Northern Guilford investigation growing as Principal, AD and Custodian have resigned

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Head to throughout the weekend for more up to the minute information and check out John Robinson’s Editor’s Blog for another spin on this Investigation.

more today from on the changes occuring quickly at Northern Guilford High School:

No coaches have resigned or been released at this time, but the News and Record reporters state that are on-going investigations into the football, basketball and baseball programs at Northern.

The current update from with Tom Keller and Robert Bell reporting:
GREENSBORO — Three employees at Northern Guilford High – including the principal and athletics director – have resigned Friday in the midst of a widening investigation into the school’s sports programs.

Principal Joe Yeager, athletics director Derrell Force and Louis Lawson, the head custodian at the school, resigned. The news came the same day the school system said it was looking into high school athletics eligibility issues.

Lawson is the father of Jacob Lawson, a prospect once ranked among the nation’s best middle school players, who showed up at Northern Guilford as a freshman in August 2007. At the time, Lawson’s family lived in Caswell County, which would have made Lawson ineligible to attend Northern.

A few days before the start of school, Yeager hired Louis Lawson’s as the school’s lead custodian. Children of parents who work at a Guilford County school can attend that school regardless of where they live.

Efforts to contact Yeager, Force and Lawson on Friday were unsuccessful.

“This is an ongoing investigation, and it would be inappropriate to comment on the details at this time,” Superintendent Maurice “Mo” Green said on Friday. “I am confident that we will succeed at focusing Northern High School on achieving academic excellence in an environment that fosters our core values.”

Pat Spicer, an instructional improvement officer for Guilford County Schools, will serve as the chief administrator for Northern. She told faculty at the end of Friday that Yeager had resigned.

“We’re committed to coming right back after spring break and making things just as easy for the kids as we can,” Spicer said.

Sharon Parks, a Northern physical education teacher and volleyball coach, will serve as interim athletics director.

School board member Amos Quick said the school system has been investigating Northern Guilford in recent weeks.

“There have been indications that perhaps the school system needs to question and get some clarification at Northern on some athletic issues,” Quick said.

A source within Northern Guilford’s athletic program said Friday that the school’s football, baseball and basketball programs are under investigation. The source asked not to be named because of the pending investigation.

On Thursday, head basketball coach Stan Kowalewski said: “I can tell you unequivocally that nothing’s wrong with our (basketball) program and that I am fine.”

About Kowalewski’s employment status with Northern Guilford, the school system would only say that he “is a nonfaculty coach. Coaches are appointed season by season. The basketball season has concluded.”

In March, the News & Record published a story about the controversy surrounding the success of Northern Guilford’s basketball team, which went on to win the state 3-A championship. Some coaches and fans said Kowalewski used his connections with a local Amateur Athletic Union basketball program to aggressively funnel Guilford County’s best talent to his program.

Several players on Northern Guilford’s roster also play for the Greensboro-based North Carolina Gaters, the state’s largest AAU basketball program. Kowalewski is vice president of the Gaters and one of the program’s coaches. Kowalewski denied recruiting players or their parents to move into Northern’s school district, which would be a violation of N.C. High School Athletic Association rules.

Force told the News & Record last month that all but two of Northern Guilford’s players live within the school’s boundaries, a fact supported by a Guilford County Schools investigation last year stemming from similar complaints. Two players have received special assignment to attend Northern from the school system, he said.

Yeager told the News & Record then that Lawson was hired based on his experience. Lawson was a school custodian in Caswell County.

“Do people really think I would hire someone to take care of a $42 million school because his son can play basketball?” asked Yeager, who said he learned Lawson’s son was a basketball player during the job interview.

The Lawson family has since moved within the school’s boundaries, Yeager said.

News of Yeager’s sudden departure surprised Northern parent Barbara Farrell, whose daughter is a freshman. She said today she has known Yeager since he began meeting with parents two years before the school opened and was impressed with him.

“I think he had a great vision for the school, a great vision for the kids,” she said.

*****The jury is still out, but this could get messy before this is all over.*****

  • jack said,

    That really stinks. I noticed that Mo as undecided on where the cuts would come from, I guess this is a stab @ cost reduction here in Gulford county.
    Best of luck to Derrel, Joe, and Louis!

