Questions continue to come in surrounding the athletic programs at Northern Guilford

Posted by Andy Durham on April 13, 2009 at 11:46 am under High School | 47 Comments to Read

The local sports landscape has been split wide-open since everything started to unravel at Nothern Guilford High School back on Friday.

The questions continue to come in as so far the principal, the athletic director, and the head custodian have been forced to resign.

What will happen with the rest of the athletic programs at Northern? We do know that Sharon Parks has been named the interim athletic director at Northern and she will be in charge as they work out there to get everything cleared up.

This is turning out to be a very complicated matter in regards to possible recruiting of student-athletes to Northern Guilford and the investigation is on-going. We at are not a part of this investigation, but have been a part of providing sports news coverage and information on this subject since it became a topic of discussion here at the web site well over a year ago.

With all that is now taking place, I don’t think anyone involved with Guilford County high school athletics wants to see this become an obituary for Northern or see the school receive some sort of death-penalty for athletics. The point of this probe, study or investigation if you will; is to make sure that all illegal activites and athletic improprieties have been corrected and handled properly by the attending investigative officials.

Questions on the table have to include thoughts on how far will this hammer fall? The principal and the athletic director are already gone and what other changes among the Northern staff will we see? Can you effectively operate with the current staff, that was brought in under the previous administration that was forced to resign?

Has the cloud that has been hanging over Northern been allowed to hover below the radar screen too long and would this now necessitate the need for a complete overhaul of the athletic department?

What happens to the kids that have transferred to Northern during the first two years of the school? If all the transfers check out to be OK, then you think all of the coaches would be safe if they want to remain at the school. The county is now checking into the transfers much closer than they did in the past and they have even begun to check into E-Mails that have been sent out from the school.

How many of the programs will be spared? Were there irregularities in the academic departments at Northern? Have other schools run afoul within the Guilford County School System?

Right now the focus is on Northern and there’s plenty to be done to clean up all the mess that has come out in the past week, but it can be done. I do believe that Sharon Parks, the interim AD, can and will lead the Nighthawks throughout the rest of the school year and that she will be very effective in her duties.

As always the key concern is the kids. Their future is on the line in some ways due in part to all that is happened and with the upcoming decisions that are made in regards to the future of the Northern Guilford athleitc programs. The kids should always be the main concern and we should ALL have our butts kicked for the times we stray off of that course.

There are great kids at Nothern Guilford as there are at all of our Guilford County schools. This is a very sensitive subject, but the bottom line is the fact that lives of young men and women will effected forever by what comes with the end-results at Northern Guilford. The kids shouldn’t be forced to suffer as this investigation proceeds and then with the conclusions why should the kids be punished?

The kids look to their leaders(parents, coaches, and administrators) for leadership and for the proper answers. They are still children, just kids, going to school and playing ball and they can’t make these end decisions for themselves.

The adults are at fault here, again depending on how much wrong has taken place and for a thought on this today; “We all love to win as much as the next guy, but maybe sometimes the price you pay for winning could be too much”.

Let’s hope all of this turns out for the best for the coaches and kids and especially the kids at Northern Guilford.

In a time when many thought a utopia or even a Shangri-La paradise had been attained, the end results remain to be seen.

  • ron said,

    That’s what happens when you want to win at all cost. Now for the “academics” aspect of this argument. That is a crock. Nothern hasn’t been around long enough to establish an academic track record. Unless your child is a potential Morehead Scholar then i think we need to leave the academic argument alone. Besides we have plenty of prep or day schools around here for that, that offers scholarships to the students that deserve them. Oh by the way they have sports programs too. Academics! Yeah right! This is a classic example of what greed can get you. Wanting to win right now. Hey do it like Dudley, Page and all the other schools that are willing to work for it. Put in the work and it will show on the field. Here’s a little something we all can live by. Northern and others take heed. ” The higher a monkey climbs a tree the more you can see his A**.”


  • what? said,


  • notaschoolboardfan said,

    They will find nothing. People in power have gone too far. A lot of explaining will have to be done. Lawyers have been hired. Be careful what you say.

