Please Drive with CAUTION Next Monday and Tuesday

Posted by Don Moore on March 24, 2009 at 7:57 pm under Amateur, Professional | Comments are off for this article

Anybody ever riding a bike in Greensboro knows the danger of riding around town on a bike these days. Even those so-called “Bike Lanes” aren’t safe as they are more commonly used for On-Street parking – thus forcing the law abiding bike rider further out into the street.

Next Monday and Tuesday, don’t drive like you live here. Drive like Sheriff Gerald Hege and the Spider Car is nearby because Greensboro is a candidate for the U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame – Triad Business News and News & Record.

We’re in competition with Davis, California; whose MOTTO on Wikipedia is “Most bicycle friendly town in the world.” They even have an old style bicycle in the town logo.

Our Wikipedia Page has no motto, and has a picture of a bus.

I don’t know why Greensboro is in the running for U.S Bicycling Hall of Fame. It’s not like we have been able to maintain any bike races that have been held here in the past. We have a few bike races at Country Park. I guess the City’s Rich Folks went out and said what’s cool that we might be able to get.

Hey guys, Sheryl Crow dropped that bike dude three years ago.

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