We need the help of Busta Brown and Joseph Level

Posted by Andy Durham on March 1, 2009 at 5:40 pm under High School | 19 Comments to Read

With the help of Busta Brown and Joseph Level do you think we have a chance to get the Greenville games moved to Greensboro?

Busta Brown of 97.1 WQMG and Joseph Level from 1510 WEAL check in here at the site on occasion and they both whole-heartedly support local sports in our community.

The problem we have is Dudley and Northern Guilford are both having to play way down in Greenville, N.C. in the East Regional at East Carolina University, while the West Regional is going on at the Greensboro Coliseum, just 4.5 miles from the Dudley campus.

Dudley is just four-and-a-half mles from the Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center, and here they go driving all the way down to Greenville, possibly three times this week.(Coaches meeting Monday and possibly two games…..)

I have made the jaunt down to Greenville to cover Dudley every year since back in 1999-2000 and it would really be nice to see them in Greensboro. The same can be said for Northern as they go for the East Regional title just like Dudley. I even go back as far as 1995-1996 with Dudley when they used to travel up to Hickory for the West Regionals as a 4-A team.

Dudley will be back in the 4-A ranks next year, but what about this year? I bet we could pack the Coliseum Special Events Center with a Dudley-Northern final on Saturday. Dudley-High Point Andrews would pack ’em in too…..

As Zac Baker mentioned earlier, Winston-Salem Carver was adjusted to the West bracket from the East a few years back, when the West Regionals were at the LJVM in Winston-Salem. A year or two before that, Glenn from the same conference as Carver, had been down in Greenville with Eric Wallace, playing Dudley for the East Regional title on a Saturday.

Can Busta Brown and Joseph Level help us this year? Probably not, but it is a good thought and should provide more food for thought for the NCHSAA and the tournament committee.

There’s also talk that the hospitality down in Greenville is not all that great. Let’s hope the good people of Greensboro can top all of that with the help of our vocal leaders Busta Brown and Joseph Level.

  • Smokey said,

    Waleed Coyote
    Big Tap Money
    and Big Mo FROM 102 could all be of help too.

    Giv them a call.

  • Ron Peterson said,

    I just don’t see it happening Andy. NCHSAA has the agreements in place with ECU. I imagine there would be some sort of penalty involved should NCHSAA decide to back out but at this point I think it’s a done deal since the games have already been anounced. I would have loved for Dudley and Northern to be competing right here in Greensboro and actually the revenues generated would make it sensible but I doubt it happens this year.

  • Ice Cold DHS Drummer said,

    Now that we have the snow, they really should re-assign Dudley to the West bracket. I would imagine some of these games will have to be re-sheduled should the inclement weather hold up.

  • Zac Baker said,

    Joe Godette has got to be a better leader and an AD for Dudley. He continuously allows Dudley to ge the short end of the stick. Its up to him to write letters and get the Basketball Boosters involved. This is the last year that Dudley has to travel to Greenville. We might as well gear up for the dangerous ride to Greenville this Friday night.

    PS Buster Brown rarely pays his child supprt, why would we want help from a deadbeat dad.

  • mike said,

    Joe Godette has no control over Dudley having to travel to Greenville. The brackets are set!! Its a done deal!! In 2002, Dudley played Parkland in Greenville. Winston is further west than gboro. In 2005 dudley played burlinton williams, in 2006 they played Glenn. The brackets are set, no re-assignment.

  • Bill Ahrens said,

    Last year in the Virginia High School League football play-offs a similar thing happened. Two teams from relatively the same area were to play each other for the championship. The game was supposed to be at the other end of the state, which meant that both teams would have to travel a great distance. The VHSL (like our NCHSAA) actually moved the title game to accomodate both teams. I’m sure the state also had agreements with the original site. The important thing is the students travelling less and also enabling more people to get to the game. I hope our state will adopt a similar approach.

  • Zac Baker said,

    Mike, I do not like your tone. If you lived on planet Earth, you would realize Dudley fans have a legitimate argument. In 2005, the NCHSAA reassigned two teams to play each other on their home court. Why have Dudley drive to Greenville in this type of weather? In 2002, Parkland made a similar argument when the Western Regionals were played in Winston and they had to travel to Greenville (I travelled to that game). I travelled to each of the last 10 Eastern Regional games that Dudley has played.

    Mr. “mike,” our complaints are legitimate and warranted. I know they are set in stone. Some of us feel its unjustified but oh well, we are “Dudley.”

  • Rosemary said,

    This sounds like a job for Kent Bates and Sandra Hughes at News 2 where they Get Answers. Busta Brown and Joseph Level can’t come close to the News 2 results.

    Call Kent and Sandra and you will see changes in a hurry.

  • mark said,


    I don’t think Muke or anyone on here is taking any derogratory tone towards Dudley. He’s just stating the facts. Dudley and Northern can complain all day long but it won’t change anything )just like it didn’t change for Parkland)

    The problem is there are no 3A schools in the East. They are all Raleigh/Fayetteville area 4A schools or 1A/2A schools. It’s why Dudley has represented the east in football and why every year the 3A East champion comes from the Triad area.