  • Richard said,

    Dudley does it with the help of a magnet school academy on their campus. They get to add a few athletes to thier rosters from outside their district ” from the academy”. This may be perfectly legal but it IS NOT totally equitable for the other schools in Dudley’s conference. Also, the coaches there have given out literature about their Academy to ATHLETES at other high schools and instructed them as to how to apply for admission. No one has said much about this because they have an academy and Northern does not. Morally both schools are doing wrong but Northern is only viewed as illegal. I am not a fan of either school because of this. High school athletics at one time was pure back when you grew up in a given community and looked forward to playing sports at the high school in it.

  • notaschoolboardfan said,

    The rude awakening will be that no one has done anything illegal at Northern. The transfer of a student has to be done through the main administration office. They have to approve it. The crucifying of 3 people on good friday is shameful. My opinion is it’s going to get real ugly folks.

  • ron said,

    Lets not dis-credit the work of the Dudley program, and besides there are 9 magnet high schools in Greensboro. I will go on record and say that out of a team of about 50 you may find maybe 7 in the magnet program. Out of that 8 you may have 2 or 3 impact players. We operate within the guidelines. We manufacture players, not recruit them.


  • notashoolboardfan said,

    LOL…looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, must be a duck…so Ron the best of the best just show up… they don’t know each other, parents don’t know each other, never played together, don’t know how they play…they just show up for try outs right? Doesn’t that happen at Northern? Are you saying that Coach K recruits?

  • Zac Baker said,

    Richard, How did Dudley become an issue? The School Board allowed parts of the Page district to attend Dudley which traditionally attended Page. Now Dudley has capitalized and the Panthers are guilty of something…NO. This is about Northern. Not Page, not Dudley, not even Grimsley.

    Richard, cheer up and get over the fact that Dudley has been in this predicament before during the 2004 season when the News and Record was quick to say Dudley used an ineligible player and the story had to be retracted. No principals, athletic directors, nor janitors had to resign. This is embarrassing. Dudley overcame these obtacles but sadly, Northern athletics program has met their demise.

    Chickens are coming home to roost.

  • Richard said,

    I understand that there are 9 magnet high schools in our county. Having those at 9 and not something at ALL 15 high schools is unfair to the 6 that do not have one. I know they are used for athletic purposes to move from school to school. It is still not right and creates inequality as for fielding teams. Suggestion: Students may attend a magnet school but must continue to have athletic participation in THEIR HOME SCHOOL DISTRICT like is done with athletes that attend a middle college having NO ATHLETIC PROGRAM.

  • ron said,

    Richard let’s get one thing clear. Dudley doesn’t go asking for players to come to Dudley. The players come because they want to be part of a winning program and increase their chances of receiving a scholarship. We don’t encourage people to move into the district, we don’t give jobs to parents, all we do is win and support our kids on and off the field. As for the other 6 schools without magnet programs… that needs to be taken up by your local yahoos i mean school board members. Bottom line is Nothern’s arrogance cost them their athletic program. It’s pretty bold and stupid what they are doing. If you don’t have the guise to recruit, then you shouldn’t be doing it. Get a magnet program Nothern. Besides after this year you all are done anyway as far as athletics.


  • keepitfair said,

    Why does it always have to go back to Dudley. Grimsley, Page, High Point Central, etc.etc. etc. all have Magnet programs. The only thing we sh0uld be concerned about are the kids that may be affected by all of this. The constant hate generated for Dudley is so unfair because most of the players on Dudley’s athletic roster are not Academy kids. The academy is an excellent program that offers a year of free college to attend either UNCG, A&T, Greensboro Colleg, Bennet College or GTCC in their senior year. If your kid is academically strong enough to be accepted and play in a proven powerhouse then what is wrong with that. The academy has a proven track record of academic success. Everyone acts like the Academy is some joke program that anyone can attend. What an insult to any of the kids that are accepted to any of the GC High School magnet programs. Stop Hating on Dudley because this has nothing to do with Dudley or any other school besides Northern.

  • Need More Info said,

    There is very little concrete info regarding this story.

    Why did these people RESIGN if they didn’t do anything wrong? For the Principal and AD to actually resign it sure looks like they did something wrong.

    And what exactly are they supposed to have done wrong? Who are the players in question and what sport did/do they play?

