Proehlific Power Announces 19 and Under Showcase Team

Posted by Andy Durham on March 3, 2009 at 12:19 pm under Amateur | 7 Comments to Read


Brewer, JB LHP/1B Lee County Lenoir

Culbreth, Brandon RHP Reagan High 2010

Dobbins, Tom C/OF/1B Reagan High Undecided

Francis, David RHP Danville Comm College

Holderfield, Seth RHP/INF West Stokes Pembroke

Linares, Jose LHP GTCC

Lucas, Michael RHP West Stokes Western Carolina

McDonald, Andrew LHP Pinecrest Pembroke

McDonald, Taylor RHP/3B Pinecrest Undecided

McIntosh, Robbie SS/RHP Northwest Asheville

Nales, Mark INF Morehead NC A & T

Netteshiem, Matt OF Grimsley Greensboro

Parker, Andrew INF Reagan Greensboro

Parrish, Kevin C/RHP/OF Glenn Undecided

Paulino, Esterlin LHP Southwest NC A & T

Reffey, Zach INF/OF Page Belmont Abbey

Satterfield, Ethan OF McMichael Catawba

Self, Logan INF/RHP Weslyan Campbell

  • NWDAD said,

    Wow, how does he get all these players for the summer, can someone tell me?

  • baseball fan said,

    Justin works year round putting this team together. This team is absolutely loaded with pitching. I am not sure but I think he is putting together a 17 and under Proehlific team as well which will be playing in the neighborhood of 50 games this summer. If I am not mistaken, one of the parents told me that they will be going to Omaha again to play in a tournament during the college world series. Last year they were co-champions of that tournament. Justin is a great organizer and fund raiser along with his ability to lead young men.

  • shirelly said,

    great team, but there are 1 or 2 question marks some players couldnt make their legit high school team and jumped ship to other schools and did not even play , whats up with that????

  • baseball said,

    I am very new to the area, My son is a pitcher and he is signed to play at a Division I school. i have asked people around the area where he should play this summer and everyone says for Justn Smith. i have never met this guy nor have i ever seen this guy but they tell me all college coaches resepct him and he gets his players in school and prepared for the next level. can some one give me some inside scoop please.

  • Mixed Up?? said,

    Baseball- You must be talking about the wrong guy. Justin Smith is clueless. He takes after his dad. Actually it sounds like “Baseball” and “Baseball Fan” are the same guy. It’s probably Justin posting about himself.

  • jerry said,

    i certainly hope justin takes after his dad if he does he will be a sure winner i quit counting the games they have won years ago they just keep on winning justin will not take just anyone you have to have desire to win and be good at what you do

  • Player said,

    I enjoy playing for Justin he is a great coach. I’ve played for him for like 5 years and we seem to Win about every game. so its hard to say Justin is clueless when we rarely lose.