From Tom Keller at N&R: Some changes at Northern Guilford

Posted by Andy Durham on April 10, 2009 at 12:55 pm under High School | 6 Comments to Read


GREENSBORO — Northern Guilford athletics director Derrell Force is taking a leave of absence, and volleyball coach Sharon Parks will serve as an interim replacement, Parks said Friday afternoon.

Parks, former longtime athletics director at Southern Guilford, also filled in for Force when he had surgery late last year.

In March, the News & Record published a story about the controversy surrounding the success of Northern Guilford’s basketball team, which won the state 3A championship. Some coaches and fans said basketball coach Stan Kowalewski used his connections with a local Amateur Athletic Union basketball program to aggressively funnel Guilford County’s best talent to his program.

Several players on Northern Guilford’s roster also play for the Greensboro-based North Carolina Gaters, the state’s largest AAU basketball program. Kowalewski is vice president of the Gaters and one of the program’s coaches. Kowalewski denied recruiting players or their parents to move into Northern’s school district, which would be a violation of N.C. High School Athletic Association rules.

Force told the News & Record that all but two of Northern Guilford’s players live within the school’s boundaries, a fact supported by a Guilford County Schools investigation last year stemming from similar complaints. Two players have received special assignment to attend Northern from the school system, he said.

  • Parent said,

    Look for the football and basketball coaches to go next.

  • Jack said,

    Maybe 2 sports involved, but probably not basketball.

  • jonboy said,

    Won’t matter if hoops are involved are not.Coaches don’t have hiring way new administration keeps any of these folks around.if not 4 hoops they would not be investigated in the 1st place.
    put it this way GC coaches have been dumped for much less.

  • notaschoolboardfan said,

    Listen to you. This is all political. The school board should adopt the Free Choice Rule.Kids and parents want to go to NG because the school they attend now has failed miserably. Let’s do what Forsyth County does and let their kids go where ever they want. Let’s stop restricting our kids in a certain school district because a few in power are in control. Sounds familar doesn’t it. No one wants to be restricted or told where they can go to a public school. Right?

  • hm said,

    get real, they are going there for athletics and if you don’t believe that you are obviously extremely naive or you are art of the machine. You don’t leave a Grimsley High School to go to a school that hasn’t had a graduating lass for academic reasons. You can’t have open enrollment here because there are already too many recruiters out there as it is. You let them have free reign it will be much more insane than it is now.

  • porcupine said,

    What has happened to loyalty to school and community?