Oh and Ouch what a night!

Posted by Andy Durham on September 2, 2008 at 7:44 pm under High School | 5 Comments to Read

Four Southeast Guilford Falcon football players had to be taken to the emergency room at a local Greensboro hospital last Friday night after their game with Eastern Guilford was over.

SEG lost 35-14 to EG and Brian Webb, James Peguese, Tyrell Anderson and Alex who we don’t have a last name for; all were treated for dehydration and severe cramps.

The EG trainer said these were some of the worst cramps that he had ever seen. Mark White was the attending trainer for SEG.(Mark does a great job and he has been on the scene for many years at SEG.)

The Southeast players were wearing UnderArmour underneath their shoulder pads and this may have caused increased body heat and therefore the loss of more fluids and in turn led to the increrased dehydration and taken the cramping to a much higher level. In many cases the UnderArmour doesn’t allow the body to breathe and traps the fluids in. We all have learned over the years, that sweating is the body’s air conditioning and cooling system and the body has to be allowed to sweat/breathe and if not, then heat stroke may occur.

At one point the EMT’s were forced to hook up EKG machines to the players to monitor the risk of the increased heart rates. Eastern Guilford coach Scott Loosemore agreed with many of the concerned on-lookers and said he had never seen anything like this. The word on one of the Falcon kids is that his cramping was so bad that his toes got totally stiff and they were sticking straight up in the air, in a locked position.

This was the first game of the season for SEG and they weather was very warm and the humidity was up and both of those elements are contributing factors to cramping being more common. A scary situation but all will turn out well if SEG can grab a win this week vs. Southwest Guilford.

  • Lee said,

    Wonder what UnderArmour has to say about this? This could put a dent in their sales.

  • Greg said,

    Andy they make 2 kinds of UA 1to keep you cooler 1 to keep you warmer , it sounds like the coach at SE needs to get his kids in better shape.

  • Damon said,

    I was at the Southeast game on Friday night. What happened to these four kids was not the result of poor conditioning, it was a result of poor judgement. These four kids are some of the best conditioned athletes in Guilford County. Hydration in North Carolina’s heat and humidity is not an overnight process. There is water and gatorade at every practice. However, that stuff only replaces the fluids you lose at practice. If kids aren’t eating and drinking properly at home, this is the result. There were several things that happened Friday night that you can fault Southeast’s coaching staff on; this is not one of them.

    Underarmour does have heat gear and cold gear, but I can guarantee you that if you ask all four of these players which type of Underarmour they have, they couldn’t tell you. The gear is being worn more for the style and look than the actual performance.

  • Greg said,

    The coaches or the parents need to know what type of gear they are wearing, do not blame it on the UA.

  • Lee said,

    Several good posts. Not sure the UA had much to do with this. But it’s pretty easy to tell teh heat gear from the cool gear. personally I think most kids wear it because they think it’s cool, not because it cools.

    Damon raises a good point. Friday was extremely humid and around 88 at kickoff. Water at practice doesn’t get you through teh week. Proper hydration should start at least 48 hours in adavance. Damon is correct about the boys being in shape. I know Brian Webb and he is in good shape. I also doubt this had very littel to do withj coaching. All the Gaterade in the world won’t save you on game night if you did not get properly hydrated during the week.

    On to something more positive, good to see Tavon Clark doing well. He is teh fastest kid I know and a great kid. he deserves good things. And this isn’t some kid tat lives with a trainer. he could always fly. In AUU baseball he could steal bases and never needed to slide. Nothing gets by him in centerfield.