Opening Day Baseball Photographs

Posted by Don Moore on February 17, 2009 at 9:34 pm under High School, Photos | Read the First Comment

Andy Durham dropped by Southeast, Dudley and Page High School on Monday – the Opening Day of High School Baseball Practice. Click on each set of three pictures for the complete set of pictures taken at each school.

Southeast High School

Greensboro Sports' 2009-02-16-Southeast photosetGreensboro Sports’ 2009-02-16-Southeast photoset

Dudley High School

Greensboro Sports' 2009-02-16-Dudley photosetGreensboro Sports’ 2009-02-16-Dudley photoset

Page High School

Greensboro Sports' 2009-02-16-Page photosetGreensboro Sports’ 2009-02-16-Page photoset

  • Baseball Fan said,

    All the baseball enthusiasts in Guilford County really love this time of year. The dead of winter has about passed and it is time for Baseball to be played once again. To watch the coaching staffs run the boys through the drills is really wonderful to see this time of year. To see the crow hop throws being timed from the outfield to third, To watch the boys trying to push below the 7 second times on the 60 yard dashes. To hear the ping of the bats and the popping of the leather. Really warms the old timers hearts. Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul.

    A real good story by Greensboro Sports would include the following for the old timers around the area:
    Post the following:
    High school name, mascot, and school colors.
    High school coach and staff with Varsity win-loss records for each coach.
    High school past history concerning state baseball titles and the years they were champs.
    High school fence distances for right, center, and left.
    High school field distance to backstop.
    High school players presently in college or the pros presently playing baseball and where they are playing with position.
    The past baseball greats from the area.

    This will be great discussion for all and help promote the rich history of baseball in our area. It will help both the young and the old fans of the game in the area.

    Thanks in advance for the information. Looking to great memories from area teams this yeer.