Joe Barile’s Top Ten and a good one at that

Posted by Andy Durham on February 16, 2009 at 7:00 pm under High School | 23 Comments to Read

Our high school football/basketball writer Joe Barile has come up with his Top Ten for boy’s basketball in Guilford County and here’s a look at Joe’s List:

This list is subject to change..

First team
Jay Canty(RHS) SF
PJ Hairston(DHS) PG
Julius Brooks(Page) C
Jay Lewis(GDS) SG
Keith Manley(GHS) PF

Second team
Carter Gourley(GHS)SG
Johnathan Frye(NG) SF
Javan Mitchell(GDS) C
Jacob Lawson(NG) PF
Mitchell Oates(PAGE) PG

To me, those are the best players in the area. This could change though, looking forward to the conference tourneys. One other note. Jacob Lawson and Keith Manley, could switch. They are both equal in my eyes. But, the reason I gave Manley the nod on first team was because he is a Sr. Meaning Lawson should get first team next year.

  • jmitc said,

    Mike Neal of Northern Guilford is better then Mitchell Oates in my opinion. He leads Northern Guilford in scoring and is only a sohpmore

  • Joe said,

    I respect your opinion. But, I also respectfully disagree.

    Oates is only a Jr. as well.

  • hs fan said,

    That is a geat list. Also i think everyone on that second team besides mitchell is a junior or younger so we will get to enjioy watching these kids play next year along with hairston and canty. These are 10 great players

  • bob said,

    carter gourley is better than jordan weethee? rightt jordan put way better number ,more talented and neal is not even close to mitch in talent

  • hs fan said,

    wow, bob your obviously a page fan. If you look at numbers in conference play carter and jordan are almost identical. Last grimsley page game jordan-15 points, carter-19 points. They are both similar players no need to bash either one, let the court do the talking. And i also think oates and neal are very equal with one not being head and shoulders above the other

  • HAHAHA FUNNY said,

    Deuce Bello Isn’t on this list, this is a JOKEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hm said,

    if page didn’t have 4 guys all averaging around 14 a game weethee would be one of the leading scorers in the state. they are very balanced and have multiple weapons, that hurts him from a statistical standpoint

  • IDK said,

    Gourley over Weethee and Vebber????? WOW!!!!!

  • IDK said,

    What about Pennix and Jones?????

  • IcherishHSfb said,

    From a neutral perspective:

    PJ Hairston is rather tall for a PG…………more like a shooting guard in the mold of a Vincent Whitt………Dudley has had a number of those great players over the yrs. I always have enjoyed watching them and Greensboro Day.

  • bob said,

    i am a page fan but yea last game he scored 4 more points and still lost.. but the first 2 weethee balled on carter? yea ok point proven and hm proves another good point

  • Joe said,

    I am a Page guy, and it was tough for me to leave out some players. Jordan Weethee was one of them. Weethee would make an excellent 11 on this list. He is a good player, but I think he will definitely make the first team next year.

  • Joe said,

    Gourley’s game I think alittle bit more polished on the offensive side. Other then Jordan being a good 4 inches taller. Don’t get me wrong, Jordan is a darn good player.

  • what? said,

    weethee a offense shooting stud.. and since your a page fan ..have u seen weethee a smooth shooting forward so im sorry that arguement out weethee will be the best forward next year and think im crazy but he will be

  • Basketball Fan said,

    I think chris mccain from ng and brandon pennix from dudley should be added in there somewhere

  • Joe said,

    Guys, chill out. This is only 10 players.. guys are going to get left off. Just respect my picks. Why dont you guys list your top 10 too. I bet you will have a tough time leaving off some people.

    I do think that Weethee could take Javon Mitchell’s spot. When I have seen Javon play in big games, he doesn’t play well.

  • mark said,

    good list – maybe there should be three teams to get five more deserving players recognition.

    Two more to add to the list would be Duece Bello (as someone mentioned above) and Wally Jones. Jones keeps getting better and better. As great as Canty is Ragsdale will live and die by whether or not Jones has a good or bad game.

  • joe said,

    This isn’t the official greensborosports dot com all area first and second team or anything. Just my list that I threw together in 5 mins to get some conversation going right before conference tournaments get underway. I wasn’t trying to disrespect the kids I left off them. Its not like college recruiters come on here and go, “wow, this kid isn’t on this list, that must mean something.”

    Cut me some slack, guys. Your comments are welcome, but realize, I’m not perfect.

  • bob said,

    we know joe and u did a good job .. i was just basically saying what i thought could help it… i wasnt trying to disrespect your list at all

  • hs fan said,

    Im sure carter and jordan have respect for each others games. Because great shooters respect someone who can shoot the ball and these two kids can. Can we leave it at that and not take anymore shots at anybody cause theyre just kids

  • truefan said,

    What about Dudley’s point guard Wyatt . He seems to be one of the best floor leaders out there. I also thought Jones from RGS and Pennix from Dudley should definitely have been on the list. I bet if you check the stats Jones and Pennix their numbers will be far better than Gourley, Brooks, Oates, and Mitchell and they have been moreof a key to victories. I know this is just your personal favorites and no disrespect to any of the kids on the list because they are all good but Oates accts more like a shooting guard than a point guard — what happened to White at RGS. He is also a true point guard. You don’t have one point guard on your first team.

  • IDK said,

    What about NW Vebber. I know he had a severe ankle injury earlier in the season that sidelined him for about 4 or 5 games and was slow to get back but his numbers have been pretty good after he healed and got going.

  • Joe said,

    Vebber would be the SG on my 3rd team.