First-round Conference Tournament Action Part II

Posted by Andy Durham on February 17, 2009 at 10:29 am under High School | 9 Comments to Read

from Rusty Lee Page AD

Metro 4A Men’s Tournament First Round Scores:
Northwest 64 Smith 57
HP Central 67 East Forsyth 47
*****Is the Hartman kid for NWG the point guard that has recently had some big scoring nights and got people tallking? Ledbetter for HPC is back and he’s trying to knock Grant off of the list…..*****

Also from last night the Northern boys(22-3) set the bar very high with their 103-33 victory over Rockingham County. Michael Neal and Jon Frye pacing the Nighthawks.

Southeast Guilford grabbed two Mid-Piedmont 3-A tournament wins with the SEG girls topping Eastern Randolph 81-46 with Alston, Beasley and McNeil the leaders for the Falcons. Are the Falcon girls getting ready to make a run on Ragsdale????? How about those Falcon fellows with their the 63-34 win they put together against the Randleman Tigers. SEG has been led all season by Trey Artis, Josh Cobb and Chuckie Becton. I have been telling the people about these boys, but nobody’s listening. SEG boys might be ready to come after Ragsdale too……

The High Point Andrews girls pulled one out over WS Carver 42-38 with Tonisha Baker coming up with 16 markers. Markers is an olde english term for points from what I was told last weekend.

The Bishop McGuinness girls made easy work of East Wilkes as the Villians rolled to 70-37 victory behind Brittany Cox’s 19 and Megan Buckland’s 14 points. Bishop girls are now (22-4).

  • HPC Fan said,

    Grant has been consistant all year, not just a few games here and there. I think he should stay on the list.

  • fred said,

    Funny how there is an article about running up the score in high school in the paper on Saturday and Monday NG wins by an embarassing score.

  • NW Scoop said,

    Hartman is mainly a 2 and 3 but does have good ball handling skills. Vebber got 2Ts early so had to sit out the rest of the game. Hartman did a great job filling in.

  • hm said,

    so NW has to play Page without Vebber because of the ejection? Yikes, he plays well against them. Is that the rule?

  • Andy said,

    That’s the way it is for the coaches. Happened to Gene Banks when he was at Smith last year. Disqualification is 5 fouls=’s Out for the rest of the game and
    Ejection is two technicals but it has to be a pure two tech deal and not one tech and personal foul resulting in disqualification….

    JB Beloved of Grimsley got the DQ on a personal-tech foul deal that resulted in a DQ early in the 3rd quarter of a game last year and he was back the next game.

    Two-tech combo with the EJ and you would think out the next game…..

  • get a clue said,

    Hey Fred,

    If you were at the Northern -Rockingham game you would know that NG did not run up the score at all. Rockingham’s team quit playing and Northern’s kids (3rd string only) played almost the entire 2nd half. No pressing, no starters, just playing the game in a professional manner. Notice in the Sunday article who was mentioned locally for running it up…..Dudley. Coach K. does not run up the score and has 10 times as much class as Price.

  • get a life said,

    Get a life………

    Dudley does NOT run up the score on anyone. And don’t even throw the “class” nonsense into this discussion seeing how ole’ Stan tried to file a lawsuit against someoone for claiming he goes out to recruit kids to his program. When Stan wins some state titles and posts over 500 wins over his career then we can talk. For now, shut the…….**** up!!!

  • IDK said,

    NO, Vebber is not out against Page. He got the two Ts but was not ejected so is still available for tomorrows game. It was over something simple not a physical thing.

  • IDK said,

    From what I understand from NW last night is that the YOYO from Smith, who started it all, is the one who should have gotten the 2Ts not Vebber.