HS Baseball Today

Posted by Andy Durham on March 25, 2009 at 9:40 am under High School | 4 Comments to Read

Southeast Guilford at Dudley 5PM(Brian Webb and Josh Tobias are due back in the lineup today for SEG.)

Grimsley at Ragsdale(They may try to move this game up to a 4:30 start because of the threatening weather.)

Western Guilford at Southwest Guilford 7pm(As TS mentioned earlier, Macon Smith, Casey Jones, Adam Causey and the Marreros will go see if they can cool off the Cowboys.)

West Forsyth at Northwest Guilford 7PM(After the loss by Ragsdale to Asheboro, NWG may want a crack at the top spot in the County.)

*****If you know of other games, please send us the info so we can post it here on the site.*****

  • turk#1 said,

    there’s only one Marrero by the way

  • Andy said,

    Is it Neen or Benjie? Thanks in advance if you can help us. We need to get this straight. I have heard the name Neen Marrero called out at games and I have seen the name of Benjie Marrero on some rosters……

  • backer44 said,

    Andy, it’s Nign…short for Benigno.

  • Andy said,

    That’s good stuff and we’ll go with Nign. In a way we were close before with the Neen and Benjie but now we know it’s Nign and he’s been doing the work of two people.

    Thanks for the help.