  • hm said,

    and boom goes the dynamite…..for the record I don’t think the hammer has come down for just recruiting, but becasue of other unethical practices. Recruiting is too hard to prove. Possible academic fraud is not,recruiting is just the cherry on top. This has nothing to do with anybody except for NG and their suporters’ desperate attempts to bring others with them shows their acceptance of guilt. “It’s ok because everyone else is doing it.” This after denying wrongdoing for the last 2 years. Great example their so-called adults.

  • Paws4thecause said,


    Smith has had a magnet school for some time now so kids could apply and go to school there if they chose to. Many do. This is in NO WAY about anyone connected with Dudley High School trying to bring down Northern. Those 3,000 or so emails that are being investigated will shw this. I said this on Greensborosports before Northern “won” their state title; Dudley has been around AND WINNING much longer than Northern and WILL STILL BE AROUND long after the gloss and fanfare at Northern Guilford has worn off……….

    Really, Northern screwed themselves and should have taken notes from the RJ Reynolds situation after they won 4 straight titles. Reynolds hasn’t been the same program since. I guess Jacob Lawson won’t get another chance to take cheap forearm shots at our players anytime soon will he………….karma is a BYATCH!!!


  • Isabel said,

    Dudley is only strong in the revenue sports. I don’t see much effort by them in anything but football and basketball. Lately baseball has been competitive. Sometimes they will have some success in track and field but only in certain events. They don’t seem to have a complete team that is decent in all events. They don’t win too often in soccer or softball. They may have been ok in wrestling this past winter. They don’t even get 5 finishers at most cross country meets. They do not even have a lacrosse team. All of these sports that I mentioned that Dudley does not do much in or even field a team, are contested in college and athletes good enough can get scholarship money for them. So I don’t buy into the come to Dudley for a better chance at a scholarship nonsense. That could only be partly true for 3-4 sports at the most and not for the entire athletic program.

  • Tured of DaddyBall said,

    the academy at Dudley has its issues also. Not all kids in the academy are academically strong, some have even failed class and still play sports. I don’t think it is about hating Dudley, its more about if you punish one school for doing wrong, you should punish all school that are doing wrong. And yes the athletes that attend the Middle Colleges should play sports at their home school, but they don’t! I am sure that Smith would love to have their players back off of Dudley”s team.

  • ron said,

    lets stick to revenue sports, since we discuss those the most. i dont give a flip about none revenue sports. as far as the dudley academy. l’m almost sure that 90% of the students receive academic scholarships. he lets keep this thread about northern. they’re the ones with the problems.


    The students may recieve the scholarships, but how many can compete academically? Its not just about Northern, its about GCS and it jacked-up politics

  • hello said,

    If I want my child to attend a school for what ever the reason I will either choose a program or move and I really don’t care what you all or anyone else thinks.

    You can flunk out of the academy and if you do and you are living in another school district unless you move you will have to return.

    Why would someone want to attend one school and play for another…ridiculous thinking. They would want to play with the friends they spend 6-8 hours a day with.

    I wondered how long it would take for Greensboro Dudley to be mentioned. Wow! The Northern basketball program had already been cleared of recruiting…..I am sure this is about grade eligbility.

    To Isabel, obviously Dudley is a minority school and there are just some sports that are perhaps 1-2% minoritiy in college as well as the pros..let’s see if you can figure which sports they may be.

  • Isabel's Daughter said,

    To Ron and others that do not give a flip about non revenue sports. What if your child is an athlete that could excel in one of those sports and could continue it collegiately? Would you encourage him/her in what they have potential in or force them into a revenue sport where they sit the bench in high school?
    As far as Dudley being a minority school is concerned,some of the sports mentioned by my mom minorities excel in collegiately. Example–I ran cross country in college with 2 all conference girls that were not caucasian. Hello is feeding 1970’s stereotypes and it is not cool.

  • just asking said,

    There are all sorts of issues at NG. There are charges of grade changing. There appears to be specific protocol for grades being changed, legally in case of error or miscalculation of grade average. Could this be the reason for two of the three resignations?? Why the other, really should make one wonder??? Let’s see what the future holds. Emails can be traced and there are other legal ways to investaigate these things. GCS will work through this quickly, this is egg all over their face and they want to move on fast. To do so, one has to wonder if they will just change the coaching staff in the sports with proven or unproven issues. Erase it, throw it away, and start over.

