Tough loss for Greensboro Green

Posted by Andy Durham on August 10, 2008 at 1:14 pm under Amateur | 15 Comments to Read

Greensboro Green lost to Host team Hooiser North on Saturday afternoon at the Colt World Series in Lafayette, Indiana. It was a tough loss as the Green team All-Stars fell 3-2 to the Host club.

DJ Russ pitched a great game but he had to leave late in the contest and he took the loss. Brock Hudgens came on to close it out for Greensboro on the mound.

DJ Russ went 1-2 with a double, while Corey McKinney was 2-4 wirh a stolen base. Steven Mekita goes 2-4 and Cal Sutphin had an RBI.

Greensboro Green is now (1-2) in the tournament and they play again on Monday afternoon at 5pm versus Grand Ledge Michigan.

  • all star fan said,

    Clemons had one of the best hits of the game with a line drive up the middle. In the first game Clemons hit the wall in center field and I believe it’s (407feet) . He has been one the best clutch hitters of the series as quoted in the Lafayette Newspaper. Yet he was kept out of the game til the 6th . There were a lot of strike outs on the green team in this game..once while bases were loaded and tied up 2 to 2. Odds are he could have made a difference.

  • easy now said,

    lighten up coach bob

  • The Truth Be Told said,

    Hey Bob- I heard the reason Glen was benched for the beginning of that game is because he had a girl bring White Castle Hamburgers to the dug-out during the game. Before you start blaming the coaches, you better find out the whole truth.

  • randy apple said,

    That’s not Coach Bob. It’s probably one of the Colt League know-it-alls who always second guesses the coaches without having the facts. Why else would they have daddies coaching a group of 16 year-olds! I will say this, we should have done better here because we are as good as anyone in the World Series! It is very disappointing!

  • Lee said,

    Agree on the comment about Daddy Ball. Sooner or later you got to let them go and achieve on their own. Plus, it discourages other kids. By reading the game summaries it was pretty easy to tell who was reporting back.

    Clemons does hit well but I would trust Alan’s judgement. The team should be congratulated for getting as far as they did.

  • Bob said,

    First of all I know how to spell my’s Clemmons not Clemons. I was on the road coming back from Ocean Isle when this was written. So who ever you are , I appreciate the nice comments about Glen. The other great players on the team got a chance to play that’s why Glen was out of the game til the 5th not the 6th. Glen had played 2 straight games and I think it’s great Glen sat out so they could play. Yes ,he’s hitting the ball well, but that’s not everything when coaching a team. Al makes mistakes like everyone else, but he made some great comments about glen in the Lafayette newspaper. He has my vote.

  • Bob said,

    Truth be Told,Glen has more class than that, it was the whole cheerleading squad from Purdue that brought them hamburgers.

  • Bob said,

    Randy, there is a parent coaching the Greenboro all stars. Yes,they are very good and a great bunch of young men. The sponsors that let the players stay in their homes said they were the most polite and nice young men they have seen in quite some time. They are true winners in my book.

  • lee said,

    If the Purdue cheerleaders brought me some burgers I would have to relent myself. Women and cheeseburgers. Tough combination to beat. 😉

  • ray g c said,

    WHY??????? Why is it that we allways second guess the coach????????
    BOB my FAVORITE SPEECH to MY KIDS and PARENTS IS ” Its not all about your kids its about all the kids” Yes I do Coach my 16 YEAR old but not all daddies think alike. I think it depends on Education, experiences, and accomplishments.

  • Andy said,

    This all has to be about the team and not individuals. Who cares about the individuals and their numbers, this is a team effort. You win as a team and you lose as a team and you stick together through thick and thin.

    At least that’s the way I see it. Maybe I’m crazy, but I’m not the only one.

  • Diamond Gem said,

    People hate daddy ball at all levels. We all know coaches who have favorites that play a certain kid or son over someone else who should be playing more. You know as well as I do that in travel ball or all stars, if you dont win, the coaching is going to be second guessed. That will never change.

    with school starting back, are all of Al’s all stars coming back to GHS?

  • Andy said,

    I think we will see changes all the over the place next year….At Grimsley, Northwest Guilford, Page, Southeast Guilford, Southwest Guilford, Ragsdale and probably others too.

    We won’t know anything until the first day of school which is? Anybody know???????

  • ray g c said,

    You will only second guess me if you are paying if not you WILL BE QUITE.

    Andy is right we win together we loose together.
    If you dont believe that then I would bet my paycheck you have issues that we cant solve.
    Get over it.
    DO YOU KNOW WHAT A STAR IS ???????????????

  • Tim said,

    A star is a player who, all of time as a coach, you never know is there, until , they shine! Always pushing for everyone else, and getting over themselves..No drama, no issues, just does their job/