HS Baseball Tonight

Posted by Andy Durham on March 18, 2009 at 9:19 pm under High School | 16 Comments to Read

High Point Central 13
High Point Andrews 12
8 innings

N. Davidson 14 Grimsley 7
WP: Zach Joyce
LP: Taylor Lee (0-2)

N. Davidson piled up 14 runs on 13 hits. Offensive leaders were Cody Adkins, Jordan Slate, and Collin Sullivan. Zach Joyce scattered 4 hits over 4 innings to get the win. The Whirlies were led by Sawyer Highfill (3-4, 2B, grand slam HR, 2 runs, 4 RBIs) and Kevin Rose (2-3, 2B, run, RBI).

Northwest Guilford 9 Southwest 7

Stephen Mekita vs Ethan Ogburn on the mound. Northwest scored 5 times in the first to set the tone. Southwest had a couple of comeback attempts fall short. For NW – Corey McKinney had 2 hits and a stolen base. Robbie McIntosh (UNC Asheville) had a big double in the 1st. Alex Swim picked up two hits including a double that plated 2 late in the game to secure the win. Mekita had one hit. Glen Clemmons had two hits and Tommy Houston added another. For SWG Ethan Ogburn and Bo Rein had doubles, Will Kellum had two singles, Brock Hudgens hit a late inning bomb, and Davis Inman and Andrew Pate added singles.

Ragsdale 12
Eastern Randolph 0

Northern Guilford 11
Western Guilford 3
First Conference win ever for Northern Guilford.

WP George Carter-NG: 5.1 innings/8 k’s and gave up a three-run homer to WG’s Macon Smith and for Smith it was his 5th HR of the season. Bradley Burchette had a HR and a double for NG and 4 RBI’s.
LP:Casey Jones-WG

  • SportsFan2 said,

    Macon is so good. Wasnt the UNC hitting coach at the game today? Macon is definitely good enough to wear carolina blue and play for the tar heels.

  • Ray said,

    The North Carolina coach was at the game and he was watching Macon Smith and George Carter.

  • tarbaby said,

    Macon Smith- 1for 3 two strikeouts,good, but not so good

  • SportsFan2 said,

    5 homeruns already?Thats not good enough?

  • baseballfan said,

    SportsFan2 college coaches look at more than how many home runs a kid hits. Quality AB’s which means approach, hitting the ball where it is pitched and even how the kid deals with adversity i.e. striking out or looking very during one AB are just some of the things one looks for in a hitter

  • backer44 said,

    Macon’s not really a home run hitter, gap-to-gap when dialed in (hasn’t gotten there yet in 2009); power is normally C-to-LC (LH hitter).

    Usually takes some games after a layoff to get his timing down; this season no different, pulling a lot of balls, happens that some have left the park with distance to spare; swinging and missing too much, working on getting it centered. Soph season, most HRs on the road, LC to RC; first one not til game 4 0r 5. This season, all HRs to RF; working on staying back, doesn’t need to get it all to get it out of most HS ballparks. When timing is in, uses LC gap more often than pull field.

    Best thing right now would be for early manhood to kick in; should carry somewhere between 210 and 220 pretty easy while retaining sub-7 second 60 time; will get a lot stronger if he keeps working, although some think he’s strong now, hasn’t scratched the surface of potential in that dept; will benefit most from the settling in of hand/eye coordination that physical maturity brings.

    Will either play college ball or he won’t, will get a pretty good education either way and be the same kid either way. Works hard at school and ball, but might even give up baseball to play basketball next season; pretty good at it.

    There you go. You little fellas that like being so critical of these school kid ballplayers are a little scary, if you get my drift.

  • 19 said,

    I guess after hitting the home run we don’t count that the next at bat he was hit by a pitch from Carter and the next at bat thrown at again by Carter and the struck out.

  • daddyballers said,

    sportsfan2 and backer44 – let someone else talk about your child/relative, it would mean a lot more

  • ????? said,

    and the struck out??? what the?

  • backer44 said,

    That’s good advice daddyballers, I will take it.

  • whirlieguy said,

    Whirlies – keep working, never,never,give up. The season is young.

  • whirliegirl said,

    what do the whirlies have to do with this?

  • whirlieguy said,

    whirliegirl – Our score is posted above, just offering some encouragement to the troops

  • kirk said,

    Well I’ll tell you some things about Macon and I am definitely not his parent, a WG fan and in fact I would be hard pressed to be called his friend.

    1st, going 1-3 against a quality pitcher like George Carter is not chopped liver. Especially when the 1 is a HR.

    2nd, my son and I have watched and competed against Macon for years on the travel circuit. recently I saw him a few times at Bankhead’s place in a hitting clinic. Not only did he display the same work ethic he has for the last few years but when no one was watching he was working hard while a few stood around. Macon’s work ethic will carry him far beyond the baseball field. We need to remember that there is life after baseball. It’s obvious Macon knows that.

    3rd, as a person he has always been polite, well-spoken and mannerly. He’s not arrogant or cocky. he goes about his business in a quiet manner.

    The last few days a lot of boys have been run down here. Some may have made some mistakes but most kids do face challenges and most over come them, especially with good parents and mentors. However you cannot begin to lump Macon in that. He is an outstanding young man as well as a good baseball player.

    Again, I’m not his parent, not a relative, not a WG fan, never had a son on his team, instead competed against him.

  • Tony said,

    I have to agree with Kirk on Macon, I coached against him since he was 9, we were GBC and he was NCBA – we were usually one of the best in the nation at our age group and I always wanted Macon and Jordan on our team, but they stayed loyal to the Baseball Academy and that is another good trait. Dont quit baseball Macon you can play, only quit when someone makes you quit and for you that will be a long time from now. Good luck Macon on your school choice and in your final two years in high school.

  • SportsFan2 said,

    im not a parent of macon, im a friend