HS Baseball Tonight

Posted by Andy Durham on April 9, 2009 at 9:09 pm under High School | 25 Comments to Read

Southeast Guilford 1
Asheboro 0

Big win for the Falcons. SE tops Asheboro 1-0 on 1 hitter by Josh Tobias. Great pitching and great defense by both squads. Trey Gilmore triples in the fourth and scores on a Josh Tobias groundout for the winning tally. SE earns season split with the Blue Comets after disappointing loss earlier in Asheboro. SE is 8-3 in conference and travels to Graham on Friday for a 4:00 pm game vs. Western Alamance in the Graham Easter Tournament.

Ragsdale 22
Eastern Randolph 0

David Coffey threw no-hit ball for 3 innings followed by Bennett Hixson working an inning and Kyle Brandenburg closing the 5th. Everyone hit for Ragsdale

Northwest Guilford 14
High Point Central 1

Western Guilford 8
Northern 7

WP:Casey Jones
LP:Jeremy Campbell
*****HR’s-Macon Smith WG two-run shot and George Carter NG a Grand Slam.*****They said this was one heck of a game and now WG has sole possession of first place with only one loss in the Triad 3-A and I believe their record is 7-1 Conference…….*****

More on Western-Northern:
Big conference game at Northern vs. Western Guilford – going to the bottom of the 6th Western lead 8-7. Highlights included Macon Smith hitting a towering major league HR to right center to help stake Western to a 6-1 lead in the 3rd. But in the 4th – the man, George Carter, hit a 400′ grand slam to CF to put Northern up 7-6. Casey Jones has two hits on the night and Adam Causey had another bunt base hit to help Western off to a great start early.

Do we have others?????

  • spectator said,

    western is 8 and 1 in conference i believe .great game as western pulled together well and hung in after the 6 run inning by northern. i also noticed that northern did not allow western to take batting practice til around 615ish which i thought was a low move on northerns part but it obviously did not matter seeing as how western put 8 runs on the board without a good round of batting practice.congrats to western

  • on looker said,

    yeah the batting incident was ow but hey western go the win and that’s all that matter. oh and by the SWAGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

  • SWAGGA said,

    well i guess hitting 5 buckets before the game doesn’t really help you hit better in the game. big win for western.


  • goesaround comesaround said,

    When these two teams previously played at Western Guilford, Northern players were not allowed to use the cages at all. Western should thank Northern for being so gracious.

  • observer said,

    Yea i the whole batting practice thing was rediculous and it showed that northern has no class…. but it didnt matter in the end because western prevailed in the end

  • WG said,

    its hard to hit when you sit over near your dugout during the jv game as northern players did. if they had come over to the cages they would have been allowed to hit. it would have been nice for them to show the same courtesy. but thats ok western got the win despite northern hitting for 2 hours.


  • craig said,

    Big win for the Falcons. SE tops Asheboro 1-0 on 1 hitter by Josh Tobias. Great pitching and great defense by both squads. Trey Gilmore triples in the fourth and scores on a Josh Tobias groundout for the winning tally. SE earns season split with the Blue Comets after disappointing loss earlier in Asheboro. SE is 8-3 in conference and travels to Graham on Friday for a 4:00 pm game vs. Western Alamance in the Graham Easter Tournament.

  • Joe said,

    It’s NOT common to get batting practice when you are the visitor. Ragsdale has not had a batting practice as the visiting team all season. I guess if you get there earlier you will have more time. Typically all you get as the visitor is time to warm up and take a round of infield.

  • wa said,

    When I walked up to watch some baseball at the Ragsdale vs.Southwest game at Southwest im pretty sure I saw Ragsdale warming up in the cages. How many hits did they get against Southwest?

