Another Transfer to Northern Guilford

Posted by Andy Durham on August 7, 2008 at 10:23 am under High School | 9 Comments to Read

Former Page football and basketball player Christian McCain has transferred to Northern Guilford. The recent Pirate is now a Nighthawk.

The 6’5 200 pound tight end/forward attended football practice at Page on Saturday morning of last week and then again on Monday morning of this week before enrolling at Northern Guilford on Monday afternoon.

McCain’s family now has established residency in the Northern district and this move has been made for academic reasons only according to the McCain family, say sources close to You can decide all that for yourself but it does load up Northern Guilford with a bounty of new 2008 talent.

Earlier additions to the Northern Guilford Nighthawk program include QB/WR Maurice Harris from Northeast Guilford and RB Keenan Allen from Grimsley. With Harris, Allen, and now McCain, Northern is really loading up. Harris and Allen would be considered automatic pre-season All-Guilford County nominees and McCain is not far behind them.

If the kids’ families want them to move out there, then who is going to stop them?

Who is going to catch these kids this year?
They are among the fastest in the state according to NC Preps News. How about this for speed?
Time in the 40:
Rayshawn Trader(Northeast Guilford) 4.3
Hunter Furr(Mount Tabor) 4.3
Brian Webb(Southeast Guilford) 4.35
Tyrell Anderson(Southeast Guilford) 4.35

  • joe said,

    McCain played AAU basketball for big Stan and was getting double doubles at the 16U AAU nationals and all of a sudden he ends up at Northern. Nothing fishy going on there. I wonder if his dad has a job at the school all of a sudden too.

  • jim said,

    Until the school system requires transferees to sit out a year in sports this type of thing will continue. We’ve seen it with baseball at another school and now all kinds of rumors are flying around Northern’s basketball program. If the school system doesn’t want to put a policy in place that has teeth then they should just let open enrollment rule. Let kids go wherever they want to go! Then it doesn’t matter if it’s for academics, sports, school colors or whatever!

  • PagePirates44 said,

    I wish Christian the best of luck at Northern Guilford.

    He was a pretty decent player more-so in basketball then in football. He was more known for his plays on the defensive side of the ball, not at TE. I dont think he even played TE at all last year. Brad Workinger did and Brad is playing TE/WR this year. Mr. McCain probably would get playing time at TE at Northern and not Page.

    I didnt even know that all these players tranferred to NG, this is all news to me. I think the biggest blow is Grimsley losing Keenan Allen, that kid was a hoss at RB/WR/KR. I thought that Grimsley lost a boatload of talent last year from graduation, but now they lost even more with the departure of Keenan. If i was a Grimsley fan, that would have me worried a bit. But, that’s just me

  • big nate said,

    speaking of Grimsely, whats the word on Coach Ash?

  • JDog said,

    The word on the street is and Andy know alot more about the recruiting at NG than he is letting us know about, Andy give us the full story—The AD at NG Darrell Force lets this kind of stuff go on everywhere he goes.

  • drop it said,

    if they are willing to relocate, leave ’em alone………..there sure are a lot of jealous crybabies around

  • JDog said,

    Coach Stan K did the same thing at HPC, brought in just about all of his players fron outside the district and he still could not win it all, so other teams should not worry too much, Force was also the AD at HPC then.

  • Andy said,

    I think the part of Christian McCain on offense comes from the look at the overall Northern Guilford offense with McCain in the mix. I agree, he is big and strong and he is probably a bigger part of what the Nighthawks will do on defense.

    But when you look at the total Northern offensive package with McCain in there, you would have Rocky Scarfone at QB, Keenan Allen in a slot or at RB, Muhammad Kellis at RB, McCain at TE and Maurice Harris at WR. Northern also has a kicker, I believe his first name is Bob, he kicked a 47 yard field goal as a JV player for Northern last year.

    That’s a lot of offense for Northern and if Harris moves to quarterback then Scarfone will get lost in the Shuffle.

    As far as Alan goes at Grimsley, to my knowledge, no definitive decision has been made. I would think sometime after the Colt World Series at Lafayette, IND that he would meet with the new Grimsley principal. Losing Alan Ashkinazy would be a huge loss for the Grimsley athletic program.

  • PagePirates44 said,

    From what i’ve heard from a couple of guys that play for Page, Is that Christian transferred because of grade problems.