  • the mouth piece said,

    WOW, this comes as a surprise! (not really) As I said during the basketball season, Let the kid play ball, and the adults who have their hands in this will have their to time stand on the carpet. I still congratulate the northern ball players on their success, and take nothing away from what they accomplished! After all, all the kids want to do is play ball, and hopefully obtain a higher education. The NBA is a pipe dream for most at this level! The adults who resigned today is sending the message that all was not well with the decisions they made, weather they were in the best interest of the students athlete’s or their own. I think the resignations is an admission of guilt to an extent. Why resign in the midst of any investigation if you are innocent and have nothing to hide. I know the politically correct reasoning will be for the best interest of the school and students involved. Well, just maybe the coach will man up, and let the truth be known once and for all.

  • Joe said,

    Jack, 1st there is no humor in the name you hide behind. Sick actually. 2nd, do you honestly think this is a cost reduction? They have to replace these people. How is that a cost reduction? You’re ignoring the issue.

  • keith said,

    well it looks like northwest guilford was on to something last year and it would be nice to see the transfers of the football team as well, let’s see if football is next.

  • Robert Jones said,

    Fellows ( actually joe and keith )
    I think you are all really jumping to conclusions—where has anyone said anything about basketball? You are making some pretty broad assumptions, and that makes you part of the problem!

  • mark said,

    The Northern Guilford Sports Academy is a fine institution but something had to give. It was only a matter of time.

  • to robert said,

    About Kowalewski’s employment status with Northern Guilford, the school system would only say that he “is a nonfaculty coach. Coaches are appointed season by season. The basketball season has concluded.”

    nuff said

  • joe said,

    Neither Joe nor Keith mention basketball and only Keith mentions a sport.

  • Jimmy said,

    Well it says Lawson resigned and his son was a hotly thought of player. So that speaks of basketball. Not saying it is but pretty hard to ignore the connections for any curious thinker. It also said he was forced to resign because he did not co-operate with investigation into his sons transfer. So the obvious connection would be to the basketball program. We shall see sooner or later.

    Pretty obvious that the 2 administrators resigned instead of being fired so they could save their career/retirement.getting fired for some heinous offense can hurt big time.

  • keith said,

    robert jones , nobody commenting on this blog is part of the problem. THe problem resides in Northern Guilford Athletics . THe guilford county schools will hide under this being a personnel matter . Who knows they might just get their 3-a championship taken away after all of this is said and done. I will jump to that conclusion and won’t hide under some anonymous person.

  • keith said,

    post on this site from august 7 2008,

    Former Page football and basketball player Christian McCain has transferred to Northern Guilford. The recent Pirate is now a Nighthawk.

    The 6′5 200 pound tight end/forward attended football practice at Page on Saturday morning of last week and then again on Monday morning of this week before enrolling at Northern Guilford on Monday afternoon.

    McCain’s family now has established residency in the Northern district and this move has been made for academic reasons only according to the McCain family, say sources close to You can decide all that for yourself but it does load up Northern Guilford with a bounty of new 2008 talent.

    Earlier additions to the Northern Guilford Nighthawk program include QB/WR Maurice Harris from Northeast Guilford and RB Keenan Allen from Grimsley. With Harris, Allen, and now McCain, Northern is really loading up. Harris and Allen would be considered automatic pre-season All-Guilford County nominees and McCain is not far behind them.

    If the kids’ families want them to move out there, then who is going to stop them?

  • Concerned Observer said,

    Who knows where the truth lies in this scandel. However, those who do know the truth would be cowards to let these kids suffer from trying to lie for them. Not to mention the possibility of jeopardizing their college sport eligibility if they are found to have lied in an investigation of this sort.

    I think it speaks volumes about the character of those who chose to hide behind their lawyers while those who cannot afford such protection will likely suffer more and be sacrificed.

  • just asking said,

    If all of these parents are truly tranferrng kids to NG because of academics what does that say about the performance of Guilford County Schools and school board members. This practice should be stopped and only kids in the NG district should be allowed to attend. This is happeneing in both the middle and high school at NG. If our local school officials were improving academics and school safety at all schools this would not be occurring. Live in the district you attend, period.

