Full Palomino Fall Baseball Schedule for 2008

Posted by Andy Durham on September 3, 2008 at 6:42 pm under Amateur | 11 Comments to Read

Saturday Sept 6th

10:00 Dudley -v- Ledford
12:15 Page -v- Reidsville
2:30 Rockingham -v- Spirits
4:45 Morehead -v- Northern
7:00 Asheboro -v- Daimondbacks

Sunday Sept 7th

1:00 Veritas -v- Diamondbacks
3:15 Dudley -v- Morehead
5:30 Asheboro -v- Ledford

Saturday Sept 13th

10:00 Northern -v- Page
12:15 Reidsville -v- Rockingham
2:30 Spirits -v- Veritas
4:45 Asheboro -v- Dudley
7:00 Diamondbacks -v- Ledford

Sunday Sept 14th

1:00 Northern -v- Reidsville
3:15 Morehead –v Page
5:30 Rockingham -v- Veritas

Saturday Sept 20th

10:00 Spirits -v- Asheboro
12:15 Diamondbacks -v- Morehead
2:30 Dudley -v- Northern
4:45 Ledford -v- Page
7:00 Reidsville -v- Veritas

Sunday Sept 21st

1:00 Spirits -v- Diamondbacks
3:15 Asheboro -v- Northern
5:30 Rockingham -v- Morehead

Saturday Sept 27th

10:00 Ledford -v- Morehead
12:15 Reidsville -v- Spirits
2:30 Veritas -v- Dudley
4:45 Dudley -v- Page
7:00 Rockingham -v- Asheboro

Sunday Sept 28th

1:00 Veritas -v- Ledford
3:15 Spirits -v- Page
5:30 Rockingham -v- Northern
7:45 Reidsville -v- Diamondbacks

Saturday Oct 4th

10:00 Diamondbacks -v- Northern
12:15 Dudley -v- Reidsville
2:30 Asheboro -v- Morehead
4:45 Ledford -v- Rockingham

Sunday Oct 5th

1:00 Page -v- Veritas
3:15 Spirits -v- Ledford
5:30 Rockingham -v- Spirits
7:45 Asheboro -v- Reidsville

Saturday Oct 11th

10:00 Diamondbacks -v- Page
12:15 Morehead -v- Spirits
2:30 Northern -v- Veritas
4:45 Rockingham -v- Diamondbacks
7:00 Ledford -v- Reidsville

Sunday Oct 12th

1:00 Spirits -v- Northern
3:15 Morehead -v- Reidsville
5:30 Page -v- Asheboro

Saturday 18-Oct

10:00 Dudley -v- Diamondbacks
12:15 Spirits -v- Dudley
2:30 Page -v- Rockingham
4:45 Northern -v- Ledford
7:00 Asheboro -v- Veritas

Sunday Oct 19th

1:00 Dudley -v- Ledford
3:15 Rockingham -v- Dudley
5:30 Morehead -v- Veritas

Saturday Oct 25th

10:00 Page -v- Reidsville
12:15 Rockingham -v- Spirits
2:30 Asheboro -v- Diamondbacks
4:45 Morehead -v- Northern
7:00 Veritas -v- Northern

Sunday Oct 26th

1:00 Veritas -v- Diamondbacks
3:15 Dudley -v- Morehead
5:30 Asheboro -v- Ledford
7:45 Page -v- Reidsville

  • The Watcher said,

    Does Grimsley have a team?

  • Andy said,

    No Grimsley team based upon what we see here.

  • russ said,

    i dont think veritas has a team in this either!

  • Andy said,

    Veritas is specifically listed on the schedule.

    Did they sign up and then drop out of the Fall League?

  • raygc said,

    Yes Veritas will be playing.

  • high school coach said,

    I would think that the kids that are at Veritas would be traveling to play just like they said when the kids tryed out. I see that is not true that all there games are in the Full League of Traid Amatur Baseball. I would also hope that all the high school coach in the area would not play Veritas. Well I guess that Triad Amatur Baseball support is not for local high schools. I just have a hard time believing that everyone can just turn there heads with Veritas take players from our local high schools then support Veritas and not make them do what they promise he kids.

  • w bazela said,

    This is not veritas sports academy mr high school coach, also veritas did not take these kids, they went on their own. no one forced them,.know what your talking about before you blow up !!!!!!!

  • CA said,

    w bazela,
    Where is the christian attitude from you this school is suppose to enforce? You know turn the other cheek an all that stuff. I guess you left it on the paintball field. Like letting kids play with guns even though they dont shoot bullets qualifies as a chrisitan activity.

  • w bazela said,

    ca im not in or with this school for your info,so there’s your attitude? and as far as paintball who cares and i dont know what thats got to do with it!!

  • CA said,

    You have pretty strong opinions to not be affliated with the school, but hey we all do. VSA held a paintball tournament for the faculty and students, thats what that has to do with it and in my opinion (and we all have one) guns are wrong whether they shoot paint or bullets.

  • jimiz said,

    this school is amazing. there baseball team is stacked freshman to senior. if they werent so great dont ya think that the guilford county schools that offered to play them backed out? and yea they did play paintball and had fun. all i got to say is watch out. they just got sponsered by mizuno so doesnt that tell ya they’re top of the line?