Ring Of Honor Wresting – My First Look

Posted by Don Moore on March 28, 2009 at 8:27 pm under Professional | 2 Comments to Read

Andy’s talked a little about Ring of Honor Wrestling especially since Greensboro’s own Mike Hogewood was the Primary Announcer. So when I had the opportunity to watch it this rainy Saturday Night, I threw in the towel for an hour to see what I thought might be a Train Wreck.
I’m not a Hogewood Fanboy and I was expecting a TRAIN WRECK on what I thought was Hogewood just trying to pick up another paycheck. Within a few minutes, Hogewood was “selling it” like a Pro. He is actually VERY Good at Wrestling – far better than he ever was at football or basketball.

Despite the low level of “wrestling”, Hogewood was on script and actually made the event better.

From a production level – it was LOW BUDGET High Definition. Three cameras (2 handheld on two sides of the ring and 1 High, possibly on a lift or jib.) The Ring was tight as a Drum and miked for maximum slam sound. There appeared to be 6 to 10 rows of people surrounding the ring. A short walk-way with minimal lighting and curtains. The event could have been held in a small gym – it was hard to tell as only the ring was well lit.

The Style of Wrestling was different from WWE, as there appears to be actually rules that are marginally enforced – illegal holds, hair grabs, pinned in the corner. Each match starts with a hand-shake between contestants.

There was a Female Match and needless to say I’m not going to talk about it as the winner might come and kick my butt if I say what I thought.

There was a little Pre-Match “talking”; but unlike WWE, it was quick and to the point. Ring Of Honor Wrestling featured nearly 85% Wrestling, 10% Talking and 5% Promotional Stuff – HDNet does not carry commercials like USA Network (Home of WWE). WWE has gotten to the point you can watch for 20 minutes without seeing any wrestling.

Ring of Honor isn’t WWE; but it’s not Ohio State Wrestling either. I’ll definitely give it another shot.

  • Doug Cockman said,

    From a comedy standpoint, that Ohio State wrestling was far funnier than anything that the WWE has produced in quite some time. (Not counting the chatbox at JustinTV and our friend, BigBlack420.)

  • Bryan said,


    Hard to believe Hogewood would do a good job with wrestling….but then again, he’s got the personality to pull it off.