Football In Focus – September 11, 2008

Posted by Don Moore on September 11, 2008 at 4:46 pm under College, High School, Professional, Video | 3 Comments to Read

Playback –

We had audio issues during the first 25 Minutes and unfortunately missed Coaches Brewington, White and Loosemore. We will have them back in a future show.

Tonights Guests:

  1. Eastern Guilford HC Scott Loosemoore, with players: Jason Davis, Gerrod Herbin and Derek Holbrook.
  2. Smith HC Featuring:Rodney Brewington, Ast HC Dennis White
  3. Page Players: Chris Jasperse and Brad Workinger
  4. Guilford College SID David Walters
  5. Bruce Bullington on College Sports
  6. Jim Modlin on Pro Sports

  • Joe (PP44) said,

    Just a heads up, i went to go watch the Football in Focus episode 3, and there is no sound. I tried it on 2 different computers and it does the same thing.

  • Joe said,

    It seems like there is no sound for the first 20 minutes or so. Am i wrong, and its just me?

  • Don said,

    Ustream-TV updated their applicati0n, which included a VU meter. We saw that as our assurance there was audio and failed to perform our normal “check with somebody at home” test. We are unable to hear the show “live”, so we rely upon the listeners… (We miss having Jimmy Fulmer back at the studios.)

    Fortunately, somebody called Shane’s and alerted us to the problem.

    We apologize and will have the Smith Coaches back as well as the Northeast Coach.

    I also was able to restore the CHAT WINDOW on our display. You can JOIN UStream and chat with us during the show. Telling us problems or asking questions.