  • mark said,

    I keep reading over and over form Northern supporters that the basketball program was exonerated from recruiting charges. I don’t recall ever reading that anywhere else unless it was on here (posted by a Northern supporter) or maybe proclaimed by Coach K in one of the prior stories in the N&R. But I don’t recall there being any official announcement by GCS or the NCHSAA supporting that. Maybe there was and someone can point us doubters to it.

    Or maybe there are a lot of people making a lot of assumptions that the basketball program is free and clear because they were handed a trophy in Raleigh last month. Perhaps the on-going investigation had just gotten started and wasn’t finished at the time of the state title game. Seems to me that everything is still up for question at this time.

  • hello said,

    To Isabel’s daughter:

    Dont’ get offended…..I am not saying there are not minorities that do not or can not excel at those sports. Heck, a couple of years ago Dudley had one of the top tennis players and had an all conference softball player.
    I am merely giving a reason as to why Dudley may not be as competetive in those sports. That is what Isabel was saying…5 cross country ect….

    BTW how many females were on your cross country team?

  • ron said,

    I will support my child in any sport. As a matter of fact two of my kids play all three revenue sports and golf. My daughter plays two none revenue sports, golf and softball so i do support them. I do know that the revenue sports carry the rest of the sports programs at any level, so be thankful. If not from the revenue sports you would not have been able to run in college. Since Dudley and Smith have a majority of minority students, then maybe the should have a cricket team. Now there’s a non revenue sport that i would love to support. Although it generates big revenue in India. Side note… I can’t beleive that Nothern is being accused of grade fixing. Is this the same Nothern that parents want their kids to attend for academic reasons. By the way Dudley has given out more scholarship money than any other school in Guilford with the exception of GHS and Northwest. I could be wrong.


  • ask the athletes said,

    Please people stop getting on here and defending your school unless you are sure. If you have doubts talk to your athletes. Ask them how many other schools have approached them. It might be with a wink and a joke or as even straight up in the open. I was laughing last night with a group of high profile kids in a couple sports. They all had stories about how it happened to them. All you guys talking so big need to ask the question. They were also talking about kids that play and live two different places. I think they covered about every school. You know we as adults can get on here and act like we know. The kids just read our junk and laugh because they do know. Northern seems to be guilty and they will and should be punished but please don’t holier then thou and act like they are alone.

  • Zac Baker said,

    Again, this has morphed into a Dudley thing when Northern Guilford High School is in the midst of having some serious issues on their hand. If the basketball coach is not indicted or in any actions taken against him and the basketball program, we can truly say that money talks and BS runs the marathon.

  • Andy said,

    I saw this in this morning’s Burlington Times News and it might raise some questions, then again this may have been out here for a while.

    Gabe King, a 6-5, 253-pound defensive end at Greensboro Page, is listed as a transfer to Northern Guilford by He has scholarship offers from North Carolina, N.C. State, Georgia and Tennessee.

  • wonder why? said,


    The same posted workout videos and an interview of the player that you have mentioned during the Proehlific Park combine a few weeks ago, and that player was already talking about playing ball next year alongside the likes of Allen and McCain from Northern. This player hasn’t even transferred yet, and he was already talking about playing at Northern. Lots of nerve, especially when he still goes to school with his “past” teammates.

    Also, wasn’t there someone who helped run that event that helps out the football program at Northern? There were a few other players from Northern who attended that combine as well. What happened to some other standout kids who attend other Guilford County schools, such as Dudley? I thought that was kind of shady.

  • Isabel's daughter said,

    to hello My college team has 15 women and my high school team(a Guilford Co School) had between 7 and 16 on it during my time there.(It varied from year to year).The boys team had 10-20.
    Also– just about anyone with a medium or small build can run high school cross country and the distance events in track. I see it as a matter of either the students at some schools not wanting to (lazy)or the coaches not promoting it enough.
    Also– I did earn some athletic money at my D1 University from running.


    Isabell’s family – it is great that you care about all the other sports, but no one else does, support them and that is great. Truth is all of these other sports were invented by the parents of players that got cut off the big three sports. Start a website or a business for cross country, lacrosse or whatever other sport you love and see how much activity you’ll see – no one else cares.