  • notaschoolboardfan said,

    This rule is silly. Kids are being crucified for the sake of a few board members that don’t want a wave of kids transferring out of a district because that school has failed miserably. It’s all political crap. Forsyth County,which has free choice, is laughing at Guilford County and thinking we are bunch of idiots. The free choice rule would actually make Guilford County schools better because it would show which schools are failing and which are not. Don’t we get it!!!! Parents and kids want to go to Northern because it’s a great school…period. Parents want something better for their kids ,because the school they attend now has a terrible environment. WE SHOULD SUPPORT “FREE CHOICE”…PUT IT ON THE BALLOT NOW..LET’S HAVE A VOTE AND FREE OUR SCHOOL SYSTEM, LET THE KIDS GO WHERE THEY WANT !!!!

  • Beth said,

    It may be that Mr. Lawson’s lawyer is correct in the he would not answer the questions (just what were the questions?) in the manner that the questioners wanted (who awere the questioners?).
    It seems reminscient of the way principals and teachers were treated in Terry Grier’s administration. Get them alone and use interrogation tactics and if the answers aren’t what you want, threaten them with firing or let them resign.
    It has been done quite a bit in the past and should not be surprising to anyone who has been a casual observer of Guilford County politics.
    I hope that the truth will come out, but it seems like the pattern is they will claim that this is a personnel issue that cannot be discussed.

  • citizen.concerned40 said,

    GCS- If you investigate one school, you need to investigate all of them.

  • Angelo said,

    It is about time to stop illegal athletic recruiting in Guilford County. Great Job Mo!
    Let’s take it a step further and require students attending a magnet program to continue athletic participation in THEIR ORIGINAL SCHOOL DISTRICT.

  • steve said,

    There are some good ideas here. Open choice of schools would force the school board to address schools in need at a faster pace that is happening currently. But there is also some merit in having kids that attend magnet type schools to play sports where they live. Transportation may be an issue for some.

  • concernedtaxpayer said,

    People move within the county all the time to get their children the best education and high school experience. When I moved out of the Page district to have my children attend NW High no one questioned the integrity of the NW High leadership, oh maybe because my kids were not considered star athletes. Then when my kids were redistricted to Northern and had a choice to stay at NW High and chose Northern again no one from NW High leadership again questioned it. This all started when NW High questioned Northern’s recruitment of athletes in the fall. Who really cares where kids go to school as long as they graduate and become productive citizens. This exercise is a waste of taxpayer’s money.

  • some teachers are idiots said,

    This post is for the teacher who posted on news and record blog board which was not allowing post to go thru at the time. Hopefully that teacher has some ties to this site. The teacher,who said in their post was a northern teacher, was so obsessed with students and parents lieing about athletics that they should maybe look at theirselves. Maybe they should investigate this teacher to make sure she or he has not given any student a curve on their grade so they could pass or graduate. Again we have people judging others before looking at themselves before pointing fingers. No one is perfect and that includes myself and TEACHERS. GCS should start investigating teachers and grades just like the athletics. I would bet we as parents and tax payers would not like what we would learn about GCS. Are you listening MR. Green.

  • shirrelly said,

    well i guess then u will have to investigate other schools that have students that are so called SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT STUDENTS, check them out , gboro, high point, schools

  • Irate Grimsley Parent said,

    Yes, yes, yes…………….the hand of justice is finally about to be served to the GUILTY!!! Keenan Allen you belong at GRIMSLEY!!!

  • notaschoolboardfan said,

    IrateGrimsleyParent, do you know how ridiculous you sound. What a mean spirited busy body . I say let the kids go where they want…FREE CHOICE…do as forsyth county does..lets put it up for a vote….this would get rid of the mean spirited busy bodies that are part of the problem. FREE CHOICE NOW

  • eagle89 said,

    Irate Grimsley parent, you are ignorant. Funny how you werent saying anything when the kid you mentioned was at Grimsley when he was SUPPOSE to be at Eastern. You just made a fool out of yourself.What a loser.

  • willie said,

    Just heard some terrible news,vacating a state title is very rare,Oh well maybe this mess will get straightened out once and for all.

  • joe said,

    Willie, you sure about that? Has then been reported anywhere as fact? That would be tough.

    The 2 special assisgnments conformed with the rules. Now were they encouraged to attend Northern, who knows.

    I find it interesting that once again Coach Stan MAY be gone yet he’ll walk clean. Speculation only but most likely he just doesn’t have his position renewed since it’s a 1 year deal and the season is over.

  • John said,

    Forged documents? Oh yeah, that title is gone.

  • Willie said,

    If a player had his grades changed he would be ineligible. An ineligible player makes all games participated in forfeited

  • joe said,

    Willie, is that what happened?

