High School football games tonight plus AM950 call

Posted by Andy Durham on September 4, 2008 at 10:15 am under High School | 6 Comments to Read

We have four games involving our Guilford County teams on tap tonight with the Dudley-Grimsley game coming up at 7:30 on AM950 radio with the pre-game broadcast cranking up at 7pm.

We will have updates on Southern Lee at Page with Paul Lambeth(Now Rusty Lee the Page AD with PTL III home watching the ‘Skins/Giants) piloting the Pirate reports and if we get other scores we will pass them your way throughout the Dudley-Grimsley contest.

Southern Lee at Page with the kickoff set for 7pm and we will take Page by 17. We don’t know much about S. Lee but they kept it close with the Pirates in 2007 at Lee’s place but the Pirates are a much better team in 2008 and we like this Pirate Parade at 31-14.

Grimlsey at home at 7:30 versus Dudley and the Whirlies have had the Panthers number the past two years. In 2006 Grimsley was shut out in the first half at Jamieson Stadium but they bounced back in the second half behind QB Josh Stewart to top the Panthers and in 2007, Grimsley had QB Zach Maynard and the Whirlies traveled to Dudley and shut out the Panthers in Tarpley Stadium.

Tonight Dudley should finally catch up and the Panthers should supplant the Whirlies by 6. Both teams have real strong lines but Dudley is more experienced with mainly seniors on the line and Grimsley will line up freshman David Reader, 6’3/280 at right tackle on offense. Grimsley and Dudley both work to get it done on the ground and Dudley has those veteran linemen Josh Jones, Chris Neal and company so again the edge should go to Dudley. We’ll take the Panthers 27-21. Both QB’s, Ricky Lewis Jr. and Josh Patterson from Grimsley like to run so the watch for sprints up the field and quick turns toward the sidelines.

Other Thursday night battles under the lights will show us Northern Guilford hosting Derita Academy(We are now hearing the game is at Derita, but where is that?) at 7:30 with the Nighthawks to win by three TD’s with the score being somewhere in the neighborhood of 35-14. We know nothing about the DA. The win would take NG to (3-0).

High Point Central is staring (3-0) right in the face as they face Eastern Randolph tonight in Ramseur at 7:30. HPC is off to a great start behind that sophomore QB Drew Adams and long-time Guilford County assistant football coach Ken Helms says he could see it coming ten miles up the road. Helms of HPC has been up and down the road a few times over the years so he knows what he is up against and will take his boys into the fire against any team in the state. HPC over ER, 28-7.

We have more games coming up on Friday and we will get to those then but here is some insight on the Ragsdale-Northwest Guilford game for you to chew on until we lay out the rest for you tomorrow.

News you can use from the GREENSBOROSports.com files on Ragdale vs. NWG:
We are ready to report that Ragsdale will be missing a starting linebacker and the 1st backup. Ragsdale will only dress 3 linebackers for the game. 2nd string tailback is also out. Was averaging 65 yards/game. All are out due to missing practice without notice on Labor Day. Freshman tailback from JV will play varsity this week.

In the SW/NW game the SW coach suspended somewhere between 6-9 players (depending on who you talk to) for the 1st quarter for missing practice. Ragsdale coach Tommy Norwood suspends you for the whole game. He doesn’t mess around. Norwood really cares about the person over wins and losses. He’s a good man. He teaches the kids a lot more than just football.

*****Outside the area you can follow the Dudley-Grimsley football game on wpetam950.com*****

  • Jim said,

    Righto, again A.D. I was out at the Ragsdale practice yesterday. Now, Tommy has several fine assistants, but make no mistake, T.Norwood runs that show. He was demanding that the team prctice perfect-we all know you play like you practice-the old addage was practice makes perfect-wrong!-practicing properly makes perfect-if you practice wrong, you get bettter at doing it the wrong way…….Tommy had a few other choice words to get the guys attention. The game with Nortwest should be a good one. I’ll be there with our camera to post on greensborosports.com. Rgasdale has a good young team. Friday one of these teams will have a loss. Ragsdale in a close one…………24-21 over Northwest.

  • jamos24 said,


  • PagePirates44 said,

    Page 32, Southern Lee 6

  • PagePirates44 said,

    That is a Final score.

    The Page defense is playing very well so far this year. Big, athletic, and quick. The offense is looking just as good, as well.

  • PagePirates44 said,

    Anyone know the extent on Josh Patterson’s (Grimsley QB) shoulder injury?

  • DHS vs GHS observer said,

    Dudley had an easy go of it. The GHS offense is LaLa Brown, period. Dudley did a great job defensively. They had three defensive guys keying on Brown and it worked. The Grimsley offensive is one dimesional…NO passing game. I will give props to Grimsley’s front line, they did all they could do.The Grimsley defense is almost non-exsistant against the pass…….AD Newman may want to sign Grimsley’s head coach up for a few anger management classes. It looked as though Coach was going to mug some of his own players on the field between plays. It was getting a little scary.