Coach Samek wants Whirlie people

Posted by Andy Durham on February 23, 2009 at 5:38 pm under High School | 2 Comments to Read

New Grimsley football coach Martin Samek meet with his returning Whirlie football players this afternoon in their first formal public gathering.

The mood was informal, but the message was dead serious. Coach Samek said he wants Grimsley football players that are committed to the Grimsley program. Samek said that if you are dedicated to the Grimsley football program then you are in the right place. “When you walk the halls at Grimsley find me more men that will be committed to this cause”.

Samek went on to say that, “We are going to build the program with people that are at Grimsley now. We are not going to go outside the school and look for other players. We have our people and they are here at Grimsley”.

Samek implied that if you want to leave you better go ahead and get out of here now, and that he wants men that want to win at Grimsley.

Samek introduced his new offensive coordinator Coach Tesh and he said that the Whirlies will run an offense that fits their personel.

This is Samek’s first head coaching job and he is fired up. Martin Samek was an assistant coach at East Forsyth last year and before that he was on the staff at Mount Tabor.

I asked Coach Samek what impressed him about the Grimsley Whirlies when they played against his old team the East Forsyth Eagles last fall. He said that Grimsley had athletic ability, good team speed and that they defintely got his attention when the two teams met in Kernersville. It was almost as if Samek saw something in the Whirlies and he felt like if given the chance, he could do something with this team.

Coach Samek closed by saying that he would see the players at the basketball game tonight and in the weight room tomorrow afternoon. Samek also told the kids that if you want to play other sports besides football, that he has no problem with that, but you still need to get in your work in the weight room in the off-season.

*****Photos to follow later today.*****

  • keith said,

    first things first tackle, don’t grab. The JV squad grabbed not tackled and the scores showed it

  • GrimsleyDefenseWins said,

    Coach Samek rumor is you are not hiring any of the old coaching staff? You don’t know any of thses kids,what are you going by film only? It’s a few coaches at Grimsley that know these kids and have coached them. I guess you are one of those coaches that say one thing and do another.