Big Joe wants to know? Who are the best players in the area???

Posted by Andy Durham on February 15, 2009 at 4:09 pm under High School | 8 Comments to Read

Big Joe asks a BIG question that had me thinking just the other day.

Who are the best boys and girls basketball players in our area, a Top Ten if you will for the local Guilford County high schools.

I will list a few to get us going and then how about the rest of you add on the rest and give us your Top Ten Teams…..

Girls in no particular order at least not for now:
Helen Terry(Dudley)
Paris Alston(Southeast)
Gretchen Bennett(Northwest)
Chevna Pickard(Page)
Lisa Archie(Ragsdale)
Miranda Jenkiins(Eastern)
Zena Lovette(Southwest)
Lekendra Wilkerson(Smith)
Tonisha Baker(High Point Andrews)
Kelly Tessitore(Northern Guilford)
Courtney Arrington(Ragsdale)
Brianna Patterson(Dudley)
Samantha Coffer(Northern)
Melissa Foures(Northwest)
Capricia Smalls(Eastern)
Hannah McIntosh(Northwest)
Dorian McInnis(Ragsdale)
Brittany Gwynn(High Point Central)
Brittany Clency(Western)
Brittnay Drew(Page)
Cherie Bullock(NEG)

*****That gives you plenty to choose from in trying to find ten…..We can start to narrow it down as the playoffs get rolling.*****

Boys in no particular order:
Jay Canty(RHS)
PJ Hairston(DHS)
Julius Brooks(Page)
Javan Mitchell(GDS)
Keith Manley(GHS)
Brandon Pennix(DHS)
Johnathan Frye(NG)
Jacob Lawson(NG)
Michael Neal(NG)
Chuckie Becton(SEG)
Jay Lewis(GDS)
Wally Jones(RHS)
Tony Washington(HPA)
Charles Goodwin(HPA)
Corban Collins(HPA)
Jordan Weethe(PAGE)
AJ Finney(PAGE)
Mitchell Oates(PAGE)
Carter Gourley(GHS)
Trey Artis(SEG)
Josh Cobb(SEG)
Brennan Wyatt(DHS)
Derek Grant(HPC)
Xavier Nieves(HPC)
Kyle Vebber(NWG)
Jon Coger(SMITH)
Jordan Williams(WG)

  • hoopsfan said,

    Kyle Vebber is the top point guard in Guilford county.

  • Correction said,

    Kyle Vebber is not a point guard.

  • GDS fan said,

    No GDS players on the boys’ list??

  • hooper said,

    what about jordan williams at western guilford

  • Andy said,

    It was hard not to pick one guy from Western, but the hard part is who do you choose from with Williams, Alston and Perkins pretty much your top three???

    After watching Friday night’s game with Dudley, I couldn’t choose one Western player, but if we get enough votes or comments we will add Williams to the list.

    I like these kids, it was just hard to put one on the list after watching Friday’s game and there we go with the point of view which says you can’t judge a team or player on just one game and that’s why we need people to start voting for Williams.

  • Andy said,

    I got some more E-mail votes for Williams and we put him on the list. Let’s keep playing with this thing. I also got votes to put Derek Grant from HPC on the list and he is now on and David Bethea has been removed. Grant bumped Bethea for HPC.

    I heard that RJ McLaughlin was dimissed from the Western Guilford team prior to last Friday’s game with Dudley. This hurt the Hornet rotation and now WG has NEG in round one of the tourney and with the game on NEG’s home court this one could become a toss up…….

    Any word from the Hornets or the Rams????? No matter the outcome, Art Wade has done a fine job in bringing discipline to Western.

  • Correction said,

    Are these boys listed in order of athleticism and skill?

  • Andy said,

    Random listing for both boys and girls. No specifics, just a prelimary listing, but we have to trim this list down to 10 boys and 10 girls.

    That’s our goal. A Top Ten for the boys and girls by early next week…….