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Posted by Andy Durham on January 29, 2009 at 10:44 am under Professional | 20 Comments to Read

Send us your picks on the Super Bowl with Pittsburgh-Arizona coming up this Sunday.

Give us the winner and the score, and with your total number of points you can’t go over the final Total Score……

Give us something like Pittsburgh 28, Arizona 20 and if you are correct you will receive TWO $25.00 Gift Certificates from the Shane’s Rib Shack on Westover Terrace or on West Wendover Avenue……

  • Big Jim said,

    Ok, AD-I’m not eligible for the GREAT Q at Shane’s but I’ll still throw some numbers at you! Pittsurgh 38-Arizona 17……..55 will be my total points

  • st said,

    Pittsburgh 27 arizona 13
    40 pts

  • chuckyd said,

    arizona 28 pitts 24 52 points totl

  • Mick said,

    Cards 17
    Hated Steelers 31

  • jim c said,

    Steel City 31
    Zona 14

    45 total

  • Big C said,

    Pitt 24
    Ari. 17
    Total. 41pts

  • Kevin said,

    Steelers 23
    Cardinals 14
    Total 37

    (Next Year Bills)

  • Jonathan said,

    Pittsburgh 31, Arizona 21 52 total points

  • ron said,

    21-14 Steelers. total 35points


  • Big Ben said,

    Big Ben says

    Cards 27 over Steelers 24 in OT!

    We will be eating bird wings in support of our team that beat our team. Hey, anybody over the hated Steelers. Plus Big Ben has a soft spot for the underdog and especially for “the good guys”.

    Immaculate Reception my butt! Dont even like the Raiders no mo but my 12 year old self still cries over the injustice! Iron City beer sucks… tastes like salt and smells like an innertube.

  • MJ said,


    The winner will be 27-17!

  • hollywood said,

    pitt 34- arizona 17

  • jj said,

    pitt 38 ariz 28

  • chet said,

    Arizona 30
    pittsburgh 20 50 total pts

  • Bruce said,




  • Mo Mo said,




  • April Brown said,

    Pittsburgh, 21-16… 37 pts

  • Marshall Brown said,

    Pittsburgh, 28-25 53 pts

  • kathe walker said,

    arizona 28-24, 52

  • victor walker said,

    pittsburg 31-28, 59