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Posted by Andy Durham on August 20, 2008 at 10:26 am under High School | 11 Comments to Read

We will have much more on this later, Greensboro Grasshoppers game coming up here at 12:30 today, but Tom Keller was reporting in today’s News and Record that Ragsdale’s DeSean Anderson was injured in a baseball game and he will miss most of the 2008 football season for the Tigers. This is a huge loss for Ragsdale. I reported yesterday that Anderson is the best athlete in the Mid-Piedmont conference and I it stick to it. The backup QB, plus starting WR and DB and the Tigers’ top punter, that’s saying something and he is out for most of the season????? That hurts to think about it.

DeSean Anderson was actually hurt in the Ragdale-Eastern Guilford football scrimmage last Friday at EG and the injury was a reoccurring problem that stemmed from an earlier concussion he suffered while playing baseball but he was playing football when he got hurt last Friday and he may be out 6 weeks or he may even be done for the complete football season. As I reported here during the Summer Colt Baseball season, DeSean has been offered a full ride to play baseball at the Univeristy of South Carolina.

As one of our readers mentioned earlier this opens the door for Southeast Guilford and their man Terrance Topps, who may now be the Top Player in the Mid-Piedmont Conference and SEG may be poised to take the title from Ragsdale. That game with Ragsdale at Southeast looms even bigger now.

Johnny Buck and the Martinsville Bulletin are reporting that Martinsville, Virginia should have a good shot against Grimsley on Saturday afternoon. Martinsville has a big “O” line, they sent 4 of 5 players off of last year’s team to Division I schools, and this year’s line figures to be tough again. Martinsville has a big-time fullback and we will be back to talk more about this later on this afternoon.

Martinsville has nine returning starters and the big lineman is Ronwyn Pritchett. The big Martinsville Bulldogs fullback is the MVP from a key summer combine and a DI prospect, Marquill Eggeleston. Eggeleston stands 6’1 and weighs 203 and the big Bulldog is only a sophomore. Martinsville runs their offense from the I formation and they plan on bringing Eggeleston right at the Whirlies. Grimsley will have their hands full when they travel to take on Martinsville on Saturday at 1pm.

  • Damon said,

    It’s sad to hear about DeSean Anderson getting hurt. Hopefully, he’s back on the field by the time Southeast Meets up with Ragsdale on September 26. He’s a good athlete, but I think you need to get out and see Topps before you give away the accolade “Best in the Conference”. Topps started at DB/WR/P/PK last year. I believe he was All Conference for PK. Also, it’s hard to get noticed at WR when you don’t have a QB who can consistently get you the ball. Brian Webb and Tyrell Anderson will flourish at WR with Topps at the helm of the offense. Andy, I’ve seen the Topps kid play Club Soccer here in Greensboro. He’s one of those kids that has “IT’, whatever it is. Just get out and watch him play.

    Now, can you recommend a good game to see on Friday?

  • Lee said,

    The news on DeSean Anderson is not totally correct. Last April he did injure himself in a baseball game when he ran into the centerfield wall. He had a possible concussion and sat out about 2-3 weeks. He came back to have a good season and a very good summer.

    Friday night he was injured again in the scrimmage against EG. I do not think the family wants the details or extent of the injury posted on the internet. He will be out for a minimum of 4-6 weeks and may not play this year or next. Whether he does play again or not depends on his recovery and whatever his family decides based on doctor recommendations.

    DeSean is an outstanding cornerback, receiver and punter. He was also the back-up QB on the depth chart. Friday was the 1st day he was in full pads because he has missed a lot of football due to some outstanding baseball opportunities. He hasn’t really had a chance to practice at QB.

    I hope everyone will wish DeSean well in his recovery so that he continue his baseball opportunities and any other sports activities he wishes to pursue.

  • Andy said,

    I wish the best for DeSean Anderson and hope he has the chance to make a comeback this season.

    I have been following him since he was about 8-9 years old and he was coming to all the Ragsdale games while his dad was coaching and let’s just hope he still gets a chance this season.

    Former Ragsdale runningback Toney Baker is in a similar boat at N.C. State, will he ever make it back, let’s hope he one last shot left in him.

  • Andy said,


    On those games for Friday, I would say that WS Carver at Dudley would be a good one along with Southwest Guilford at Northwest,or Page at WS Reynolds, and maybe Glenn vs. HP Central(it was a one TD game last year).

    Nearest game to the City is Carver at Dudley and it was a 1 point game last year at Carver with Dudley winning 7-6 on the Ricky Lewis Jr. extra point.

  • PagePirates44 said,

    I know this is kind of off topic, but Will Newman was selected on the All-State team.

    Matt Millisor is on the All-State team
    Will Newman is on the All-State team

  • coach said,

    I know Desean is a great baseball player and can go to a top d1 school – but he will not be getting a full ride in baseball – so that is not true, no one gets a full ride in baseball with the new rules. He also cannot even be offered any scholarship till Sept 1st since he is only a rising junior. Just getting the facts out there.

  • PagePirates44 said,

    how much will this effect the tigers season? any ragsdale insiders know how this will play a role this season?

  • Lee said,

    Coach, your pretty close to accurate. Full baseball scholarships are almost unheard of. But they do exist, just usually not for position players. I know 2 catchers that are on full ride. I know another that was offered a full ride. I understand some of the top pitching prospects may get a full ride but I don’t know any personally. The new guidelines do not prevent full scholarships. I feel it may change roster sizes and impact walk-on players. I guess we’ll see very soon.

    As to what opportunities DeSean has, that’s between him, his family and the schools that recruit him. Anything else is peculation.

    Page pirates44, I don’t think many of us put much credence in these polls. Daniel Tuttle didn’t make all-conference but he did make all-american and commit to NCSU. Joey Fennison didn’t make all-conference last year but he did sign with Duke. Go figure. There’s a little subjectiveness in the process. However I will say I have seen Matt Millisor personally several times. He is an excellent kicker. My son works out with him some in Thomasville with Coach Osborne. Very talented. Has the full package ie.. kickoffs, field goals, and punts. I’m sure Newman is very talented also. I just have only seen him once so I can’t comment.

  • Andy said,

    A coach from one of the Guilford County high school baseball teams told me this past summer at the Colt All-Star tournament that South Carolina was very interested in DeSean Anderson.

    These days the colleges can package a full ride into many different pieces to make one big scholarship. Part baseball, part academic, part financial need, part government subsidy etc.

    If DeSean gets the call the college will pay it all whether it be South Carolina, East Carolina, West Carolina or others, I don’t see a kid of his talent having to pay a dime and again the coach told me this summer that South Carolina wants him REAL BAD.

  • PagePirates44 said,

    Last year when Page played Ragsdale, WIll Newman sat out the first half of the game. That first half was some of the worst football ive saw Page play since the 0-10 season in 04-05. He sat out because, the game before that against Southern Lee, he suffered from a seperated shoulder. Will played the whole 2nd half, and we almost came back to win that game. If i remember right be put up alittle more then 200 yards combined, rushing and passing, by himself, in one half.

  • Lee said,

    44, you could be right. I don’t know. I do distinctly remember Page being better in the 2nd half than the 1st. Maybe that explains it. I know he’s a good player. Just have not seen as much of as I have of Millisor. Fortunately you guys are a non-conference game for us.

    To answer your earlier question on Anderson, yes it hurts big to lose him for a while and maybe all season. he’s a great corner, great receiver, had a 44 yard punting average and is the back-up QB. You could say his absence creates a void. Then agin, we’re all replaceable.