Veritas Sports Academy Press Conference at the Coliseum

Posted by Andy Durham on August 19, 2008 at 11:39 am under High School | 20 Comments to Read

The Veritas Sports Academy will open it’s doors to students tomorrow(Wednesday August 20) in Kernersville. They held a press conference today at the Greensboro Coliseum to introduce their coaching staff and to let the press meet the Veritas administration.

The entire coaching staff was present and they all talked about their goals for the upcoming year. The coaches included Keith Gatlin(formerly a Maryland Terrapin) basketball, Robert Linville(formerly of Northwest Guilford HS-student, Guilford College-student, Greensboro College-coach, Precisioin Golf School-owner) golf coach, Tommy Adcock-Head Baseball Coach, Jim Georgevich(formerly at Smith High School)-Head Wrestling Coach, James Bell(former member of Coach Jim Caldwell’s staff at Wake Forest)-Head Football Coach, Alan Hooker(Eastern Randolph and NC A&T record setting QB)-Athletic Director.

Also on board are Allen Branch-Strength and Conditioning Coach, Ian Mushinski-Director of Athletic Training and Thomas Barksdale-Chaplin.

That’s a pretty strong staff and the football team has no squad members and they will not begin play until 2009/2010. Atheltic Director Alan Hooker said the teams(most likely basketball), would be playing games at NC A&T, Dudley, and Northern Guilford. Baseball coach Tommy Adcock said he has made plans to take his team to the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico for Fall Baseball games and that they are looking at the American Hebrew Academy in Greensboro as a practice and home game site. Coach Adcock said he would like to play home games at the same site at which he practices. A trip to St. Andrews, Scotland has been mentioned for the Golf team and Coach Linville.

Veritas Sports Academy opens the doors on Wednesday morning in Kernersville and the plans are to open another 71 Veritas Academies across the United States over the next several years. Plans for Orlando, Florida, Charlotte, N.C. and Raleigh, N.C. are already on the table according to CEO and Chairman of the Board Gary Newell(former East Carolina football player).

Veritas offers full scholarships to it’s students, valued at $37,000 per year. Gary Newell says his people will not be recruiting new students, Newell says, “The players will come to us, Word of Mouth will drive students to our doors” Newell also says, “America is at a crossroads. Right has become wrong and wrong has become right. Suicide and drunk driving are the largest killers of our teens. Core values have become blurred in the name of political correctness. Veritas combines the sports world and the academic world as a setting to develop the qualities for success in life and society. Tuition for every student-athlete is paid through an endowment, which means that Veritas will be able to reach into the depths of the inner-city and to the heights of suburbia to equip young men from any race, creed, religion, or socio-economic level with an opportunity to succeed at a level they may have never thought possible”.

In the beginning the Veritas Sports Academy will consist of 100 students, boys in grades 9-12, that have the potential to participate in Division I, DII, or DIII college basketball, baseball, wrestling, or golf. Football, soccer, and lacrosse are coming on board in the future.

Veritas means “Truth” and the truth and the proof will be in the pudding, as we all keep an eye and ear on the brand new Veritas Sports Academy in Kernersville.

*****High Point Regional Hospital and Senn-Dunn of Greensboro have become the key corporate sponosors for Veritas Sports Academy.*****

  • Lee said,

    Very impressive. Looking good so far. gary Newell is a good leader.

  • Cartman said,

    if this is as good as it sounds why are they having such a hard time with the baseball team. The team is filled with Fresh and Sophs, with only Logan Self having varsity baseball success. I would like to hear more from the school. Supposedly once you are in, you are in till you graduate, meaning if they have 18 underclassmen (guess) on the baseball team and some of the best players around want to come next year, will there be spots for them or will they just pick up 2 players that graduate. Lots of questions to be answered. Sounds like this team will travel around alot and get killed if they play against true varsity teams.

  • Lee said,

    I know some of their baseball players. They will be competitive. And odds are they will get better.

    As to not having many Jrs. or Srs., I think that is very understandable. How many srs. are going to leave their school for just one year? Leave behind friends and coaches for one year. And while everything sounds wonderful on the academic side, when it comes to my child’s education I can’t take chances. I need to see the product. I bet in 2 years there will be a long waiting list. I am a little surprised they did not get a few jrs. maybe they will and it hasn’t been announced.

    They have a good plan. Christian values, solid academics, advanced sports and no distractions in school due to poor behavior. What’s not to like about that?

  • Greg said,

    Do not forget these are the people that went to a camp put on by Bob Wade disgraced Maryland coach to learn about values.

  • ed sherrill said,

    greg- we all will pray for you since you are a angel !!!

  • Lee said,

    So what they went to a camp with Bob Wade? And when you say “these people”, who are you talking about? I doubt everyone went. And so what if they did? If someone goes to a clinic with Lou Holtz does that make them a bad guy? I think you’re reaching here. The school is attempting to do good things. We need to encourage this and wish for their success.