    If so, it’s clear cut. You forfeit.

    I hate it for the kids that were innocent. I hope this is not what happened. I hope this is internet rumor.

  • ICherishHSFB said,

    Now some of you guys thought I was nuts when I mentioned there were some closely guarded secret dealings going on at Northern Guilford. But I also told everyone that it would un-ravel at any moment and it did. The falsifying of grades was something that even I at the time did not know about. So does Northern have to return the conf. and state championships?

  • hm said,

    it is sad that all this happens in high school sports. You get your cake for awhile, but sooner or later the arrogance that comes from cheating causes you to slip and now you are embarrassed both personally and professionally. Men wanting to win more than setting a good example. Sad, sad world folks.

  • heads are turning said,

    Baseball is next.

  • NGHS student 1 said,

    i am a student at northern guilford high school and i know everything that has gone on in that building since Day one. everything is legal to my knowledge i just do not understand why yeager and force resigned because there is nothing that has come out that was illegal. We are going to keep our state championship. Coach K has done nothing wrong he sent out an e mail to all basketball parents saying on thursday that he has been cleared by GCS legal staff on thursday. I know this because i played JV basketball this past year people just need to let it go becasue nothing has been illegal so all of you out there who are jealous of the amounts of success that we have had in 2 years that many schools work on for dozens of years need to just throw in the towel.

  • nighthawklover said,

    baseball should be first, at least the other coaches are good coaches (football and hoops) – the baseball guys are just recruiters, that is all they know, they have to recruit cause they dont know the game at all. Still say they should eliminate high school sports, maybe then they would not have to layoff all the teachers and admins they are planning to cut with new budget. Organizations like the NC Gators would step up and cover the high school seasons, and no athlete would miss a beat, then the schools could focus on education which is the way it should be.

  • willie said,

    Well what does common sense tell you? A school opens and immediately has stunning success. If its to good to be true. I think what has gone on is just an extension of what has been going on in GC for years. Falsifying addresses is so common it is almost winked at. Not just athletes just tons of regular students doing it. but when the brand new showcase does it the floodgates all administrators NG’s ignore it but it is to blatant and their success to stunning. And perhaps to much hubris by the coaches to fuel the fire. Mo Green is going to be awful busy with this mess.

  • just asking said,

    We are missing the point. If our school officals improve schools through out the district from a safety and educational stand point. There would be no need to grant special tranfers from one school to another. It is all about preparing young people for after high school, whether it be college or a trade. This will improve our society and the future for all. If someone wants to sell a house in one district and move to another, hey it is a free society for now. Go to school in the district you live and support that school. Those that are talented enough will be able to play at the next level based on the talent they have not how many games they won in high school. Focus on the school academics and educational enviroment not wins and losses, for all schools in the district.

  • raspudin said,

    even the pros dont allow other coaches to “recruit” players from other teams. in college you are not allowed to get an agent until you decide to turn pro. shouldnt there be some rules in high school. What is the goal with free choice schools? How many times would a kid be allowed to transfer in a 4 year hs career? what happens when kid transfers from a block to a traditional school? Would you be able to transfer mid-year or do you have to transfer during the summer? how does a kid from eastern get to a high point school-if they choose to go there–drive 50 minutes daily or taxpayers send a bus? Would coaches then be allowed to recruit since all students are open game? How is it done in Forsyth County–does it work in regards to academics? Does Forsyth County have better academics that Guilford?

  • The informer said,

    I don’t think Forsyth has “true” free choice in the way people are suggesting. I think Forsyth has it set up that with a kid can pick one school out of a set of schools within a pre-determined block that they can attend. Also, I think if a kid elects to go to a different school than the one he would normally attend, then he would have to arrange his tranportation for getting there. As far as academics are concerned, I don’t think Forsyth’s are any better than what you would get in Guilford. Also, Forsyth has had 2 new high schools to open within the last 6 years, (Reagan and Atkins), and neither one has porduced anywhere near the level of success in athletics that Northern has been able to do. I think it took Reagan 2-3 yrs to even get one win in a football game; I may be off abit here. Reagan is a “suburban school” much in the same mold that Northern would be so an overnight success would be difficult to come by unless there are some suspect dealings going on which seems to be the case with Northern.

