NCAA Basketball Championship Contest: “That’s a lot of food!”

Posted by Andy Durham on March 17, 2009 at 2:52 pm under College | 19 Comments to Read

All we need is your two teams that will play in the NCAA Championship Game with your final score and you might be the winner of $100.00 worth of food from Shane’s Rib Shack! That’s a lot of food!

Just get the the two teams from the final game off of your bracket sheet and post them up here at with the final score and you may just be the winner of $100.00 coming your way in food from Shane’s Rib Shack and we will deliver the food(In Shane’s Gift Certificates valued at $100.00) to your home or office the day after the NCAA finals.

Send us the two finalists and remember one entry per Truck Stop or Car Wash and unlimited entries from your home or office. Get your kids, your teammates, your co-workers all involved.

That’s $100.00 worth of food from Shane’s Rib Shack! That’s a lot of FOOD and the biggest ever from……

Deadline for entries is 8:55 pm(Billy Shepherd closing time) Sunday evening March 22, 2009. We will have a little fun with this contest and you will have loads of fun with $100.00 worth of FOOD from Shane’s Rib Shack! If for some reason we don’t have a winner, the staff will eat the FOOD from Shane’s and I know you don’t want us stealing your Shane’s winnings……

Take your final two teams off of your bracket sheet and send them to us with the final score and you may be sitting at Shanes’s Rib Shack the day after the game eating $100.00 worth of FOOD from Shane’s. That’s a lot of FOOD!!!!!

Who is ready to take Shane’s Money and his FOOD?????

  • keith said,

    i got a e-mail from last years brackets on cbs web site , are you still going to do that bracket game? I went ahead and put my picks online.

  • keith said,

    2 teams are
    North Carolina 71 and Louisville 66

  • Mick said,

    Louisville 86
    Pitt 78

    Ben will submit his picks later today!

  • jim said,

    heels over uconn 77-75

  • Ben said,

    Pittsburgh 70
    Maryland 40

    Hmmmmm…. seems a bit off his game

  • A. Kramer said,

    Duke 87
    Louisville 80

  • Kevin said,

    NC 73-67 over Louisville

  • Marshall Brown said,

    Not sure why I’m posting this now since the deadline is SUNDAY!!! Why is the deadline Sunday? Anyway, I’ll take Memphis over North Carolina 85-81

  • April Brown said,

    North Carolina 85 Memphis 83, in overtime… 🙂

  • Richard said,

    Louisville 77
    North Carolina 73

    Might not be the score but that will be the two teams.

  • chuckyd said,

    UCONN over DUKE 86-81

  • hollywood said,

    UNC 81 louisville 77

  • bro-man said,

    louisville 74 pitt 69

  • clsmooth said,

    Oklahoma 67
    Louisville 61

  • I GET IT IN! said,

    UCONN 58
    PITT 55

  • I GOT TO EAT@#$%! said,

    MEMPHIS 64

  • #99 said,

    Heels over Conn. 79-74

  • Big C said,

    UNC 89
    UCONN 80

  • Ms. Palmer said,

    Unc Tarheels 80 over Memphis 75