HS hoops in the Saturday morning rewind

Posted by Andy Durham on February 7, 2009 at 10:15 am under High School | 12 Comments to Read

Joe gave the inside/out on the Page boys win over Grimsley last night and earlier in the evening at the Mac Morris Gym, the Page girls(11-10) tripped up the Whirlies 53-40. This gives the Pirates a split with the Whirlies in the regular season.

In more action between the two rivals yesteday it was the Grimsley ninth grade team winning on a buzzer-beater(according to the officials). Final in this one 61-60. In the JV game over at Grimsley’s Bob Sawyer Gym, the Whirlies topped the Pirates 57-53. All in all, and I’m sure Joe and Jim feel the same way, “a great night for local basketball”.

*****Now just in, East Forsyth boys over Northwest Guilford 59-54.*****

In other action, and I want to put this game up there somewhere near the top since we do have a very loyal readership from among the parents and fans of the Northern Guilford girls, the Nighthawks defeated Triad 3-A powerhouse(at least in most recent years) Rockingham County, 73-57. NG girls now (12-9). The Northern boys(19-3) had no problems with the RC Cougars winning handily, 93-52. I did not see Jonathan Frye’s name in the box score and hope nothing’s wrong there.

The Dudley boys bounced back after that loss at NG and won on the road at Northeast Guilford. The Panthers(19-2) over the Rams, 59-49. You might have expected a bigger win by Dudley, but it is getting late in the year, and now’s when teams begin to have your number after seeing you a few times. Dudley girls(18-3) get another big win, 81-34 over NEG.

The Greensboro Day School boys(24-2) held Tyler Lewis to two points as the Bengals posted a 67-58 win over Forsyth Country Day. In the girl’s game it was FCD past GDS, 46-13. Ragsdale took two from Southwestern Randolph, with the Tigers boys(22-1) coming out on top 85-52, and the Lady Tigers(19-4) were just as strong, winning 53-25.

The 3-A stir in the playoffs could be big, and we would think based on previous year’s layouts for basketball, we would see Dudley and Northern in the East and Ragsdale/High Point Andrews in the West. Last night HP Andrews(17-4/8-0) stopped WS Carver 55-35, while the HPA Red Raider girls won 56-26 over Carver.

Western took two from Western. Western Guilford over Western Alamance that is….The Hornet boys(14-7) win 46-34 and the WG girls grabbed a 47-35 victory over the Warriors. The Reidsville boys are unbeaten in the North State 2-A Conference as they beat Southern Guilford 85-77 and the SG girls fell by two points to Lakesha Hairston and the Lady Rams.

The Eastern girls(12-10) were unbeaten in the NS 2-A, but they were upset at West Stokes last night 49-42. The EG boys turned the tables on WS winning 60-49. The young men from Smith stole one from High Point Central last night as the Golden Eagles became victors 57-49 and Smith made it a Golden sweep with a 68-55 win the girls game.

The young ladies from Northwest Guilford(19-3) just keep on rolling along at very steady pace and last night the Vikings whipped East Forsyth 71-28.

We will have more scores for you as they come in today and we will try and do a Hot List from last night’s games here at the site later today.

Box score on Eastern Guilford-West Stokes girls:
Eastern Guilford lost it’s first game in Conference play 49-42 to West Stokes on the road to go 8-1. Eastern controls its own destiny with either a win against Southern Guilford on Tuesday and a loss or wins by West Stoke (6-2) in their last two conference games. Eastern was leading after three quarters 35-33 but allowed West Stokes to out score them 16-7 down the stretch to come up short. Kristin Crosby led the Wildcats with 10 points and 9 rebounds. April Totten scored 10 as well.

Kristin Crosby: 10 pts, 9 rebs, 1 asst
April Totten: 10 pts, 7 rebs, 3 stls, 1 blk
Miranda Jenkins: 9 pts, 8 rebs, 3 assts, 2 blks,
Capricia Small: 9 pts, 5 rebs, 4 assts, 2 blks, 5 stls
Amerijah Jamison: 4 pts, 12 rebs, 2 assts, 1 blk, 2 stls
Kiyiarra Purcell: 5 rebs
Alesha Henry: 2 rebs

  • Wild Bill said,

    Wild Bill

    That was a super job by Northern girls who took care of business against Rockingham. Samantha Cofer and Kelly Tessitore did what they were capable of doing. Now if they would stop acting like they are like a “Deer in Headlights” when they play Dudley, just maybe this team could get over the hump and surprise some folks during the conference tournament.

  • Dudley stud said,

    Dudley Stud

    Wild Bill, every team in this conference will be like a Deer in Headlights when they face the “TERROR OF THE PANTHER”. They made Northeast and their coaching staff look like they had no idea of what they were doing. 50-11 at half in a high school game at this level is totally embarrasing and unacceptable. Helen Terry will be conference player of the year again and Dudley will run the table.