  • Angelo said,

    Does anyone know for a fact that Northern will be stripped of its basketball championship?
    Will their whole athletic program be sanctioned?
    Will they not be allowed to go to the state playoffs in any sport?
    Will they ONLY be allowed to play a conference schedule in each sport?(That means only 7 football games and 14 basketball games).
    Will any coaches at the school get canned?
    Will the athletes not living in the Northern district have to go back to their original schools?
    Will these athletes be allowed to participate again at ANY Guilford County School?
    How much of a fine will Northern have to pay to the NCHSAA?
    Will Coach K ever Coach at a Guilford County Public School again?

    Lots of questions here.The rest of you are invited to add more.

  • willie said,

    Answers for Angelo:

    1. Usually not.only the specific programs. but school would be fined. I guess if this was systemic cheating than maybe.
    2.probably just the guilty sports.usually just a forfeits from previous seasons. they usually don’t carry over punishments.
    3. maybe. but only if it was institutional and intentional. which I guess it could have been.
    4.never have heard of that.
    5.THIS I WOULD BET THE HOUSE ON. If there is even a hint of involvement. The 2 main administrators at the school were canned. Basketball has been under investigation already…twice in the last 2 years. Sounds like football had plenty of shady transfers. Unless one of the 2 top dogs totally falls on their sword and says they duped the coaches I think Mo Green’s hands are tied. GC can change coaches whenever they want ,no protection,no reason. I don’t expect they will say anything anytime soon…just won’t renew contracts.
    6. absolutely they will have to go back.
    7. ABSOLUTELY YES!.new rule in NCHSAA. if you lie about residence you forfeit your eligibility. Thats what makes this so OUTRAGEOUS! If adults did this knowing kids could loos all of their eligibility it makes it more heinous and despicable. But if kids did it on their own they would still loose eligibility. This is fall out from Meck case last year that Mo Green investigated there.
    8. Usually never over about 1,500 but if this is as bad as it sounds who knows.
    9. He has been under a cloud since day one. More importantly he is not a system employee. why would anyone keep him at this point? can it possibly be worth the risk? look at this giant can of worms based on investigations of him. There is always the chance he had nothing to do with this at all and he will be totally exonerated…in which case he will just loose the NG job but maybe coach again. if he is touched by any responsibility at all it might end his coaching career anywhere. Too bad really…if he did not do anything he still probably will never coach NG again. Just no way NG can dump long time employees but let the controversial , seasonal employee stay on. The questions will just keep coming, all signs point to a clean start. I would guess the same thing about FB.

  • BY Head Bucaneer said,

    WHO RATTED OUT NORTHERN TO GCS??? ——The $million question——–
    What effect does this investigation have on student morale at Northern?
    What effect will this investigation have on NC high school athletics?
    How long will this investigation go on?
    Will Coach K ever coach in NC again?
    Did they order championship rings yet and what will happen with these if they did?
    Does Forestview automatically become the state 3A champion if Northern has to forfeit that game?
    Will parents begin distancing themselves from Northern and move their children to other schools?
    Will Jacob Lawson suit up for Bartlett-Yancey next season or does he somehow wind up at Greensboro Day?
    What will Coach K do with that hideous purple blazer????

    I must say I would have never imagined this turn of events to occur but I guess enough people got upset and demanded answers after they won that basketball championship. i’m interested in seeing how this all plays out as well.

  • 4the students said,

    Fixing this problem is obvious to me.If a student transfers schools inside of GC then he/she would be inelegible for Varsity sports for 365 days.
    Allow them to workout and play JV to stay in condition but no Varsity.
    If the parents are truly doing it for the academics then this would be a non issue to them and the elegible student/atheletes already on the team won’t get pushed aside by some “recruit”.

  • sandy said,

    In a ironic Easter twist this was Judas situation. as usually is the case in these things.

    It was not jealous outside ” haters ” that are going to bring NG down.

    but disenfranchised ” locals”. You can’t take rich locals and replace their kids with ” imports” and be naive enough to think there will be no backlash.

    gonna get interesting

  • The internal whistle-blower said,


    I think your comment has been the most significant in this entire thread. Lots of people are trying to point fingers at representatives of other schools (Dudley, North East, Page, Grimsley etc.) for turning Northern in to GCS without even looking in Northern’s own backyard. Consider the disgruntled teachers who may have had a “falling out” with Mr. Yeager’s administrative policies or as Sandy mentioned, a group of powerful parents whose kids may have been passed over for a spot on the varsity team just so a blue chipper can have a position.

