HS baseball Bob Doss Classic

Posted by Andy Durham on February 26, 2009 at 3:18 pm under High School | 14 Comments to Read

SATURDAY APRIL 25 at NewBridge Bank Park:

High School baseball action with six teams participating in three games….
12 Noon-High Point Andrews versus High Point Central

3PM-Dudley versus Smith

6PM-Page versus Grimsley

*****All in honor of long-time Palomino Baseball pioneer Bob Doss.*****

  • Derrick Johnson said,

    It is great to see that the man that gave me a chance to lead, that his name will carry on. Bob Doss believed in me and to the Doss family I will always be greatful. I owe a lot to Bob Doss and Paul Stutts for showing me the way. Now I feel that I’m ready to lead Grensboro with the MJBL Inner City Classic.

  • Palomino said,

    Palomino Baseball is bringing back the 4th of July tournament to Greensboro this year. It will now will be called teh Bob Doss Invitational. There is going to b 20 teams in this event and it is going to be a good competitive tourney. I think i heard someone tell me the other day at a scrimmage that Justin Smith is putting this event together is that true Andy? I know you are familiar with the Smiths

  • Sandy Doss said,

    What a wonderful honor!! i know Dad would say naw you dont have to do that but I know Dad would also say everyone that is reading this buy a ticket for this event. He was always there for whomever needed help in anyway and the best way for people to pay their respect and to honor him is to come thru for these schools! What a great opportunity for these young men and the money will go to the schools involved. All young men that played for him when he coached (Burger King) or under his leadership come out for a day of baseball at the NewBridge Bank Stadium. So pass the word and get out and enjoy the game Dad loved so much. Tis the season!! Love you Dad may your name go on forever!

    Randy, Sandy and Andy

  • raygc said,

    I think we all can learn form Bob he was a good man .
    With all the prejudice we have in baseball in this city race did not matter to Bob.
    Thanks Bob for all you did in our community you will never be forgotten.

  • Andy said,


    Is there a three-team scrimmage with Dudley, Northwest and Ragsdale at Ragsdale on Saturday?

  • Andy said,

    Anyone got any word on how the Ragsdale-HP Wesleyan scrimmage came out the other day?

    We will have more on the Bob Doss Invitational as it approaches. Talked to Jack Brewer about it this morning and Justin Smith has a handle on this year’s 4th of July/Bob Doss Tournament.

  • raygc said,

    Andy Dudley will not be at Ragsdale they are at High Point Adrews for a four team
    scrimmage. I have not been advised what other two teams will be involved.

  • Northwest Fan said,

    Heard that Ragsdale beat HP Wesleyan 10-8 in the scrimmage.

    Northwest and Kannapolis Brown are the two two teams playing with Ragsdale this Saturday at the Ragsdale scrimmages if rain clears.

  • raygc said,

    Andy there are four teams involved in the Jamboree at High Point Andrews.
    High Point Central, Dudley, Southern Guilford, and High Point Andrews this is the
    schedule for Saturday 2-28-
    9 am Southern vs Central
    10:45 Andrews vs Dudley
    12:30 Smith vs Southern
    2:15 Central vs Dudley
    4:00 Smith vs Andrews

  • Andy said,

    If anyone gets any results from the Saturday action please send it our way and Tony Sutphin will be out and about too.

    Not sure if Southwest has anything going on Saturday or not……

  • Tony S. said,

    Southwest is supposed to have 3 team scrimmage on Saturday but weather does not look good.

  • Kevin said,

    The scrimmage at Ragsdale appears to be cancelled due to the weather.

  • Baseball Fan said,

    What was the score in the Thursday night scrimmage with Northwest at Northeast?

  • shirelly said,

    Tony how did southwest do the other night against west forysth. how many hits who had them, who pitched, who looked good, score!!!! somebody give info