  • joe said,

    Wow, that is a cold comment. Revenue sport I have news for you. They have been playing lacrosse and golf (and probably a few more) for a helluva lot longer than football, basketball, and baseball.

    Back to the topic. They have been some excellent points raised here by most everyone. While Northern is the school being investigated right now we would have to have blinders on to think this is the only school that has issues. It is possible that the issues are deeper and more wide spread at Northern but they are not by themslves. One poster mentioned about asking the kids. That’s a good point. Many kids have been recruited or encouraged to attend another school. The kids can tell you who lives out of district.

    As to some comments about the Northern basketball coach, does anyone have any proof. I admit it doesn’t look good and I am not a fan of his but can anyone provide any proof? People get excited about the hiring of Mr. Lawson. The principal hired a qualified person. That isn’t the issue. The question becomes was the kid encouraged to attend Northern? Or encouraged to hire his father? While there appears to be some things that cast doubt on the basketball coach, let the facts play out. Time will tell.

    The more disturbing issues are possible grade fixing, possibly falsifying residency, possibly playing ineligible players and maybe recruiting. If some of those issues are true the penalties can directly impact the players.

    Andy, many people have known for weeks that Gabe King planned to go to Northern. The kid himself mentioned it many times back before Christmas.

  • Topfin29 said,

    Fact: There is a NG Football coach who is a community guy, let’s call him coach zero. I believe he’s the same guy Wonder Why was refereing to running a combine. Coach Zero has an interesting local history. He was an assistant at Page under Coach Via when he was fired. He then went to Grimsley and was working under Todd Shupin when he was fired. Now he’s at NG and………………………………………… Of course many of us are still waiting for him to get that Assistant Director of Football Operations job at Oregon he’s been telling everyone about for last 2 years!

  • notaschoolboardfan said,

    the news sure has been quiet lately….may it be because they have nothing to report. Are they scared of a lawsuit…has an attorney for the stations advised the reporters to zip it on the accusations?…I’m telling you folks…..they will find nothing on Northern, because they have been through this before…the central office approved all of these transfers. My guess is….. officials will have a lot of explaining to do…god help them if they don’t have the goods.

  • Tom said,

    I find it amazing how many people are happy to see that Northern is being thrown under the bus. I would imagine that most of you are from Dudley(The Academy), Grimsley(IB), Page(IB), etc.. Also, people simply give relative’s or inaccurate addresses to get into a school. We all know that recruiting in one shape or another has been going on in Guilford County for years!! If you think that recruiting hasn’t gone on at your school, you are simply being disingenuous. I have heard of stories of out of district players at almost all of the county schools. Let’s put together a list of the schools that haven’t recruited. That list would be very short. This holier than thou image that some of the bloggers have is insane.
    If Northern has done something wrong, they should be punished. If you transfer schools and you do not live in the district, you should have to sit out a year of athletics. That would solve a lot of these problems. They should also be investigating all of the other schools in the district because we KNOW that this is happening at other schools. Let’s clean this mess up!

  • same ole same ole said,

    again, it has went from NG has done nothing wrong to “it’s ok because everyone else is doing it.” Principals don’t lose jobs b/c coaches are recruiting, it is heavier than that

  • Tom said,

    You are missing my point. It is wrong and it needs to be cleaned up everywhere! If it being done at Northern, it is wrong! If it is being done at Dudley,Grimsley,Page,etc.., it is wrong! If it is being done at any school, it is wrong! Northern may be the first to be cleaned up, but the whole county needs an overhaul. It probably won’t get fixed because over zealous parents are involved. Parents seem to run this school system,

