Closing out the NCAA contest: Big C’s headed to Shane’s

Posted by Andy Durham on April 7, 2009 at 12:22 pm under College | Read the First Comment

Big C was our Shane’s Rib Shack NCAA contest winner and he will receive $100.0 worth of food from Shane’s and “That’s a Lot of Food”.

Here’s a look at how the contest ended up:
Keith had UNC by 5 over Louisville
Jim G had UNC by 2 over UCONN
Kevin had UNC by 6
April had UNC by 2 over Memphis
Hollywood had UNC by 4
#99 had UNC by 5 over UCONN
I Got to Eat had UNC by 9 over Memphis
Ms. Palmer had UNC by 5 over Memphis
Big C had UNC by 9 over UCONN……

Since Big C and I Got to Eat both had UNC by 9, we used the formula of Big C had UNC winning over a Final Four participant.(We went to our advisory board and used Final Four membership as a major consideration.)

Another factor in Big C’s favor was the fact that he had UNC’s final score on the number at 89. Big C picked the final to go 89-80 and as we all know now, it finished at 89-72 UNC over Michigan State.

Congrats to Big C and thanks to all who participated in the contest, and now get on over to the ticket window and get in on the new contest which will send 8 lucky winners and their friends to the Tyler Hansbrough Show at the Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center this Friday night.

  • Big C said,

    Thanks Andy. I have never eat at Shane’s but guess there’s no excuse now.