High Tech – Stats delivered for Free

Posted by Don Moore on February 7, 2009 at 11:34 am under College | Read the First Comment

Thursday night, while we were broadcasting The Basketball Show, we were getting Game Updates from “Big” Jim Modlin AND Twitter.

The only problem is that Jim could hear his phone ring cause of the crowd. I searched Twitter and discovered a new Web 2.0 Service called STAT SHEET NETWORK. A well design web service that handles more stats than the average fan can handle (including Referee details).

  • StatSheet is the most comprehensive website for College Basketball stats and analysis.
  • Stat Fix – A new stat for every team every day.
  • Stat Tweets – Get news, live game scores, standings, rankings, point spread updates, and other stats for your favorite basketball or football team all from Twitter!
  • Statful – Sports Stats Applications for the iPhone and iPod.

This site has more knowledge than you can handle and it’s FREE.

With The Twitter Application, you can have scores sent directly to your phone as a Text Message. Cool for those who don’t have an iPhone. You simple pick out your team(s). Enjoy.

  • Robbie said,

    I’m glad you like StatSheet! If you have any suggestions or requests for any of the sites in the StatSheet Network, please let me know. I’m very receptive to adding new features.