  • Richard said,

    To revenue sport–You think know one cares about some of the other sports. Attend a cross country invitational and see that there are as amny if not more people there than at some high school football games. Do not get me wrong I love high school football and played the game myself in the 70’s. However both of my kids ran cross country and track in high school and I attended many of their competitions. The Greensboro Invitational each September at Hagan-Stone Park always has a parking problem due to so many spectators. Check it out for yourself the last Saturday in September if you don’t believe me. These kids work hard, set goals and also obtain college scholarships by running cross country and track. Just last weekend the Neal morris track invitational at SW Guilford had 21 schools participating so if only parents of the athletes attended that would create a large crowd. Also running is the only sport that helps all the sports. Large numbers of football players and basketball players have improved their ability by running track. Basketball players have also gained endurance by running cross country in the fall. When does a player make that dumb foul? Late in the game when he/she is tired. Cross country in the fall before basketball starts can prevent some of that. Some players in the revenue sports over the years have done the 2 running sports that were mentioned and have found that they had more college potential there than in their original revenue sport persuit.
    Did you know that Terry Bradshaw was a national record holder in the javelin? Did you know that Wilt Chamberlin ran 48+ seconds in the quarter mile in high school? I bet you didn’t since your head is in the sand.

  • eagle89 said,

    This is for topfin29, you are real cocky with your assuming facts, but remember what happens when you assume. You posted that like this coach zero you mentioned was the reason for the other coaches got fired, which is so far from the truth. As I remember Coach Via had a 0-10 season the year before he was fired and 5-7 the yaer he was fired. And since you mentioned Oregon, why don’t you call the kid that is at Oregon and asked him who did the most to get him there. And Shupin was fired when some issues with athletes not making the grades so they say. Last time I checked it was the parents responsibility that their kids keep their grades up not the coaches. As usual there are alot of people that have judged this issue that don’t know the facts just on the circumstances that are happening, such as the three resigning. You people keep saying something had to be wrong, but until we get the entire story it is all speculation. Also topfin29, if this coach is such a bad guy, why do the kids love to play for him so much.I have known this coach for about five years and it was not the job you said, it was high school relations job and the reason he didn’t take it after he WAS OFFERED the job was an illness that occured to his son. I guess Oregon thought he was a pretty good guy. I also know that he will be going to Oregon in acoulple of weeks to see that kid play in the spring game, but more importantly he is going to be taking some kids with him to help get them a chance at a scholarship. Did I mention he does this with his own money and asked for nothing in return. Now tell us topfin29, what have you done latley for the kids of GCS? I have been around this guy long enough to know that he CARES more about these kids than probaly anbody in the community as you called it.

  • Sam said,

    Coaches and teachers involved in other extracurricular activities probably are THE BEST DROP OUT PREVENTION in this and any other school system. Eagle89 has recognized one. The posters that extol the merits of the nonrevenue sports I think also see the real purpose in having athletics and other activities. Schools would fail at a greater rate without the last two posts passions before mine.

  • wonder why? said,


    Granted, this person may do very great things for athletes, but why not be fair and do them for all. Why will he not do this for all schools, instead of one particular school? If he cares about the kids in the WHOLE community, then why doesn’t he do this for kids at Northwest and Northern? Does he do this for white kids too?

    It seems like to me he has an agenda, because he spends more time catering to the higher profile athletes. Some of these athletes at that combine in which he help run doesn’t need his m-f*&*ing side help, so get real. These kids will go to college no matter what. What about the kids who don’t have as much talent and is applying to lower division schools? Is he only trying to help kids who have D-1 ability? If so, why is that? You say he doesn’t have an agenda, well, inform me of other athletes that he may be helping who aren’t on websites like and tell me what this person is doing for those athletes. I would like to know. If he is really a community person, then tell me about other athletes that he is trying to help who aren’t from Northern or who aren’t planning on going to Northern.

    Last, if he wants to be this type of guru to the kids, then why not start some kind of agency that benefits all schools instead of one particular school (mainly the one he’s currently with). I’m not for sure if this is illegal to have an agency where you are trying to help all schools and their athletes, but if it weren’t illegal then I’m sure you wouldn’t get much of an argument if coaches knew that this person was REALLY trying to help.