  • Zac Baker said,

    This has became a freaking circus show. Was winning a state championship that serious? I have read the 42 comments by all and I like the say “some” are stating how other programs are not under investigation when clearly the entire athletics program is under investigation. Honestly, everyone was talking about the hammer coming down on Northern earlier this week. Staff and faculty knew this was coming all week long. This entire situation negatively reflects the adults and how they are willing to sacrifice a child’s future for instant gratification. Again, I am not surprised, this is Guilty County.

  • JayT said,

    People… People…

    This is not about other schools hating on Nothern.

    As Sandy a Northern parent clearly stated, “you can’t take rich locals” and replace them with imports.

    Nothern athletes and students…
    Remember everyone you think is for you, is not and never have been.

    Someone in the Northern family, a so called Nothern supporter has turned Judus on you.

    Kids, they don’t want you there. They don’t want you to move to their community either… Win or lose, they wanted their kid to play. The guilty layes within Northern…

    Susan, I respect that you came forward with the truth. However there are still cowards in your districit that have had much, much, much MORE to say on the
    matter. Like snakes they lay peacefuly while the finger of blame is being pointed elsewhere. You know who you are, as many of us know.

    Coach K and principle you ticked a parent off…

  • outsider said,

    Dudley and Grimsley have been stirring it up for a while


    Just a thought: Maybe kids are transferring out of certain schools because they are tired of allof the DaddyBall that is going on

  • porcupine said,

    Wow, this whole thing is interesting.Anybody been on the News-Record comment section on this same story? I want to know if any boys that played middle school ball at Northeast Middle and Northwest Middle in 2006 and 2007 were on the Northern Varsity. Some guy on the other site said there were no Northwest Middle players from those 2 seasons playing at NG. So far no posts have indicated if any former Northeast Middle School players are with them.If zero or just very small numbers are on that team from Northeast and Northwest Middle Schools then there was most assuredly some major recruiting going on.

  • Richard Cranium said,

    To keith and Willie: Great job. You guys sound informed. Do either of you teach or coach in Guilford County? I have noticed on several occasions that some of the overzealous Northern parents are feeling somewhat entitled to do whatever it takes to win and feel superior to other school’s supporters. Maybe this will get them to understand that they and their school is not above reproach. Northern is a good school but it is not vastly superior to Northeast and Northwest, the 2 schools that it came from.

  • Redwood said,

    Someone close to “Barney” has betrayed him again. Will he ever figure it out?

  • Get Real said,

    Just another thought TOD. It is not the kids transferring out of certain schools. It’s the parents making these decisions to rent houses in different school districts and in differnt counties (claiming academics). In some cases multiple districts during high school. This makes sure their child is kept on a pedestal as long as possible. They don’t care what happens as long as it benifits them.That is ultimate daddyball.


    No the ulitimate daddyball is when you get away with violations because your dad is funding the team. It is not fair to the other players!

  • SAG1986 said,

    Porcupine, comments on the N&R story did say there were players on the NGHS varsity team who played at both NW middle and Northern middle.

  • porcupine said,

    Thanks SAG1986. What about Northeast Middle?As a rule of thumb(in most seasons) NE would usually have more basketball players than NW.

  • Basketball Fan said,

    I really don’t understand how the basketball program got to be the major focus point when no facts have come out, only the rumors spewed here. If anyone went to n&r comment section would know that there is something more than just questions around the basketball team. What about students academics? Of course nobody cares about that. Just as long as they lynch coach k. I for one would like more answers before I comment on the athletes. At this point no real facts have come out. The only facts provided is that 3 people have resigned. Everything else is spewing. We are too grown to jump to conclusions.

  • Sandy said,

    So K got a lawyer for Lawson .who resigns and did not fight at all for not co-operating. and you wonder why he is under suspicion?

  • really real said,

    Hey Get Real, how about your little boy jumping around. Supposed to be at Rags but attended Grims last year, then to one private school and jump to another in the same year. Seems like you are living in a glass house. Careful, your mail is being read.

  • Richard Cranium said,

    The emails have totally painted a bleak picture for the Nighthawks. Looks like the NCHSAA has enough concrete evidence to do whatever they need to do.



