North Carolina’s Sportscaster of the Year still looking for job

Posted by Andy Durham on February 12, 2009 at 3:48 pm under Amateur, College, High School, Professional | 6 Comments to Read

What’s wrong with this picture? Dave Goren formerly of WXII TV12 has just been named the North Carolina Sportscaster of the Year and he’s still looking for work.

Dave just got named the state’s top sportscaster for the first time ever, and he still needs a job….That’s messed up. You are the BEST in the business, the BEST the state has to offer and your employer(Hearst Argyle) decides to let you go because you are too good for your own good?????

Here’s the word on Dave Goren’s award from
Dave Goren, the former lead sports anchor for WXII, has been voted North Carolina’s sportscaster of the year, winning the award for the first time. Goren’s contract with the station expired in January and was not renewed.

The Winston-Salem Journal’s John Dell has been named the North Carolina sportswriter of the year for 2008 by the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association.

Dell also won the NSSA state award in 2005. He and Goren will be recognized at the association’s annual awards banquet and Hall of Fame induction in Salisbury in May.
(Hopefully Dave will be able to afford to drive down to Salisbury for the event and let’s hope we don’t end up seeing him on the side of the road out on Highway 109 holding up a sign that says, “Will talk Sports for Gas”…….)

Dave Goren is the BEST in Sports today. Somebody needs to hire this guy.

  • Ray Barber said,

    Man that is messed up.

  • Rob said,

    Maybe Goren is just smelling the roses for a little bit. Goren is good, but the media market in the triad is limited for people like him. Should he start doing podcasts like the rest of the great talent around the gatecity?

  • EaglePride86 said,

    He has been blacklsited by the media market in this area. Might wanna consider a relocation……….Wonder what he did to get the local media market to NOT like him??

  • Kirk said,

    The media is in the same economy as the rest of us. There have been layoffs and cutbacks in that field as well. It was published here earlier that Dave was doing something with Wake Forest. Maybe that was just a part time opportunity. Most of these guys/gals gone on to a better career after they get out of local network TV.

  • Don said,

    Dave’s not black-listed; but probably as a Non-Complete in his contract that prevents him from working anywhere within WXII’s coverage area for 6 months. This is standard with most TV personalities.

    It’s why they often move away before they go to the competition – Eric Chilton and Ken Bates were both at WGHP before WFMY.

  • Mike said,

    Podcasting is the way to go these days.
    Who wants to work for The Man?