  • joe said,

    Ragsdale usually takes BP in their cages before they leave for an away game. The 2nd SW game was a Saturday game with a JV game before it so there may have been time to get some additional swings in. But they hit before they came. For games during the week their is seldom time to hit. Nobody is angry about it. There is only so much time during the week. The 7pm games help. A few kids may have taken some swings since it was a JV/varsity doubleheader but it would not be common. Nor is anyone complaining. As to hits, I think I saw where Ragsdale had 4-5 hits and left sveral runners on. I think I saw where SW had 1 hit. Maybe they both should have spent more time in the cages. 🙂

  • Coach said,

    the courtesy is this – if the home team wants to hit on the field, they should invite and provide time fot the visiting team to hit on the field. If no one is hitting on the field ,generally visiting teams hit at home before leaving if time is available. I dont think the home team needs to provide cage time prior to games to visiting teams, but if there is time most will as a courtesy

  • parent said,

    It does not matter what either team wants the bottom line is the home team can do anything they want to do. You also have to remmeber this Northern did not throw George Carter. With him on the mound last night who wins the game? Western put there man in and Northern hit him, they did not hit the first pitcher who was terriffic at changing speeds

  • Bill said,

    Hey parent, Northern had every oppurtunity to throw Carter on the mound but decided to use him for another team instead. Evidently the Smith boys thought Western was no threat since all we use are “Home Grown” boys.

  • baseball fan said,

    If anyone deserves a SWAGGGGGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAAA, it’s “the man” big George Carter.


  • eat mor chicken said,

    2nd, 3rd 2 outs bottom of the 6th Northern down by one George Carter steps up to the plate but George Carter “the man” was struck out by westerns “man” Casey Jones on a nasty splitter on the outside corner. Seems like if George deserves swagga he wouldve come through in the clutch when it counted the most.

  • ngcheaters8 said,

    Im terribly sorry to hear about the dismissal of the coaches and AD at northern guilford. It truly a shame that such an esteemed athletic program could be stripped of all of their wins. For baseball that is not all that many considering they did not win a conference game last year. And now they are one of the top teams in the conference just a year later? Clearly cheating has been going on. Along with cheating is a blatent lack of class, but do not blame the players. Coach Justin Smith is a prime example of a what a coach should not be. Sir you are an adult, try being respectful of the other team. Grow up and while your at it take of those purple high-tops. You look absolutely ridiculous.

  • Joe said,

    Just because a team did not win many games last year yet they are winning a bunch this year does it mean someone is cheating. Suspicious for sure but not necessarily cheating.When a George Carter transfers in he can improve a program to some degree by himself.

    As to George striking out, that’s baseball. You don’t win every battle. Sometimes the other guys wins the battle. George is like any other player; he’ll have his highlights and his moments he’ll want to forget. Hopefully he’ll have more of the first than the latter.

  • NotaSchoolBoardFan said,

    The basketball team has been cleared. It’s the school boards fault,they should let anyone got to school where they want, just like Forsyth County. They are the blame.The school system is a mess. High schools in this city aren’t teaching the kids and parents are desperate to want something better. If anyone should take the blame it’s our lousey school board. Look at the county commissioners and the city council, it’s run by a bunch of clowns. What an embarrassment.

  • get real said,

    Suspicious you say.
    I did not know Northern district extends into surrounding counties.

  • pat said,

    Lets not get to excited Northern still doesn’t have a full varsity team starting 4 jr 4 soph, and one fresh, last years team was made up of fresh, and soph. You guys will probably see george at the conference tournament so you might want to lighten up on the chin music

  • boz said,

    Hey Joe- your comments are well spoken, thank you. Kinda like what was said 150 years ago “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times”.

  • JT73 said,

    Pat, I am sorry to inform you that Western Guilford will not meet Northern Guilford in the conference tournament and if they do George will not be pitching because the only way you all could win a game in the first round is by throwing George and then after that you will lose to whoever you play due to an unbelievable lack of depth pitching. But hey, I heard there were some top prospects floating around in Mecklenburg county that I am sure you would have no trouble picking up (well maybe a little more trouble now, but I’m sure it can still be done).

  • the nighthawk said,

    lighten up jt73. northern has two promising young pitchers in caudle and campbell, both sophs. when they are on, they are good and will continue to get better. they just need to get some big game experience. burchette, a jr, can give you some innings as well.

  • pat said,

    jt73 your chin music will almost gurantee that you guys will see carter in the conference tournament, carter a soph, shut you guys down at your place, and northern left about 12 runners on base at our place, besides there’s alot of baseball left in the season. don’t count your chickens before they hatch. We were one pitch or one playfrom sweeping you guys. Heck we almost ten run ruled you at your place. Lighten up.

  • who knows said,

    pat your dumb shut up please