Page surges late to top Grimsley on White out Night

Posted by Andy Durham on February 6, 2009 at 10:39 pm under High School | 8 Comments to Read

Round 3 of the Greensboro rivalry this basketball season was no let down from a fan point of view. It lived up to the hype that we have come to love when these two schools athletic teams get it on.

Both teams felt each other out for the first 4 minutes of the game, equaling each other in score. Page moved out in front making it 13-6 with 3 minutes left in the first quarter. The Whirlies would not relinquish making it 15-15 at the end of the first.
The Pirates would play some big time defense in the 2nd quarter, and they went on a 16-2 run spanning the whole quarter, giving the Pirates a halftime lead of 31-17.
As most would know, in this rivalry, there is no quit in either team. It was just a matter of time before Grimsley would make it a game.
They did just that in the 3rd. Carter Gourley  made some excellent looking plays cutting through the Page zone defense and scoring the ball with his soft touch around the rim. Page would still lead but only by three at the end of the quarter, 46-43.
Julius Brooks would get into some foul trouble which forced Page coach Robert Kent to make a decision and sit him. Giving the Whirlies some confidence to get the ball to the rim. Page could not hold off the Whirlies late run. Page had 3 shots in the last 15 seconds but could not get the ball in the basket. Sending this game into overtime. At the end of regulation 56-56.

Overtime was all Page, even though Julius Brooks was fouled out for the whole extra period. Most of the Pirates points coming from the free throw line. The Whirlies were outscored 20-6. Final 76-62.

Page moves to 17-5 (8-0) and Grimsley falls to 15-6 (5-3)

Page 15 16 15 10 20 76
Grimsley 15 2 26 13 6 62

  • EaglePride86 said,

    Why do you consider this “the Greensboro rivalry” when these aren’t the only schools in Greensboro? Wait on 2nd thought you just answered my question…….

  • hm said,

    really, you are going there? My guess would be because of how long it has been going on and the intensity of it, not because of what you are implying. It is the biggest rivalry in the city. Dudley/ Smith is a great rivalry too, but Page/Grimsley is the biggest.

  • hm said,

    another thought, how on earth did the News-Record not cover this game?

  • hm said,

    for my 3rd post in the article, I re-read and I think you took the “the Greensboro rivalry” a tad bit out of context. If it was in bi CAP letters I would understand your point Eagle, but the way it is written it is not separating it from any other rivalry, just sayngit is a Greensboro rivalry. Besides the guy who wrote it is a Page guy, so even if he did say it was “The Greensboro Rivalry,” it would be condidering where he went to school, ok I am done here…

  • Joe said,

    Not taking anything away from Smith/Dudley. But, Page/Grimsley is the oldest and biggest most intense rivalry in Greensboro, and the state for that fact. It is up there with Richmond County/Scotland County, Shelby/Crest, Kannapolis Brown/Concord, Independence/Butler.

  • EaglePride86 said,

    The Page/Grimsley rivalry is no where near some of those other rivalry games around the state as Page has only been in existence for about 40 yrs. The Shelbys, Richmonds, West Charlottes, and Kan. Browns of NC have been around much longer than Page.

    When Smith gets some competent people in the athletic dept. we will be right back up there competing with the rest fo the city……

  • Emily said,


    I have to totally disagree with you. Page/Grimsley is one of the biggest rivalries in the state. It is most certainly up there with Richmond Country/Scotland County as well as Shelby/Crest and I feel fairly certain it is the biggest rivalry in Greensboro.

  • Jonathan said,

    I agree that Page/Grimsley is the most intense rivalry in the Triad, and when Page and Grimsley play, the whole state of North Carolina knows about. The reason why Pichmond/Scotland and Shelby/Crest are so big is because the school is the only one in the area and everyone in the area comes out to support one of the teams. The best urban (and inter-city) rivalry in North Carolina is Page/Grimsley hands down! If you went to Grimsley or Page, you would know that.