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Posted by Andy Durham on March 9, 2009 at 1:23 pm under High School | Read the First Comment

We have found a couple of games that are on the schedule for today and more due up on Tuesday. If you know of other games please send them our way and we can get the details up on the site and we can publish other events as well, but the concenus is on to the baseball games here early in the Spring/late Leigh Brock Winter…….
*****We have now received two additions to our original Tuesday lineup. Be sure to check all of these out.*****

Northern Guilford at Burlington Williams 5PM

High Point Christian at High Point Central 6PM(Coaches Tony Gesell versus Ken Helms and this might be for the City Championship and has anyone seen Coach Battle? They need you in the dugout……)

Eastern Randolph at Southeast Guilford 5PM
Northwest Guilford at Glenn 6PM
Western Guilford @ Northeast Guilford 7PM
Rockingham (DH) at Dudley 7:00pm
Northern Guilford at Bartlett Yancey 7:30PM

*****If you have other games for us please send them along to the site comment box or E-Mail to durhamandy@live.com*****

Wed. Western Guilford @ Southeast Guilford
Fri. Morehead @ Western Guilfordall games @ 7PM
(From what we saw last summer in the Colts and by Tony has been telling us, Western and Coach Causey will be a team to watch.)***Joe Turkson, Macon Smith, Casey Jones etc. are players that will have an impact.***

  • Bill Ahrens said,

    Tues. Western Guilford @ Northeast Guilford
    Wed. Western Guilford @ Southeast Guilford
    Fri. Morehead @ Western Guilford
    all games @ 7PM