  • jeremiah said,

    baseball head you must be real jealous of the smiths with all the games they have won over the years going to world series several times maybe you can get on a team somewhere try carver

  • hater blocker said,

    No one was calling for the Smiths’ heads last year when they were 1-19. It is apparent that they must be able to coach/manage by witnessing the turn around. The Smiths worked with their players in the off season to make them better and the work and guidance is paying off. There have been two players added to the roster this year, a freshman and a sophmore. Two players can not make that much difference in a game that starts nine. This team will continue to improve if the Smiths are allowed to remain at the helm for a couple more years. Bottom line is… people hate a winner.

  • pat said,

    the smith’s are good coaches and know baseball, they took there lumps last year and played a varsity schedule with a jv team 1-20 something. they run a clean program and are fielding a good compettive team. baseball head you sound like some loser that johnny cut back in 1978. i’m i getting warm?

  • hahahaha said,

    yea, their turnaround had nothing to do with all the new players including a stud already committed to UNC as a sophomore…great coaching there

  • I hate NGHS said,

    good point about how Northerns new stud has already committed to UNC and the fact that he started this year at Grimsley.
    and everyone doesnt need to forget the fact that 3 players on NGHS baseball roster still reside in NWHS district.

  • pat said,

    Grimsley parents can’t get it right. They ran off one of the best baseball guys in the area so their boys could play and now their upset that the good players left their program, Northwest has been and will continue to be an also ran, want to be high school, people have been moving into you area for years for various reasons, and now your second choice, second class, was! and Mo had better have the goods because two of the three that resigned were first class educators. I’m not privy to the inside info but they will have to at some point produce the info or this thing will go legal big time! Nighthawks keep your chin up!

  • hm said,

    you seriously think that the superintendent would go postal and overturn the whole administration if he didn’t have them with their hand caught in SOME cookie jar? Give the man more credit than that. They got caught doing SOMETHING and I can just about guarantee it is much much bigger than simple recruiting. This is so much bigger than recruiting and athletics, and if it wasn’t they would still be working at Northern.

  • My opinion said,

    My Opinion….They resigned on advice from their attorneys, because they refused to answer their redundant questions..they have already been through this before..this is a witch hunt from those who have their own agendas….smart move in my opinion. If they find nothing on them…god help them..

  • wonder why? said,

    My opinion,

    IMO you are an idiot…Witch Hunt?..Are you kidding me?

    Northern’s own turned their brass in…Their own teachers have already given facts that they have been asked to do things that are not in compliance with regulations…They were forced to resign and not by their own attorneys…This has been stated in the N&R, so whether its a witch hunt or not, the investigation was started because they were doing something illegal…

    With Mo having the education and background (i.e. Charlotte) to conduct such investigations, well, I’m quite positive that he wouldn’t have even started the investigation without something there…I wouldn’t think he’d be that stupid…

    Again, you are a moron…

  • coolbreeze said,

    If Northern were 3 -30 in basketball and were 0-10 in football and were losing by 30 or more points to Page and other schools, would this be an issue?

  • NO said,

    No, because then they would not have been breaking the rules…judging by the schools they are pulling from and the age of the school, that is what should have been happening the last couple of years.

    What does Page have to do anything? NG should be thanking Page for their state championship.

  • Topfin29 said,

    Fact: There is an assistant Football coach at NG with an interesting local history. He’s a “community” guy. He was an assistant at Page when coach Via was let go. He was an assistant at Grimsley when Todd Shupin was let go and now he’s an assistant at NG and…………………………………..

  • pat said,

    this entire issue is about jealousy. the facts will come out that all of the atheletes are at nothern by legal means. this is a witch hunt that will deal with a technicality, a bad hire, a form filled out incorrectly or some other minor issue that has been blown up because dudley is already growing tired of getting their butt kick by northern. this is america and people can move when ever they feel like it. this is about jealousy, page had a player on their football team last year and his parents lived in w-s, western guilford has a player on their baseball team that lives in the page district now, grimsley had four kids that moved from southeast to play baseball three years ago, and they ran a great coach off for unknown reasons(because he played the best kids and not my son?). and Dudley has kids that live all over the county alot from smith, page, northeast, just to name a few,because of the academy. I know the names but that would not be nice. Lets not be to fast to throw the first stone. I’m just getting warmed up. ps if northern doesn’t win the state in basketball this is a moot point.

  • wrong said,

    this isn’t about recruiting or kids living out of district. This is much bigger. As for the witch hunt, I think they have already proven they got em for something. The recruiting part is all smoke in mirrors. Ok, the kids are all there legally. The question is did someone talk to them about going there. You honestly think they all showed up by coincidence?

