High School Football Scores 9-5-08

Posted by Don Moore on September 5, 2008 at 8:57 pm under High School, Uncategorized | 3 Comments to Read

Eastern Guilford 14 – Northeast Guilford 7
First time Eastern beat Northeast in 16 years

Ragsdale 30 – NW Guilford 24

  • sheldon said,

    What do yall have 2 say about EG this year. it took us 16 years but we finally got NE last night and it was mainly because of defense which eastern hasnt had in a long time. cant wait 2 see how the rest of this year pans out.

  • mark said,

    excellent ball game in Jamestown last night. Lots of big play scores and two late defensive stands by Ragsdale. Two weeks in a row the Tigers had to suck it up and come from behind in the fourth quarter. Those are the kind of wins you love to see.

  • Lee said,

    I’ll try to give a summary of the game since it doesn’t seem to be in the paper this am. I may be off on a few details but I’ll do the best I can. Forgive me if I leave someone out or get a name wrong.

    Exciting game between NW and Ragsdale as the score went back and forth all night. NW played well and won both sides of the line of scrimmage most of the night. Both NW lines were big and physical. The game started fast as Ragsdale held NW on their opening possession and forced a punt. The NW snap was either a hair low or was miss-handled and the NW punter was unable to get the punt off and Ragsdale sacked the punter on the 13. 3 plays did not yield a 1st down as the NW defense held and forced Ragsdale to kick a short field goal by Redfern.

    NW then took the ball 80 yards after a touchback kick by Redfern. The NW line opened big holes as they were much bigger and physical. A 2 point conversion was successful and it was 8-3. Ragsdale got the ball back and in very short order Charles Thomason ran one in from approx. 60 yards. 2 point conversion failed and it was 9-8. Soon after NW moved easily down the field as a normally strong Ragsdale D had no answer for the large NW O-line. Another 2 point conversion was successful and it was 16-8. Kennedy and 2 others including the fullback were running well for NW. Again Ragsdale came back quickly after a NW fumble as Romer found Ced Miller and a nice out and up for approx. a 50 yard scoring pass shortly before the half. While the score was tied, both Ragsdale TD drives were approx. 1 play drives. Of the 24 minutes in the 1st half the NW offense kept the Ragsdale D on the field for 19 of those minutes. This would take its toll in the 2nd half.

    NW wasted little time going up 24-16 in the 2nd half. Ragsdale simply could not stop the push the NW O-line was getting as they opened huge holes. After the game one of the Ragsdale players said “it was like we had skates on. We were just rolling backwards.” After only 3 1st downs in the 2nd half, Ragsdale came back with a drive with Romer stepping up in the pocket with a NW blitz on and found Ced Miller crossing in the center of the field for about a 25 TD completion. While Romer did not have his best stuff, he stepped up in crucial situations and completed passes to keep the drive alive and found Miller twice after avoiding a heavy rush. 2 point conversion failed and NW remained ahead 24-22.

    NW came right back at Ragsdale with their ground attack as the Ragsdale D was obviously tired. Having only 3 LBers for the game and 1 reserve DB led to a tired defense (the defense definitely missed DB’s Anderson and Austin). However penalties and a key stop slowed the NW offense enough to force a punt. Ragsdale took over and put together a nice drive and 2 point conversion to take a 30-24 lead with about 8 minutes remaining. D’Onavon Smith ran one in from about 12 yards following a great block by Ed Ross. Once again NW took off down the field with their ground game but penalties slowed them and the Ragsdale D held as NW went for it on 4th down from deep in Ragsdale territory. Ragsdale took over on downs but 2 penalties backed them up and Ragsdale was forced to punt from deep in the end zone. NW took over on about the Ragsdale 35 but NW was stopped again and NW had to punt which rolled in to the end zone for a touchback. Ragsdale could not move the ball and was forced to punt again from deep in their end zone. NW took over deep in Ragsdale territory with just over 2 minutes left and no timeouts. The ground game quickly moved the ball down to the Ragsdale 6 with about 1 minute to go. An illegal shift penalty backed up NW and NW tried 2 pass plays with one falling incomplete and another was tipped by a Ragsdale defender.

    This game was well played by both teams, NW has an excellent team and a case could easily be made that NW deserved to win the game. Not sure anyone deserved to lose this game. NW moved the ball almost at will. A few penalties and a couple of key stops by Ragsdale were the only things to slow NW. Ragsdale did win the turnover battle with a fumble recovery and the fumbled punt snap by NW. The Ragsdale offense stepped up with some key pass plays and one long drive late to keep the defense off the field. I have not seen all the stats but I’m pretty sure NW outgained Ragsdale. I was really surprised to see the Ragsdale defensive front 7 get moved around. Everyone knew NW had a great O-line but they looked even better last night. Kennedy is the real deal. Very fast and a strong runner for his size.

    NW looked different than in the film Ragsdale studied. The running game was better than advertised and more creative. After scouting the NW trick play on 2 point conversions NW still was able to successfully execute the play. One thing Ragsdale did pick up on was the NW LBers like to jump in and out of the gaps. Ragsdale coaching staff saw this went with longer snap counts and was able to get NW to jump offsides 5-6 times.