  • eagle89 said,

    This is for Wonder Why, thank you for gracing us with your knowledgeless,not sure if that is a word you get my point, of this coach.It does show that you have only gained your knowledge by what you have READ ABOUT this coach and not what you know as facts. I do on the other hand know alot of facts. Let me dig in on one of your many questions. First you had to make it seem like racial issue, which is so far from the truth.
    Here are the facts and if want to try to dispute them please asked these kids parents to verify. There have been numerous white kids that he has helped and not all have been your as you called it higher profile athletes. Jack Shultz,ECU,Robert Lane,Georgetown,Wells Stewart,Yale,Kelsey Stevens,Elizabethcity state,Josh Stewart,UNC,Russell Stewart, Washington Lee,Parker Moore,Greensboro College,Kevin Marshall,Leigh High University, Joe Parrish,Campbell,Micah Daub,Wingate,zach Starr,ECU,and there are more but You wanted some names. These kids were not at Nothren when he helped them. Also the reason he does not do it for other schools now is because he is at Nothern and it is not his reponsibility to do it for the other kids at other schools, that is THEIR COACH’S JOB. Why don’t you check around some of the other schools and ask their coaches if they are helping kids that do not go to that coaches school. I can bet you they would say the same as I just stated. Also, I want to add that another fact that Iknow is he took 6 twelve yearold kids to see a Carolina Panthers game a few years back and 3 were white and 3 were black. You say he must have an agenda, but I am reading between your lines so I am geeting your agenda clearly. Please learn all of the information you speak before looking ignorant when you post. Not to classy to use foul language that is uncalled for, you know the word I am referring to. The kids from Nothern on rivals got there because someone had to cut film and send it to them, I wonder who is responsible for that? Maybe you would like to ask this coach how much of his FREE time he has taken to make sure the kids get noticed. If you take the time to go on rivals you will see that there are more than the D1 recruits that are on there from Nothren. You will also gain some knowledge that a few of them are white. Just giving you the facts you ask for.

  • John said,

    Hell I am a coach. I don’t make a lot of money so I can’t afford to spend on kids like he does. Does that make me any less of a good guy to the kids. A lot of people are saying what he does monetarily but that doesn’t make him a good guy or coach.

  • Ralph said,

    To predict the basketball coaching situation at Northern Guilford for 2009-2010.
    1.We do not know who the permanent principal will be at Northern yet.
    2.Ditto for the new AD at the school.
    3. These 2 unknowns will select the next basketball coach.
    4.These 2 may also select other sports coaches depending on how the investigation plays out.
    5. Therefore, the basketball program and maybe other teams will possibly go in a different direction.
    6.Coaches only have a one season contract and can be replaced on a whim by the principal or AD if either so chooses.
    7. Bottom Line is a big ????????

  • For the kids said,


    The previous threads were all about football, not basketball. The County lawyer told Coach K, with his lawyer present, that he had done nothing wrong, they have completed their investigation of the basketball team and they were moving on to FOOTBALL and BASEBALL. Wish everyone else would MOVE ON too.

  • For John said,

    Hey John, I sure you are a good coach and possibly a good guy, but I do not know you. However I know Coach Zero. If I had a kid that could possibly play college ball I want him to play for coach Zero. He is a great person, but a very great coach. He is involved with kids and demand that they be good citizens. If a kid gets in trouble is punishment is swift and hard, because he puts alot out there for the kids. Sorry you don’t make enough money to do what he does for kids, but you asked the question. He puts his money where his mouth is as far as helping kids, and for you haters of coach zero he did play us one dime, but he did help my kid receive 6 offers to play college football. My kids didn’t make to the pro level, but he did get a free education.

  • Indigo said,

    For “For John”,

    Its not that people don’t believe that Coach Zero does nothing for the kids. I’m sure the kids love him, but it is the way that he goes about things. Bad mouthing other coaches and telling kids that their coach is no good is what is wrong. You know, he only hears one side of the story and that is the child. Do you know how much of a fool he must be to only hear the one side and that being from a child? You know why he only listens to one side of the story, and that is because he has an agenda and that is to try to make himself look good. So, I question that he really cares for the kids. If he actually cared for the kids, then he would talk with the previous coach and discuss what the issues may be and see where the differences occur AND THEN make a plan to help better this student/athlete.

  • Andy said,

    Let’s be careful not to get too thick or personal with our comments. In the end we all have to stick together and get through this as a team.

    Might be a crazy and I may have become the Village Idiot for hosting this voyage, but let’s see if we can’t wait this thing out and get through it, until they finallly reach some sort of rational conclusions.

    The county school system will make the final decisions and we’ll just have to give them time to decide what will happen at Northern and all across the board in Guilford County.