You know we could take a VOTE!!!!!

Posted by Andy Durham on September 9, 2008 at 5:05 pm under College | 21 Comments to Read

Who is the TOP College Football team in the state of North Carolina,
Wake Forest or East Carolina?????

  • JIM said,

    Real easy! ECU! Wins over VT and WVA. Enough said…….Baylor and Ole Miss. I rest my case, Your Honor!

  • Rick said,

    East Carolina is ranked higher in the polls and that should determine the top team in the state.

    I am not sure of the rankings but I saw on the Fox 8 NEWS where East Carolna was ranked higher.

    I do think that Wake Forest is much better academically, but East Carolina has a better football team.

  • Gus said,

    ECU is the best. I was just listening to the Skip Holtz Show and man we are sounding good.

  • Marshall said,

    No decision here, ECU. Congrats to the program for booking such a strong schedule, and congrats to the team for playing lights out! Keep it up! I must admit that it is nice to see them back up there…

  • Marshall said,

    P.S. could you do me a favor and take NC State off the poll. It is embarassing! We barely got past w+m!! How could a college of this calliber fall this far? I wish someone would just put us out of our misery, we as fans deserve better than this…

  • PagePirates44 said,

    ECU > Wake

  • Doug Cockman said,

    ECU is tops right now though I predict by the end of the season, it will be Wake Forest. Wake has much better talent but what Holtz is doing down in Greenviile is outstanding. He and Grobe are the two best coaches in the state. ECU is on a roll.

  • Lee said,

    Wake Forest. Much better coached team.

  • Mike said,

    Wake Forest still is a better team, but East Carolina has had a great couple games and is gaining on them.

  • Andy said,

    Paul Lambeth was talking about a post-season matchup with Wake and ECU while we were at the Guilford/Greensboro College game last Saturday night. Paul made the call and Doug is on it as we look ahead.

    Lee has made a good point. I think Coach Jim Grobe is the best. Skip Holtz is out of place for the long haul at ECU. Once a Holtz, always a Holtz….Skip keep your travel bags, it’s a short walk to Raleigh.

    N.C. State messed up when they had the chance to get Pat Dye and they had him if they wanted, before he took off to Wyoming and then Auburn. After Lou Holtz and Bo Rein the Wolfpack was lost till they found Dick Sheridan, but Dye was available and ready to come to N.C. State long before State found Sheridan.

    Skip don’t skip out on the Triangle…..I know for a fact that you want that N.C. State job when Tom’s time is up. You are licking your chops and when your deal with ECU expires you should be ready and the job will be yours, I can see to that.

    I know a few people in Raleigh that live in Big Houses over by the Fairgrounds.

  • Tommy said,

    Easily – Wake Forest. Make it to a BCS game and then we’ll talk, ECU. Good luck playing, uh, Tulane.

  • Brian said,

    ECU beat the two most overrated schools from the worst BCS conferences. They’re a good team but won’t get tested much in a horrible CUSA.

    These things have a way of working themselves out in the end, and by December there won’t be much doubt that Wake is the better team.

  • shananigans said,

    wake forest, definitely…Go DEACS!

  • mit said,

    deacs. ecu has had a nice run, but they’re this year’s usf. a couple big wins, but they’ll come back to earth, go to a good bowl game, and represent themselves well there. wake is among the favorites to win the acc.

  • Tad said,

    The Deacons and the Pirates are both excellent teams. It’s probably too early to tell which victories are going to end up being the most impressive. Of the four teams that these two have played, I think that Ole Miss has definitely looked better than any of the others. Both VT and West Virginia are simply not as good as the media hyped them up to be. That being said, ECU because of their O-line and D-line play has been awesome, but viewing the matchup objectively, I think the Deacons would beat them head-to-head – so they’re the better team.

  • PagePirates44 said,

    I have a feeling that if Notre Dame has a 5 win or less season this year, that the big ND is going to pay some huge dollars to get Skip Holtz in there.

  • Lee said,

    Can’t see Skip Holtz getting the NCSU job. TOB is an excellent coach. I could see Holtz getting a look at Clemson or UVA.

  • Chris said,

    Wake Forest

    ACC > C-USA

  • Proudmom72 said,

    Wake Forest is better. ECU has NEVER beaten the DEACS! I went to every game between Wake and ECU and it was no CONTEST! Wake is the better team! Visit us anytime ECU and Wake Forest will once again send you home with an L!


  • Marshall said,

    Stop living in the past people, Wake needed a last second field goal just to beat ole miss, and ole miss is terrible. Vtech and WV are MUCH better teams than ole miss and Baylor! If you don’t think so you are dreaming. This is why they are ranked ahead of Wake in the polls. The polls are for the present, yall still livin’ in last year…

  • Mike said,

    Yeah those polls are proof positive that ECU is better.
    Except they had West Virginia and Virginia Tech pretty high, and unheralded ECU beat both of them.
    So sports polls don’t mean squat, just like in politics.