Takin’ it to the CornholeII at Omega Sports

Posted by Andy Durham on August 9, 2008 at 1:05 pm under Amateur | 7 Comments to Read

They had a big Cornhole tournament going on today(Saturday) at Omega Sports on Battleground Avenue. The winning team collected $200.00 and there was an entry fee of $20.00 per team. There were probably 10-15 teams on hand set up outdoors in the Omega Sports parking lot.

We talked about Cornhole here last year at the site and this was the first time I had seen the game being played and watched the LIVE action. You have two-man teams and you stand across from each other on opposite ends of the lot, say about thirty feet apart and you toss the bag of corn toward the board with holes in it.

The boards are tilted upwards and you get or lose points based on what holes you hit on the boards. It’s a lot like horseshoes in some ways and the crowd gathered to watch was quite large. There must have been 75-100 people out there including the teams that were in the competition.

Cornhole is a fast-paced game and it looks like it is really catchiing on here in the Triad. A couple of participants who were standing in line at the CookOut said there were even radio promos prior to the tournament, probably on ROCK92 or 100.3 The Buzzard.

  • David said,

    I submitted the article last year about this sport, and tried desperately to get some tournaments going, but there was no interest, at least with my limited advertising ability. I wish I had known about this tournament at Omega; was it advertised at all? This is a great sport/pasttime, and it would be great to have weekly or monthly tournaments to attend. Last year, the Green Burro was holding monthly tournaments, but I think that came to a halt when Mike left there. If anyone knows how to get something going, let’s give it a try. Anyone?

  • Don said,

    Cornhole was the featured game at “Dawn-a-pa-Drew-za – two-za” – a mini-festival/camping trip for fans of the Dawn and Drew Show. They had to explain it since the term is often used elsewhere…. This weekend, I saw some folks playing cornhole in the lawn off Westover Terrace.

  • Andy said,


    I was just walking down the street to the COOKOUT on Battleground when I saw all the Cornhole activity going on in the Omega Sports parking lot.

    The tournment was promoted on Radio and my suggestion would be to go to Omega Sports and talk to then about getting something going on a regular basis, maybe a once a month tournment in their parking lot.

    There was a good turn out for the event on Saturday.


  • David said,

    Andy, I’m going by there Saturday (out of town all week) and see if I can talk to someone about putting on a monthly tournament. It’s worth a try. In Charlotte, they have weekly tournaments at 2 different places; we should be able to do something here. A bar is the best place if you can convince a bar owner/manager that they can sell beer, but somewhere like Omega could work as well. They could offer give certificates to the store as a prize. Does anyone know the entry fee and prizes for Saturday’s play?

  • Andy said,

    $20.00 Entry Fee on Saturday with a $200.00 prize to the winning team.

    Let us know how we can help you promote this, if we can be co-sponsor and handle the promotions let us know. We need to get our name out there all the time too.

  • Heath said,

    I participated in this tournament. I believe that they had about 35 teams to play in this tourny. My buddies won the 1st place prize. There were a few issues with the Omega tourny. Restrooms were not easily accesible, and refreshments were hard to come by as well, other then Cookout. We have been racking our brains to increase the amount of tournaments in the Greensboro area. We play in some of the bigger tournaments in Charlotte and Spartanburg, but would love for someone host some big ones in Greensboro. I could help out with format and seedings if needed. With the right venue, same bags and boards and prize money, it could possibly bring in teams from Asheboro, Albermarle. Charlotte and other surrounding cities…I highly recommend ACO(american cornhole organization) bag and boards as it offers the most consitent play for everyone. Let me know if anyone has any ideas or comments. Lets put Greensboro on the Cornhole map!!!


  • Jay said,

    Cornhole in Greensboro is a great idea. David, I believe I spoke to you when I first moved here a year ago about it. I’d love to play in a few tournaments, but haven’t played for a couple months now (left my bags in another state). Someone should start a facebook page or something for it, which would make it easier to keep up with. rballer@hotmail.com is my email if anyone has news on events.