Radio coverage for the 2009 ACC Basketball Tournament

Posted by Andy Durham on March 12, 2009 at 12:54 pm under College | Comments are off for this article

Who is your favorite radio announcer????? Back in the day you had Woody Durham and Mick Mixon doing all the games of the ACC men’s basketball tournament, going wire-to-wire, Thursday through Sunday.

The same could be said for Bob Harris and Danny Highsmith/Mike Waters, Gene Overby and Glen Scott, and Wally Ausley and Gary Dornberg. All the schools were doing all the games for UNC, Duke, Wake and State. The announcers called them all, from start to finish.

Last year we mentioned the coverage had grown weak and many people have been reading that article today, so let’s take a look at the lineup for this year’s coverage throughout the Triad/Triangle and wherever you can pick up a radio station in your car, bar or very far away from the maddening crowds.

Here’s what we have found to be the coverage so far this year:

600 WSJS: Rush Limbaugh canned and they are carrying the Wolfpack Sports Network with all games on air. Miami-Virginia Tech coverage with Dave Shore and Mike Maniscalco. These guys are from 99.9 the Fan in Raleigh. Gary Hahn and Tony Hanes due up later on for the N.C. State games…..

620 the Bull: No ACC today. The Bomanti Jones Show(local) and network programming are on the air. They used to have ESPN until 99.9 stole it away and now they are tied in with the FOX Sports Network.

790 the Ball/WBLO: Jim Rome is on the air and no games. PrimeTime with the PackMan later? We’ll see. They have stopped the live local updates in the PM Drive and are going with FOX Sports Network updates.

850 the Buzz/1150 WBAG/Majic 94.1 FM: All games are on at least for now on these three stations that are all tied in today with the Tar Heel Sports Network. Woody Durham, Eric Montross and Jones Angell at the helm. Woody is really at the helm and you better keep your hands on your side of the car because the steering wheel belongs to the “Wood Man”. I do believe that 1150 and 94.1 will stick to the coverage from the Tar Heel Sports Network/Leerfield Sports for the entire tournament, but you may see 850 the Buzz go back to Dave Glenn from 3-6 PM and then switch over to Bob Harris and John Roth for the Duke games only……

98.1 FM WBRF Galax, Virginia: Using the ISP Network with Bill Rosinki and Mark Friedinger for the Virginia Tech-Miami game and they try and bring a total ACC-type feeling to their coverage on ISP and not just a Wake Forest approach with Stan Cotten and “The Dinger” doing all of the announcing. ISP will bring on several different color men to work with Rosinski and they will also bring in play-by-play help from Wes Durham out of Georgia Tech and Bill Roth from Virginia Tech.

WBRF 98.1 covers a lot of ground and air going into at least five different states……

Country Legends 98.3 FM: They will carry the Duke games only with Bob Harris, John Roth and the guy from Beverly Hills 90210(Mattew Laurence or Martin Lawrence).

101.1 FM WZTK: FM Talk 101.1 will carry Wake Forest games only with Stan Cotten and Mark Freidinger.

No Larry Dunlap at public address table so far this year. They(the ACC) used to take Larry to every town that hosted the ACC Tournament.

Interesting note:Found out today that the station 680 WPTF originally stands for “We Protect The Family”. Radio station used to be owned by an insurance company.

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