  • CM said,

    Just a question? How can High Point Regional be a corporate sponsor? Arent they a non profit hospital? Wouldnt their money be better spent on the people that cant afford medical care?

  • Andy said,

    I do believe that part of the High Point Regional sponsorship deals with assistance with the Veritas athletic training program and accessability the HPR sports rehab and training center facilities which considered to be some of the best in the United States.

  • Chandler said,

    First, Greg, go get a life. I think if you read the Bible you would understand grace and forgiveness. Apparently you haven’t gotten that far yet, but if you want to attend a Bible class at Veritas maybe you could learn something. People can be redeemed and forgiven. Instead of condemning Bob Wade, go find a good Bible church with a minister that can teach you something about forgiveness. It appears that you don’t carry a lot of credibility in the relationship area.
    High Point Regional is going to be able to provide to Veritas what it is already providing to the public schools, health care for injured athletes, physicals, etc. What is the big deal. Can non-Veritas people get over the fact that there are people out there that really care about the condition of our kids? Stop your criticizing and give them a chance. Pull for there success. One of these kids might be working with you someday or might save your life. Many of these kids would have no chance in society without this school.
    If you have ever heard them speak, maybe you would realize it is not about how many baseball players are sophs, juniors, seniors,etc. It is about taking really good athletes and making them good husbands, fathers , community leaders, workers. Besides, I bet they can take top notch freshmen, sophmores and juniors and beat about anybody around here. Sounds like a lot of jealous people out there.
    I am pulling for them. I want to see quality young men come out of that school and help change the world. Maybe one of them can give Greg a few lessons about life.
    Go Veritas! Kick some butt and shut up all the nay-sayers that want to see you fail.

  • Greg said,

    I am not knocking the kids at the school maybe the leaders of the school should pick better role models, someone like Bobby Knight or Coach K guys that are above reproach when it comes to the rules in life.

  • CM said,

    Iam not agaisnt this school at all. I think it is a great idea and will do really well. I just questioned the sponsorship of the hospital. I assumed sponsorship meant giving lots of money, which in my opinion could be better spent on families that cant afford health care. And by the way my children did go to area public school and occasionally got hurt during sports and HPR never provided services or physicals for them through the school.

  • Dr. Will said,

    We have been trying to get Greg help for many, many years.

    Dr. Will

  • Chandler said,

    CM, not to argue, but one of the docs is a friend and he just did physicals for one of the schools. They have just added two new orthos. I believe High Point Ortho was covering the local games. Anyway, these docs volunteer their time covering these games and do the physicals after hours. It doesn’t take time away from the practice.
    Dr. Will, it doesn’t look like Greg will ever understand forgiveness and the fact that people can change. I guess he has never done anything wrong that would warrant forgiveness. I sure hope people I know still hold things I did wrong 20 years ago against me. Boy would I be in trouble. I still can’t figure out where Bobby Knight fits into the “role model” picture. Let’s see, throwing chairs, hitting players. Somebody help me out. Greg, hope you don’t have any kids if you want to use Bobby Knight as their role model. I have a couple of metal chairs if you need to use them for your leadership training.

  • CHASE said,

    There are 3 seniors on the team which are great baseball players as well as great kids, Logan Self, Mark Nales and Eric Simmons. There are some reall good juniors and sophomores also. So, Greg, obviously your child was not accepted into this elite group of students and you are sipping from the hator-ade. Sorry Greg, but only good tasting tuna gets to be called STAR KIST!

  • Zigler said,

    In response to Cartman, there is no problem with the baseball program. There are 17 players total whom are all established players. The team will be led by three outstanding seniors and the underclassmen are just as outstanding with 3 of the best coaches the nation has to offer. I am sure, if you have a team in mind that may like to play team Veritas, that you can contact Coach Adcock and he will arrange it.

  • CM said,

    When my son was in high school several years ago he did get his physical at school but still had to pay for it. When he got hurt the school trainers (not HPR reps) looked at him but had to go to doctor & ortho and pay. Things may have changed its been a few years. And it looks like Greg will never change he REALLY hates Bob Wade for some reason and thinks Bobby Knight is great. Go figure. I just cant figure out why Greg relates that with what the good things this school is doing.

  • Rammer16 said,

    I know that Nales & Self are very good ballplayers. Don’t really know Simmons. You can’t build from the top down. You have to establish a foundation to build upon. Others will follow.

  • Reefize said,

    I heard last night that 2 of the 3 seniors at Veritas signed with a Div 1 school this week. Does anyone know which 2 and where they are going?

  • In The Know said,

    Another frigging scam!

  • Old Coach said,

    These guys jumped on board with the losers from CCSA. It should tell you all you need to know of the direction of Veritas. In case one has not heard about CCSA, they are the ones who scammed kids into attending their academy. Good job Veritas…..apples do not fall too far from the tree.