  • jay holiday said,

    If the panthers are so great, how come they didn’t win the championship last year? Dudley is not playing anyone, they don’t have any competition. They need to go to a tougher conference. Wait until next year when they go up to 4A, then you will see some competition.

  • hoopsfan said,

    WildBill that is not a hump they are trying to get over, it is more like a mountain trying to get by the Dudley girls, and the NG girls have a very long way to go.

  • IcherishHSfb said,

    jay holiday……..those Dudley girls are awesome man. Who gives a flip about the Triad 3A championship when your squad get to the East Regional championship 3 straight yrs. I think they will be even better at the 4A level.

  • Basketball Fan said,

    I admit Helen is a good contender for player of the year. However I believe NG can give dudley a run if they play their game and stop being intimidated. They proved that the other nite when they gave a good 2nd half. Dudley is quicker but that’s bout it. Both teams have great shooters. Also NG is a younger team. Dudley has bout 4-5 seniors who all been playn varsity ball since their freshmen year. So they def have more experience. But after they all graduate will they still be the same team to compete in 4A? NG will return all of their players plus gain some including Sam Coffer’s lil sis. I think both teams will fair well @ the conf tourney. Which in the last few years have been known for some upsets. Will be a great discussion in a couple weeks!

  • Andy said,

    In the past it’s been Dudley vs. Northeast for the girls Triad 3-A bragging rights with Rockingham County jumping in there, but again over the past few years it’s been Helen Terry, Brianna Patteson, Mercedes King, LaChate Stevens, Shelley Reese, Sierra Little and others from the Dudley and Northeast girls making it happen.

    Now it seems like the new title hookup for this year might end up Dudley vs. Northern for a one-year stand and the tournament is slated to be at Northeast. Next year Dudley 4-A and Northern 3–A, but this year we could see an all Dudley-Northern finals for the boys and girls at the Triad finals and this will really be the finals with the changes coming up next year……

    Are we all leaning that way? Dudley-NG in the finals?????

  • Jim said,

    I’d say it should be interesting. I would have never expected to see Northern Guilford knocking of Rockingham County’s girls team. The can certainly give Dudley a good game but I think those Lady Panthers will be abit too much for the Lady Nighthawks this year. I got to see them against Burlington Cummings a few weeks ago and earlier in the season against a very good Concord team and they were awesome!

  • gboroguy said,

    Lets get off the talk of the girls. I saw two games this week. NG vs. Dudley and Forsyth at GDS. Dudley was just awful. It has to be their worst team in the last 15 years. No inside presence. Hairston just stands around the arc and jacks up shots. Wyatt is solid but not great. The Dillard kid had the best game for them. Northern has a number of guys that can score but they just sit back in a zone. I would think NG would whip them 8 out of 10 times. GDS was their same impressive selves. Especially early. Used suffocating defense to lead 40-18 at halftime. They did slip in the 2nd half as Colby Lewis got a hot hand, but held the unheralded PG at FCDS to 2 points and probably 10 turnovers. GDS may be the best defensive team I have seen in high school in years. Maybe ever. I am not one to get excited about defense, I would much rather see a 80 point game, but it was an awesome display. No question the best team in the county and maybe the whole triad. Would love to see a GDS-Mt. Tabor game. Two best teams in this region hands down.

  • Basketball Fan said,

    Let’s not get off talkn bout the girls. Lately they have been more interesting than the boys. I actually think a few of the girls can take the boys. I think the conf tourney will bring out the best game in everybody. Dudley is known for doing well in league play but falter @ conf tourney. They didn’t even make it to the championship game last year after being upset by Rockingham. They did well @ states but they have been playn a lite schedule and will that actually hurt them when they meet real competition? They fell to hillside, bishop and to some team in Puerto Rico. They barely beat Rockingham the 2nd time and squeezed out a win @ Graham. Are they beginning to show their weakness? I would love for Helen to finally get her conf champ. But hopefully someone will give them a game to earn it. I think the only ones in the conf that can is Rockingham and if the real Northern shows up.

  • DudleyFan said,

    Gboroguy………I would bet that awful Dudley team would smash SW Guilford, LOL! Everybody has bad games at every level; we saw that with Duke this week. Dudley will be fine come conf. tourney time. As for the girls, i’d say they are in pretty good shape and no matter what teams they play if they win they would have earned it. The fact that we are even discussing the boys and girls teams is a testament unto itself about Dudley’s athletic program.

  • bball fan forever said,

    Dudley girls are a very good team but NG is certainly capable of beating them if they are on their A-game. NG has talent throughout with different standout players each game, which is key to team success. Basketball is a team sport and when you build your offense around one or two players it is a mistake. NG plays team ball. Dudley can be a bit reckless and B Patterson is like a bull in a china shop, should be fouling out with offensive fouls every game…