CiCi’s Pizza NFL Picks Contest:Who Beat the Jock this week?

Posted by Andy Durham on September 30, 2008 at 11:59 am under Professional | Comments are off for this article

Here are the results of this week’s contest…..
Paul Lambeth and BigC Cecil Carr finish at (10-3). Paul writes for the site and Cecil is a previous winner.

Joe(PP44) and Big Diesel tie for the win at (8-5). In the tie-breaker system both Big Diesel and Joe(PP44) went over but Big Diesel was closer to total with his guess of 46 versus Joe’s number of 55 when you look at the total of 33 points scored in the Carolina Panthers-Atlanta Falcons game. The final was the Panthers over the Falcons 24-9.

We had NJM, Marshall, Chuckyd, Big Jim, and Buzz checking in at (7-6) and the tag-team of Mick and Bang Bang Big Ben round out the house at (6-7).

Four weeks in the books and next week is looking good and always tasting good at CiCi’s Pizza…..

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