  • a few facts said,

    Judging from the comments on this thread Northern and other schools are not following the rules as stated by NCHSAA.
    It sounds like some of these athletes even live in 2 different counties.

    Just a few points from NCHSAA website.

    1)“Residence” as used for athletic eligibility purposes is defined as the equivalent of the term ”domicile“
    as applied by the courts of North Carolina. Under no circumstances can a student have more
    than one residence for eligibility purposes.It is the obligation of the school to know the residence
    status of each athlete and to require compliance with these requirements.

    2)• No student may participate at a second school in the same sport during the same sport season,
    except in the event of a bona fide change in residence of the parent(s) or legal custodian; change of
    schools must be contemporaneous with change in residence.

  • Fred said,

    Stan is unethical. If coaching were law he would be disbarred.
    AAU Sports- Dirty Cheaters- You are poisoning our kids.
    You people need to grow up and quit living your lives through your kids.
    Oh how AAU deceives. Limit AAU only to summer. Go back to the old days
    and get rid of these unethical crooks who claim they are in the best interest of kids.
    I hope the NCHSAA decides to allow only summer participation for AAU.
    Northern Guilford took the 40 pieces of silver. The Gators should be banned for life
    in NC. Let your kids play at the YMCA. Instead of sending them around the world.
    I laugh. If you are good they will find you.

  • Andy said,

    Robert Kent from Page coaches AAU.
    Brian Seagraves from Dudley coaches AAU.
    Delaney Rudd formerly of Wake Forest coaches AAU.
    Fran McCaffery formerly of UNCG coaches AAU.

    They are all good men and they along with Coach K have the kids best interests in mind.

    AAU Basketball can be a good thing but it doesn’t need to go on year-round, but I don’t think it ever has. There have always been breaks in both the School and AAU seasons.

  • nota fred fan said,

    I believe fred has a little touch of evil in him. What mean spirited miserable monster. He doesn’t have a clue on what he is talking about. Reminds me of the old western when there is a guy like Fred who is the ring leader in the lynch mob. Let’s hang him..hang him high!!! Doesn’t matter if he’s innocent…he’s been accused..that’s enough for Fred and his drunkin mob…they don’t want to hear the truth , he wants to take out his own anger and failures on someone else. Must be a miserable person to live with.

  • For the kids said,


    You are clueless. AAU does not allow Varsity boys to begin play until their high school season is over. AAU rules also state that a high school coach can not have more than 4 of his Varsity players on his AAU team. Stan has always followed this rule.

    Other AAU coaches in the area, in addition to those mentioned by Andy include;
    Freddy Johnson at Greensboro Day,
    Rusty Larue at Forsyth Country Day,
    Keyford Langley at SW,
    Doug Shelton at NW.

    Every coach in the area has the opportunity to be an AAU coach and better his coaching skills, as well as the talent of local players. They can either join a pre-existing program or start their own.

  • Michael Elsey & Mickey Lukester said,

    Alright first off lets get past the “aliases”. Im a student at NGHS and this is probably the worst thing that could be happening. Haha there are so many ridiculous allegations going on just because a few schools are jealous (wont mention names, but really is it too hard for you to figure out?) Im sick and tired of stupid crap. Did anyone once stop to think that maybe these kids live in the district and maybe these kids just want their athletic careers at NGHS? I mean come on if you had the choice of going to an old school, or a school that opened up barely a year ago.. Come on if anyone says they would go to the other school thats crap. People are not only getting hurt but good reputations are being soiled because anyone who feels like it can post whatever they want on this site, and sadly most average americans will believe what is written.

    Ok, so, im also a student at NGHS and you know what…..I think Patty Spicer can go correct a different school because our school is fine as it is. See at NGHS were like a family, everyone knows eachother and we do our best to support our fellow students and faculty. ……………

    nighthawk nation baby!
    dont hate..just cuz were better than ALL of you….doesnt mean you have to be envious brats. Please, hate is a disease, get well soon….

  • Busted said,

    ohhh, all is silent at northern guilford! you guys should really consider changing your name from the northern guilford nighthawks to the northern guilford cheetahs and hire the law firm of dewey, cheatham, and howe to represent you in future recruiting/eligibility scandals. the hammer is about to drop on your football program, too, so get that phone ready to call 1-800-dewcheat