Gripe or Complaint Box for April 16, 2009

Posted by Andy Durham on April 14, 2009 at 10:47 am under Uncategorized | 2 Comments to Read

Got any new Gripes or Complaints????? This is the box for Thursday April 16, 2009. We are taking those complaints and we have to remind you to keep it real on your subject matter.

We will be cleaning out the box at the end of each day and we may have to do some cleaning throughout the day if the material gets too thick.

Local gripes or complaints, National gripes or complaints. Is there anything that is rubbing you the wrong way? How about that coaching change or the kid that just left one school/college and is transferring to another? What about the kid that got left off the All-Conference team or the All-State team?

Do you have anything for us today?????

  • Jeff said,

    You are missing 3 high schools on the schedules from Guilford County. Northeast ,Smith and Southwest

  • Customer said,

    Guilford Orthopedics

    I am here to inform all customers of the billing errors of Southeastern Orthopedic Specialist. Recently I took a look at my bill from Dr. Rowan. I noticed that I was charged double for surgery. They are refusing to see the error. First I was told by Ashley that it was because they had an extra surgeon was in the room assisting, following that lie she had said, “why do you care it was in 2004, why have you just noticed this”? The reason for this was because I did not know that it was a common problem with this facility, until others made me aware of this common situation. They refuse for me to talk to the Dr. to fix this bill error, or should I say theft? Please before any procedure is completed make sure that you receive everything in writing and hold on to it, because they will over charge you!

    If you have been a victim of this facility, please call the NC MEDICAL BOARD @ (919)-326-1100
    A Helpless customer