    I too agree it’s rediculous. But there isn’t much they can do – should they send Concord and Catholic to Greenville instead? Makes no sense either. Just please know this has nothing to do with disrespecting Dudley.

  • Zac Baker said,

    Mark, you all are cool. I took it as no disrespect. I am frustrated. Hopefully next year, Dudley can make it to the Western Regionals in Greensboro. They have put the Big 4 (Smith, Dudley, Grimsley, and Page) back into one conference. We can now see 6 games played close to one another. I hated the drive to Northern and Northeast.

  • mike said,

    Thanks Mark,

    I am a graduate of Dudley, also played bball there too. I have a ring or two. I live on planet on Earth, and I had the same argument that you have. Its not gonna happen, its set. I have been to the regionals the last 10 years as well. Just have to deal with the hand that you are dealt. We have to beat Kinston before we can even discuss a Northern/Dudley game anyway. Zac, what about my tone did you not like? I was just letting you know that Joe Godette is the wrong person to point the blame at on this one. If it was something else, I could probably agree with you, LOL. Maybe Ill see you Friday, we can cheer on Dudley together.

  • Zac Baker said,

    Mike, I agree with you but I have to add that some of the head coaches of the athletics programs at Dudley do not think he is an effective leader. I know this for a fact. They (Coach Price included) that he can fight for Dudley to play their games up here. I know that is not possible but he could be vocal. He is not. That was my only point. I am speaking from personal knowledge that his leadership is in question.

    I will be there in the blue Coogi Sweater, with my sons. They attend Northern Guilford, so I know they will be pscyched.

  • mike said,

    Zac point well taken. I will see you friday. I will be there for the northern game as well. You know seating behind the bench will be tight. Northern and Bertie fans will likely stay and watch the dudley kinston game. How do you think we match up with Kinston? I think their big man inside will be a problem for anybody they play. As long as we keep Kinston off the offensive glass and limit turnovers, we should be in good shape

  • Zac Baker said,

    Mike, I owe you an apology. We finally match up well with Kinston. They have Bullock, we have Hairston. You said it best, keep their big man off the glass Pennix will have to step up. They play a 3-2 every year we play them. This may call for Coach Price to actually call plays than allow them to jack up 3 point shots. Last year Dudley shot 28 threes and only hit 3. Our bench is not strong.

    Wyatt, Hairston, Dilliard, and Pennix have to step up and have an incredible game. If Dudley can get a couple of points from Godette, Scoggins, and Whitsett, then we are good to go. I forgot Dilliard. He fatigues so fast. He can drive and dunk on people. He reminds me of Marcus Watson (championship 6th man from 95-96 team). If you see a guy screaming and acting nuts in a Coogi Sweater, that is me. Popcorn’s on me too, as long as it is not over a dollar.

  • ron said,

    Guys I have to be honest with you. I think the road ends here for DHS. The inexperience is going to kill them, as well as lack of coaching. Kinston by at least 10. Nothern will be in the state champiuonship.

  • Zac Baker said,

    “Ron” I hope this is not the end. For some reason, I have them upsetting Kinston. It has to be our year to beat them. I will end by saying this, the winner of the Kinston-Dudley game will go to the state championship. Northern will not beat either of the two.

  • Andy said,

    Kinston is sounding pretty tough. I remember a couple of years ago they had the Corey Coples kid that carried them to the state championship game and then along came Reggie Bullock who led them to the title last year.

    We may need to call on Busta Brown and Joseph Level to suit up if Kinston comes out strong.

    The Dudley team for today that I was thinking about last night beat Pender County in OT back in 1999-2000 on Friday night at Greenville and then disposed of Burlington Williams on Saturday night in the finals.

    Dudley had Ryan Brown, Dominique Brown, Nick Bowden, Ricky “The Rock” Lewis, Chris Ferguson, Steven Sanya, Jonathan English, Mike Hayes and Eric Hicks was on the the team but he was injured and couldn’t play.(Damien Price may have been with this group as well.)

    A very young team and the squad that started the Ten-Year run to Greenville and ECU.

  • Zac Baker said,

    Andy, Damien Price was the starting point guard. Eric Hicks was hurt and he made the difference in Dudley losing to Central Carrabus 59-55. Ricky Lewis was in foul trouble all night but Dudley’s guard play hindered their success. Mickey Mickens was scoring at will on Dominique Brown and Nick Bowden. Coach Price did not press when he pressed the entire season. Then they played a 3-2 zone and Dudley shot a dismal 28% from behind the arc.

  • Mike said,

    Kinston is not that talented as you think. They havent played anyone all season. Dont get me wrong, they are a tough team. They have a 6’8 inside that is strong and can score. Reggie Bullock, is talented and they have another wing player that is solid. Other than that they are average. What inexperience is Ron talking about? Everyone that plays major minutes was in the regional championship last year except for Dillard.