4lb Burger – 1 … Doug – 0

Posted by Don Moore on April 16, 2009 at 5:20 am under Amateur, Photos | 7 Comments to Read

Doug Cockman attempted the 4lb Burger Challenge at Andy’s Burgers and Fries and Andy Durham (no relation to store) was there to document the attempt. Andy’s is a new restaurant on East Cone that sells burgers and fries. No matter how good they are, Doug couldn’t eat the 4lb Burger in one sitting.


Greensboro Sports' 2009-04-15 photosetGreensboro Sports’ 2009-04-15 photoset

  • Big C said,

    Must show Big Doug how it’s done.

    Big C 1 4lb. burger 0

  • Bruce Mitchell said,

    At least Doug had the intestinal fortitude to try, which is more than I can say for the likes of Andy Durham.

  • Doug Cockman said,

    This was my first real attempt at entering the relm of Competitive Eating. It would seem that I need to be better conditioned before I try this again. Hopefully we can work out a future promotion involving Andy’s, GreensboroSports.com and this giant burger! Bruce Bullington tried this afternoon but came up just short. Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Carr, are you ready to step up to the (dinner) plate?

  • chuckyd said,

    i bet andy durham could eat 2 of them back in the day he could probably eat 3 -who is the hot girl in my beautiful picture? is that dougs girlfriend?

  • EATER said,

    where is this place – is it similar to FIVE GUYS BURGERS AND FRYS??

  • Andy said,

    I stayed out of the contest for the sake of my intestines and Andy’s Burgers and Shakes and Fries is located in at the Pyramids Village in the Wal Mart Center off of East Cone Blvd. and 16th streets.

  • Andy said,

    It may be a good idea for us to make sure that we keep Danny Ainge and Cornbread Maxwell out of the burger-eating area.