes in Monday’s victory.

The Power put on a show with their bats on the way to those 14 big runs. Travis Woolen was 3-5 with 4RBI’s. Michael Wall went 2-3 with a double, a home run and 5RBI’s.. Aaron Jones was 3-4 with 2RBI’s, Logan Self went 2-4 with a double and an RBI and Alex Swim had 2RBI’s.

Another large win for the Proehlific Power on Monday and now they will stay in Pittsburgh, PA and work out the next couple of days before flying out for San Francisco, California on Thursday morning at 6am.

The first game for the Power in the Palomino World Series will on Friday versus Taiwan. Good Luck to the Power and to coaches Justin Smih, Johnny Smith, Bob Sublett, and Jeff Wilson as they go for the World Series title.

  • Jack Jacobs said,

    How many teams were in the tourney? Is this a GSO team or an AAU team from all over.the place?

  • World Series Fan said,

    Jack this is a hand picked team with sponsers. I think Palomino is actually paying for most of the expenses. It’s actually a team Justin and Johnny Smith put together. It’s more like a travel team sponsered by palomino , individuals and companies i believe. There were no tryouts to my knowledge.

  • world series fan said,…Ihope they win it all..these guys deserve it…they are a great bunch of young men…good luck guys

  • Andy said,

    There will 8 teams in the World Series with two brackets of four teams each. You play the three teams in your bracket and then the two teams with the best record in each bracket will play for the World Series title next Monday.

    You are guaranteed the three games and if there becomes any ties they will be broken by runs scored, runs allowed etc……The Power group is more like a travel team or a showcase team than they are AAU.

    All of this according to Johnny Smith in our discussion on Tuesday….

  • palomino/colt fan said,

    There are 5 varsity players from Northwest Guilford High School playing in the palomino and colt world series.They are Robbie McIntosh and Alex Swim on the Palomino team. Glen Clemmons,Corey McKinney and Steven Mikita on the Colt all star team. Good luck guys.

  • jws said,

    Proehlific Power arrived in San Francisco this morning at 11:30. They had to leave their hotel in Pittsburgh at 3 in the morning to get their flight. They open play tomorrow morning at 11:00 pst against as very strong Chinese Taipei team. Last year Taipei defeated Greensboro 10-0. Hopefully they can do better. Michael Dimock is scheduled to start for the Power. Hopefully Justin can put together another strong team for next summer. I understand he already has a lot of interest.