Fran McCaffery or Tubby Smith to Virginia?

Posted by Andy Durham on March 21, 2009 at 4:51 pm under College | 4 Comments to Read

Jim Young, formerly of the N&R and now on board at ACC Sports Journal, says that Fran McCaffery, now at Siena and leading the Saints to victory over Ohio State last night and once the head coach at UNCG, is the leading man in Young’s book to be the new boss at Virginia.

Young says McCaffery would be a good hire for the Cavaliers and that UVA could lure Fran Mac to Charlottesville at a good price based on today’s economic market for coaching hires.

The rest of the basketball world and many others at are saying that Tubby Smith should head out of Greensboro and not go back to Minnesota, but Tubby should take Highway 29 North and go straight to Charlottesville, Viginia and sign the papers on Sunday, and become the man in charge of the university that Thomas Jefferson built.

Interesting talk on Super Hoops Saturday at the Stamey’s BBQ parking lot and in the Greensboro Coliseum. The team is holed up inside the Beef Burger on Lee Street with Bruce Bullington and Doug Cockman holding Wes and Mike hostage until they hand over the Rotor-Broiler and the Secret Sauce.

  • mitchell roslin said,

    Fran is the best person for the job. He as won at Siena with his own players, after salvaging the program and making it respectable with the people he inherited. In comparison, Anthony Grant inherited his best player. Fran also knows how to attract players to top academic schools. Did anyone see them play Louisville. Despite a lack of size and depth, they were one shot from beating an outstanding team. Ask Rick Pittino how well coached Siena was.
    While not the household name that Tubby Smith is, Fran will return UVa to its glory days. Realize that the best coach in the ACC also came from a school in upstate NY.

  • Billy P. said,

    I agree with Mitchell. Fran is the man for Virginia. The Cavaliers need to hire Mr. McCaffery. He can turn UVA around.

  • Jimmy J. said,

    It looks like Viriginia is hiring Tony Bennett from Washington State. He’s a great coach too, conisdering what he did in the Pac-10’s toughest job.

  • Don said,

    Thankfully Tubby didn’t listen to ‘the rest of the basketball world’. Turns out he likes it at MN and is looking forward to great recruiting classes coming in the next few years. Why don’t y’all come up sometime and catch a game at Williams Arena?