Photos from Grimsley Football Press Conference

Posted by Don Moore on February 24, 2009 at 12:15 pm under High School, Photos | 8 Comments to Read

Andy Durham stopped by Grimsley High School and took these pictures (click the pictures for the FULL set) of the Press Conference introducing Martin Samek has the new Grimsley Football Head Coach.

Greensboro Sports' 2009-02-23-Grimsley photoset Greensboro Sports’ 2009-02-23-Grimsley photoset

  • GrimsleyWhirlie4Life said,

    Thanks for the pictures Andy.

  • Andy said,

    Glad to make these available for the folks that couldn’t be there. I am pleased that the photos came out OK and that Don Moore from got them up here quickly for your viewing.

  • ICED OUT 101 said,


  • GrimsleyClassOf89 said,

    Rumor is remember only a rumor that some kids are not playing this year. I heard atleast two more kids will be leaving going to other schools.They can’t win if they don’t bring back atleast one coach who know these kids. And rumor is coach Samek is bring in a whole new staff. These kids are saying they are not playing for a hole new coaching staff.

  • Joe said,

    When Page hired Coach Gillespie 3 years ago. He brought in a whole new staff. Nobody from the old staff stayed. Kids tranferred out of Page and alot of kids didnt play at all. Thats just how it goes, i guess. We ended up being fine.

  • Andy said,

    Players will be loyal to those that have been loyal to them.

  • DieHardWhirlieFan89 said,

    We lost another one today 6”2 240 pound DE left today heading to Dudley. So i guess it wasn’t just a rumor.

  • the great 1. said,

    this is what you get when you let go a great coach like todd shupping who built the program from the ground up. I went back to Grimsley a few days ago to work out during my spring break. It if horrible, the school changed, it like jail, i can’t even go visit my teachers or old coaches without setting an appointment through the office, i can’t work out in the wieght room, or on the field. This school went from the top to the very bottom, it was a matter of time before this happened, the media, and who ever make the finally decisions destroyed grimsley, as a former player..i know grimsley will never be the same, and i don’t even like this new coach, east forsyth has not even had success. we just hired anycoach looking to get a job, because all the great coaches were scared to get this job since they saw what happened to shupping and how horrible the school has become..from today, i don’t even want to be known as someone that went to that school, i give credit to shupping, and his staff for getting me and former teamates scholarships on muiltiple schools. grimsley( it will only get worse from here, im 80 percent sure that this coach will end up resigning or getting fired in 2 or 3 years after uncessfull season!!…